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  • msbells40
    Dec 5, 2008
      My daughter is 26 and has AMC. She under went a wrist fussion to
      straighten out her right wrist. My question is..Do any of you have
      problems getting IV's put in? My daughter has always had a horrible
      time giving blood and getting IV's. This last surgery was terrible for
      her. They poked her so many times in her hands, feet, arms and could
      not get a vein. They finally put a central line in her neck. They tried
      putting in it near her collar bone and said they couldnt find anywhere
      to put the line because her collar bone is thickened. They were going
      to put a block on her right arm to ease the pain also, but couldnt find
      a vein there either. According to the anesthesiologist her veins are
      all in the wrong spot and are VERY deep.He says this is part of her
      AMC. I have never had any doctor tell me this. My daughters had
      numerous corrective surgeries. She's scheduled to have the other wrist
      done in the near future and I don't want her being in so much pain that
      she's hyperventilating. No matter how old you kids get, it still hurts
      to see them suffer and theres nothing I can do. Thanks for reading
      this. Linda
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