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  • Kim
    Dec 5, 2006
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      I'm 31 and have had jaw pain off and on since I was 16. I also have
      really weak jaw muscles, and I attribute all of it to AMC. Dentists
      say my symptoms are in alignment with TMJ but likely AMC related. I
      can't open my mouth as far as most people can -- fat burgers or really
      tall sandwiches are a nightmare for me. I also find it difficult to
      bite into really tough or chewy foods.

      I've tried night splints for my mouth to keep me from grinding my
      teeth in my sleep, but they don't really help the jaw pain. I've
      gotten the most success from seeing a chiropractor for it, by
      massaging the jaw muscles and by doing jaw exercises. For me, I find
      that the pain comes and goes, but it's certainly not pleasant. Let me
      know if you have any other questions -- I've been dealing with this
      for years.


      --- In amc_adults@yahoogroups.com, Amanda Hall <amanda_lynn_hall@...>
      > Hello Everyone,
      > Is there anyone with AMC that have had facial
      > problems. I've been having very bad pain in my jaw. It
      > hurts really bad. It wakes me up hurting every three
      > hours. I've been to the dentist to make sure that it
      > wasn't my teeth. He said everything looks normal. I
      > don't have any cavities or anything like that. Just
      > wondering has anyone else had this problem? Could it
      > be TMJ or AMC? Any replies welcome.
      > Thanks,
      > Mandi
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