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2316Re: Being short

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  • Kendall Conrad
    Aug 2, 2005
      I'm not completely sure how much growth is affected for people with
      AMC, but I am 6'1", but also my legs are not effected by AMC, only my
      arms. I do find it at times frustrating though to reach higher items
      like cupboards because I cannot straighten my arms all the way. My
      arms (bone-wise) seem to be normal length though. There seems to be
      quite a variety of specifics, on a individual basis, for people with
      AMC that give us each our own individualism among AMC folk (though
      that's not all that surprising).


      --- In amc_adults@yahoogroups.com, "para_quad" <para_quad@y...> wrote:
      > It sounds like alot of us are short me included, is this part of the
      > disability. One Doctor said to my shortness was due to my bones not
      > developing in the usual way, therefore I was never going to be tall.
      > Personally I dont mind being short, but a few inches would of being
      > good, especially in the supermarket, or at concerts, or so I wouldnt
      > need to keep taking up my trousers. why dont they make trousers for
      > short people.
      > Lorraine
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