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  • Ilyce
    Dec 1, 2003
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      WOW!!! Dan I'm so proud of you and congrats on you and Brooke on the engagement. Best wishes to you both. I too have found ways for me to be more independent, you mentioned on cutting toe nails, well I found a way to do that, I use a CD case and I tape the clippers to it, then put it on the floor, I use a long stick that I got from Shriners Hospital a while back and then I take my toenail place it inside the clipper, take the stick and push down. It works for me, but the shower part I'm still working on it though. I wonder if you have any suggestions on how to come about it? I use my parents shower cause it's a walk in and I have trouble getting into a tub. I'm also thinking about buy a shower chair so I don't have to stand and don't worry about slipping or falling. I'm planning to move out of my parent's house when I turn 30, and so I'm trying different ways and get things ready when I move out. Hope to hear from you soon. Again Congratulations on you both.


      Dan <dan@...> wrote:
      As the owner of this group, I have stayed silent far
      too long. I used to post somewhat actively, but then I
      For those who don't know me, my name is Dan, I'm 29
      (soon to be 30 in January) and I have arthrogryposis.
      I was always the type of person that wasn't really
      angered by my amc, but just felt that it held me back.
      Up until this year, I was still getting showered and
      dressed by my parents. I say "up until" because I can
      proudly say I FINALLY learned to do it all on my own.
      I was just never motivated to do it on my own because
      my parents were always there for me. Plus, I tried the
      dressing sticks and therapists recommendations, but
      they just never worked for me, no matter how hard I
      In November of 2002, I took a bold step. I traveled by
      myself from Florida to Kentucky to meet a fellow list
      member named Brooke. It took a lot of convincing on
      her part to get me to visit, cause of all the help
      that I would need. Her friend just happens to be a
      caretaker and she assured me that she would assist me
      in anything I need. My parents weren't sure if it was
      a good idea or not, but I went anyway. The trip was a
      success and we all got along great.
      The following 8 months, I traveled to Kentucky about
      12 times. Each time got easier, but I still wasn't
      able to completely dress myself.
      In July, Brooke and I had become so attached to each
      other, that I offered to move out of my parents house
      to be closer to her.
      She found an apartment for me that she felt would be
      perfect. It's a half mile away from her house. I
      checked it out a few weeks later and agreed that it
      was great. What sold me on it was that it had a shelf
      in the shower. I knew that would be convenient for me
      cause then I could pour shampoo onto it and then rub
      my head in it.
      I told my parents about the place and they thought it
      was a great opportunity. There was still that
      uncertainty of dressing myself though. By this time, I
      could put a shirt on and shorts/pants (as long as I'm
      wearing a belt). Socks were virtually impossible, same
      for combing my hair.
      I ended up getting the apartment. I just assumed that
      Brooke could help me daily until I could get a
      caretaker to visit me daily.
      When my parents came up with all of belongings, they
      looked for ways for me to do things on my own. A few
      things we came up with were:

      - A comb, glued to a piece of wood that is hung up on
      my wall. A mirror is hung next to it. That way I can
      move my head under the comb and I can do my hair

      - A scrub brush, suction cupped to the shower. After
      rubbing the shampoo on the shelf, I then bring my head
      to the brush to get it all in.

      - Toe nail clippers, screwed to a board. I lay a paper
      towel under the board and with the foot I'm not
      clipping, I use it to push down on the clippers.

      These have all worked great, but there was still the
      sock issue. I had ordered a sock aid a few weeks prior
      to moving, but I couldn't do it.
      My mom then came up with a great idea. Brooke's family
      had given me dining room table and chairs. The chairs
      just happened to have 4 legs, so my mom put the sock
      onto the front legs of the 2 chairs side by side, she
      then split the chairs, thus widening the sock and then
      inserted her foot. It worked perfectly for her, so I
      gave it a try and it was a success. I was so relieved.
      With that, I no longer needed to worry about needing a
      caretaker's assistance.
      My life has changed for the better since meeting
      Brooke. She has motivated me to do so much for myself.
      It has truly been a blessing having her a part of my
      We are now officially engaged, too. I gave her a nice
      ring on her birthday and proposed that same day.
      Living on my own just gets easier and easier each day.
      I don't really know why I typed all of this. I guess
      to show parents of children with amc some ideas that
      they can possibly use, or maybe I typed it all to let
      you know that I'm still alive...LOL

      Thanks for reading,

      AOL IM - Dango727
      Yahoo! - dango727

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