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3398RE: [Adults AMC] Bathroom Remodel

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  • Patty Clarke
    Aug 2, 2010
      Hi RJ, how are you currently showering, what adaptations are you using if
      any, and what are you thinking you might need? Right now, I have a shower
      bench over my bathtub and I can transfer from my wheelchair to the bench and
      then get my legs over. That part is getting harder so eventually what I
      would like to do is to have a roll in shower, with a bench built in and then
      as time goes on I will get a stainless steel water wheelchair and wheel
      right in..

      All four limbs are affect with me as well as my hips and spine. I am now
      really having trouble shampooing my hair. I used to be able to hold one arm
      up with the other, then my shoulders started stiffening ad slightly come out
      of the joints. Then I bought a shampooer, a long handled device, worked
      great for 7 years or so until about 6 months ago when my right shoulder,
      stronger arm really seized and I can hardly reach the top of my head with
      the shampooer..am not sure what I am going to do!! I currently do not have
      attendant care..and really don't want it just for showering because all I
      will get is twice a week, I want to shower every other day...


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      Hi my name RJ; I live in Long Beach,Ca I'm 19 yrs. old and currently
      attending CSULB. I'm new to the forum and i wanted to as if any of you have
      any ideas you can share about bathroom remodels. I just want it to make it
      easier for whoever is helping me shower. All four of my limbs are affected
      by AMC; and i use a wheelchair in order to move. If you can give me any
      ideas or send pics of your bathrooms that would be much appreciated. I am
      not getting any smaller and my parents and friends are not getting any
      younger, so any idea is great, and thanks in advance.

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