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  • Helle Karina
    Aug 3, 2010
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      Hi RJ
      I'm 37 and have only just recently been diagnosed with AMC but naturally I've had issues all my life. Although my entire body is affected by AMC I'm not bound to a wheelchair I can still walk (but have to use a walker if it's more than a few meters) and have "only a light degree" of AMC.

      I live in Denmark, Europe so I suppose that the rules and tool availeble to me is different than what you might be able to get your hands on or what the rules state you're to be given to help you in your everyday life.
      We have a database where we can search for tools and aids that might help us, And in addition to that I've had to be inventive and make and design a couple of things myself. But we do have different places that we can call - or go to - that can help us make our home acceable to us. I'm pretty sure that you have that too in the USÁ.
      My advice to you is to search for those online.

      In addition to that I can tell you that it's more or less costumary in Denmark now to make sure that your bathroom is wheelchair accesable which means that you can take your wheelchair into the shower - it's a must when you have to use one that it can go everywhere in the home.
      Also I find that easy to clean surfaces also make it easier to go about when you're disabled so maybe that's worth thinking about.

      For Patty:
      Also I wanted to say to you that there are aids that can help you wash both yourself and your hair.
      I have recently started having the same problems with my shoulders as you do and because of that I've gotten special aids to help me wash my back, my feet and I have the possibility to get something to help me wash my hair when that's nessecary. You may want to look at the Danish aids database at www.hmi-basen.dk and search for "haarvasker" You can get many different kinds. But if you still have a bit of mobility in your shoulders, albows and wrists I suggest that you find out where to buy something like the Beauty products you can see at this site http://www.etac.dk/da/etacdk/Produkter/Senior/Bad-og-toilet/I-baderummet/Beauty/
      Hope that might help you a bit. You welcome to send me an e-mail if you want more info about the products you see on the Danish site - I don't think it has an "show in English function" so you might have problems understanding what it says. I'm sure though, that it's possible to find simular products in the US.

      Helle Karina


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