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3200Re: [Adults AMC] Losing the Use of my Legs

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  • Tiffany Holmlund
    Nov 1, 2008
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      I am 4' 6'' and 85lbs i'am 32 and i have aways had trouble with hips but the pain and weakness just keeps getting worse

      --- On Sat, 11/1/08, Roxi McCutchan <rocks0508@...> wrote:

      From: Roxi McCutchan <rocks0508@...>
      Subject: Re: [Adults AMC] Losing the Use of my Legs
      To: amc_adults@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Saturday, November 1, 2008, 12:35 PM

      I am 4' 10" and 78 pounds and 38 years old. My hips are fine except for some rotation and arthritis. My orthopedic doctor has never seen a case of this except me so a little lost.

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      From: Tracy Rousar <mountaingirl32@ sbcglobal. net>
      To: amc_adults@yahoogro ups.com
      Sent: Saturday, November 1, 2008 6:03:30 AM
      Subject: Re: [Adults AMC] Losing the Use of my Legs

      Hey Roxi

      I can understand your frustration cause I am going thru that too... I am 34
      going on 35 this month.. But in a way I have my caregivers helping me push
      to keep mobile as much as possible.... Have you seen an orthopeadic. ? And
      what are they saying now to you... I had hip repacements on both hips to
      help prolong the wheelchair but I still have to use it...

      I want to thankyou too my lung capacity is 38% capacity... If you want to
      chat you can add me on yahoo... amc_jazzy_t

      I am 4 ft 8 and over 200 lbs trying to figure out how to get the weight off
      .. How old are you??? Well I am gonna go for now hope to hear back from


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      From: rocks0508
      Date: 10/31/08 11:26:36
      To: amc_adults@yahoogro ups.com
      Subject: [Adults AMC] Losing the Use of my Legs

      I need some information. I have AMC and scoliosis. I have been able to
      walk and stand all my life. Now however, there is alot of pain in my
      legs and it can't be explained. My leg has also been giving out and
      I've nearly fallen many times. I can no longer climb stairs or even
      steps without assistance.Has anyone else had this happen? If so, do you
      mind sharing the doctor that is working on it so that my doctor can get
      some information as to what to do? Sitting for a long period of time
      isn't an option. Please help if you can.


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