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31113rd Annual Arthrogryposis Convention Columbus Ohio July 17-20 2008

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  • tracey_schalk
    Jan 11, 2008
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      What: 3rd Annual Arthrogryposis Convention put on by Arthrogryposis Multiplex
      Congentia Support Inc (AMCSI) (a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization)

      When: July 17-20 2008

      Where: Columbus, Ohio, United States of America

      Who: If you are an adult living with Arthrogryposis. If you are:- living with, the parent,
      grandparent, family member or friend of an individual with Arthrogryposis; a doctor,
      geneticist, mobility specialist, caregiver or any other member of the medical field who has
      treated, is treating or perhaps will treat a patient/ client with Arthrogryposis you're
      invited. We also welcome and encourage the attendance of babies, children, and teens with
      AMC as well as their siblings.

      Why: To provide support and education to anyone touched by Arthrogryposis.

      Cost: Free

      How: To receive more information or to register email ohio@... or visit the
      webpage about the convention http://www.amcsupport.org/ohio and fill out the
      questionnaire. If you hit submit and don't receive an email confirmation within a week
      please write ohio@... and we'll address the problem.

      If you would like to join the amcsupport discussion forms please visit
      www.amcsupport.org/forums If you have problems joining please email

      To see pictures and read about our conventions and meet ups where families affected by
      AMC come together click any of these links!

      1st Convention in Chicago August 2006-

      2nd Annual Convention in Texas July 2007- http://www.amcsupport.org/texas

      Buckeye BBQ in Ohio August 2007- http://www.amcsupport.org/buckeye_bbq.htm
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