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    Feb 10, 2004
      "In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out
      completes the circle and comes back to us." ~unknown

      I had to start out with that quote and tell you all about my experience.
      As most of u know, a few years ago i made a video of me doing everyday things
      for Tucker and Traci,(Tucker has amc, just in case some1 didn't know) Traci
      shared with the list about it and I ended up sending out over 50 tapes around
      the world to help amc kids. Well, as most know on Christmas eve, i slipped on
      the ice and shattered my left elbow. i had surgery 2 fix it with 3 plates and
      several screws. now IM still suffering nerve damage and cant use my hand.
      anyway, the DR oncall in ER had never met me b4. my ortho DR retired about 15 years
      ago, so i didn't have 1. (that tells u how often i go 2 the DR 4 amc related
      things haha) after my 2week appt i decided the DR didn't realize everything i
      could do i sent him a copy of the video. i went for my 6 week appt yesterday
      and the 1st thing he did was come in and shake my hand and said thank you!!!! so
      now he know how much use i had and we r working 2 get that back. so u see, my
      tape 2 help others helped me!!!!! being in these groups have definitely
      helped me learn a lot, if it wasn't 4 Traci i woulda never thought 2 make that. and
      another thank you 2 her is i was gettin upset with bills from all this, its
      so far over $25.000. i have med. ins. BUT it only cover 60% soooo traci told
      me that I should call Medicaid/Medicare and they can supplement what my ins
      doesn't pay. I called them and they said they think I will qualify, THANK YOU
      I have 2 admit, this all has been the worst time in my life, not able 2 do
      things on my own, and being stuck in the house and not able 2 use hand. Ive had
      some pretty low days, IM not gonna lie, and IM sure there could b more
      frustrating days, but IM soooo determined to get back to ME!

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