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    Jun 1, 2005
      ok, I FINALLY have a few minutes to write!!! HA it sure has been a busy
      year! & I hope everyone is doing well. I thought while I had a 1/2hour or so b4
      Im out the door again Id update me!!
      The 1st week of this month I had surgery AGAIN, on my elbow from when i
      broke/shattered it. The dr took out 2 screws & a huge wire that had been causing
      SEVERE pain in my elbow. Surgery wentwell, except for the 30 plus needle
      holes in me lol they couldnt get the IV in, how frustrating! The day after
      surgery I went to an away baseball double header that Michael had & did great! I
      wasnt gonna let surgery make me miss 2 games! LOL My arm/elbow feels soooooo
      much better now! Im happy I did it! I still have numbness in my hand from the
      1st surgery, but my massage therapist thinks we can get that all back when I
      can start back getting my massages. (I had to wait 6 weeks after surgery b4 I
      can go back, & im telling ya, Im soooo ready!)
      Ive been taking VSA (very special arts) classes this summer to become a VSA
      art teacher. For those that don't know what that is, its art for disabled
      children, Im excited! Im still in charge of the High School County wide student
      art show each March too.Thats year round work, but well worth doing! Im also
      still on the board of the art association here, serving my 2nd year as
      We have been going through Graduation, I cant believe my Nephew Michael is
      now a High School Graduate! I feel old! HA (ok, but still don't act it) & he's
      still playing baseball. My time is pretty much with Him this summer & his
      GF. I'll miss them when they move away to college.
      Ok, my times up lol, im heading out, I hope all is going great for everyone!

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