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1989Re: [Adults AMC] Pain

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  • Georgia
    Jun 21, 2004
      Hi Joanne

      I received your messages on yahoo messenger and I hope you do not mind me adding you to my list of AMC'ers of friends. I do love to chat. I use a cell phone and it has internet on it. Sometimes it work great and other times my connection is bad. I will see a message there and I go to open it and nothing is there, So I might ask you once in a while to repeat your messages. Yes, I am 51 and started having difficulty in my mid 30's. You can see my picture on line. I don't think my pain is AMC related. I think my pain is related to arthritis because of all the surgeries I have had. By the age of 11 I have had 24 operations and now I am 51. I have terrible pain in my tailbone my hips and sometimes my back. Well I hope this helps. Feel free to email me at anytime or if you need to chat. I really have enjoyed meeting so many of the members.

      JMF <biviped@...> wrote:My name is Joanne. I am from Costa Rica, I have 30 years old.

      I am desperate, I am feeling pain in my joints (specially knees and
      hips), walking is turning difficult for me in this moment. I feel
      very sad, because I am still young and my body is telling me, please

      I need to ask what is the experience of other people with AMC related
      with pain (as well as years passes the pain will be worst), taking
      care of our body, exercise, life conditions in general.


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