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3117Do you need help in finding intimacy and love??

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  • who let the dogs out?
    Mar 4, 2008
      Do you need help in finding intimacy and love??

      Do you have a physical disability and differences and
      think you might never find anyone for a intimate
      relationship..If your a man with a disability and
      have no feeling below the waist and can't get a
      errection,that don't mean anything cause there many
      other things to please your partner.If your a man
      or woman born with a physical birth defect and also
      feel nobody could ever love you thats wrong..All of
      this is how your present yourself when out among
      people..If your always looking sad and unhappy then
      your chances are that you might never find happiness,But
      if you feel good about yourself and have good self esteem
      then the world is your for the asking..Yes life can be
      rought of those with disability,but we can overcome them.
      Maybe you have incont problems like me and use diapers
      or cath maybe you think this will keep you from fining
      intimacy and romance,In general people are understanding
      of this problem.

      Being disabled later in life,maybe harder for that
      person to first except themselves and figure nobody
      would want you because your in a wheelchair,or maybe
      you lost a leg or arm.If you feel this way it might
      be that way for you.,,But if you go into all this
      with a positive feeling,then you won the main battle.

      This group is for those that are positive about life
      and themselves,its not for those that pity themself
      24/7 and blame the world for there condition..

      This group has been around for over five years and
      is very active over the years..If you join we hope
      you will be part of the group and have things to
      say on the message board...

      The main thing I ask of you is to have information
      on your profile and not flaming of its members...

      Here is the addy to the group if you like to join.As of
      today we have over 1,7oo members.

      Oh btw I myself am disabled with spina bifida a birth
      defect of the spine...