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3066Re: [Adults AMC] Need quistions answered

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  • Kenzie Harrison
    Sep 3, 2007
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      Hi Amanda,
      I am 18 soon to be 19 and I have AMC also. I know what you mean about the Presidential Physical Fitness Award I won it in 6th grade through lots of determination.
      I am not able to walk without crutches and even then I'm extremely bent over.
      I don't take any meds for it and haven't had to so far. I do think that it all depends on how severe the AMC is as to how long you live or how much pain you have. I have some pain each day but nothing I can't live with. Congratulations on having a family I would like to have children one day too. I hope this helps!
      Kenzie (* in IL

      Amanda <cabart1@...> wrote:
      I am a 28 yr old mother with AMS that has given birth to 3 beautiful
      girls ages 8,5 & 3. My oldest has won the Presidential Physical
      (that's a great deal to someone in my condition that can't even
      One thing I have noticed from this site is how severe it can be.. I
      guess I'm blessed to not have it as bad. I have limited motion in my
      ankles, knees, and arms but am able to walk and do most normal
      things...I have a couple questions I am wondering about and need
      answers to...

      1.Does anybody know average life span with AMS..I feel like if our
      limited mobility would not be able to exercise would lead to
      unhealthy lifestyles...

      2.DO other people hurt everyday they wake up and find it hard to

      3.What type of meds do you take to help with the pain and make
      things better.

      I think all of us are blessed with what we have...I know it makes
      each one of us stronger!

      I will submit some pictures of myself and children...

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