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  • Patty Clarke
    Sep 18, 2009
      HI Morne, I would love to read your thesis. I don't have masters in
      Psychology but I do have a Bachelor's and I also have AMC. It affects me
      pretty significantly but I am independent, work, drive etc. Is your thesis
      going to be online at all?


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      Subject: Re: [Adults AMC] New York Area Doctor

      Hi Dan,

      My name is Morne, I'm 34 and I'm writing from South Africa. I am currently
      in the process of finising a thesis on the social effects of arthrogryposis
      on such individual (I'm studying towards a Masters degree in Research
      Psychology). I live with mild arthrogryposis as well. Well, because of my
      thesis, I did a lot of reading about A.M.C. Literature suggests that
      arthrogryposis is not an heridetary condition. So, you can't pass it on to
      your kids. The fact that your brother has a healthy little girl, bears
      testimony to that. I have read a lot about other A.M.C.'ers who have healthy
      children. What I'll suggest is that you read up a bit more on arthrogryposis
      or contact Avenues for some info. I hope this helps.....

      Good luck!

      Kind regards

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      Subject: [Adults AMC] New York Area Doctor
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      Date: Monday, September 14, 2009, 6:49 PM

      I am 32 years old and was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis at birth. I have
      treated the symptoms of Arthrogryposis like my scoliosis and related
      breathing limitations all my life and never really concentrated on seeing a
      doctor for my Arthrogryposis since i was very young. Staying active and PT
      was always the best treatment.

      I write to this group today to see if there is a doctor anywhere on the east
      coast, specifically the NYC Area, that specializes in Arthrogryposis that i
      can get an updated diagnosis on the type I have. My wife and i are looking
      to have children and want to make sure the chances are good that this is not
      something i can pass to them.

      I have read a lot that seems to make me think the form i have is not
      something that can be passed down but my brother was born with clubbed feet
      and getting an updated diagnosis is probably something good to have. My
      brother did have a heathy baby girl a year and a half ago.

      Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your
      time. Dan

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