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  • zebralee68
    Aug 24, 2003
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      hi all,
      welcome Amber
      thanks for your suggestions......yes you are right, when you are
      talking steering columns, big money is involved.....from the looks
      of the messages posted, the guidelines and accessibilty to
      modifications are much easier than Australia...i would have liked to
      have steered with my feet but i not allowed over here
      i bought a car solely on the basis that i was able to move the wheel
      easily relating to power steering levels.../as the universe was
      generous, it just happened to be my dream car..toyota rav
      i too worried bout my reactions but through work i have seen other
      ple get their liscence and i reckon they much slower than
      me......plus the thought that there are many 'abled-bodied' foolish,
      irresponsible drivers out there....our worries just make us a bit
      more careful than them
      a smaller wheel still will not wrk as i guess it more of a grip
      issue....i am up and driving with my learner's...my friend just does
      the blinkers and gears(automatic) while i smile innocently at the
      police..lol...i drive with my left arm...hand on wheel...it is
      straight and relatively fixed there...my right arm is fixed in bent
      position...need some sort of thing on wheel coz as i turn right my
      hand comes off the wheel and turns over till i am using back of
      wrist and pressure...there my weak point ...can turn left no worries
      but bit dodgy on sharp, quicker right turns...does that all make
      sense?..anyway, it been a bit tricky and damn frustrating but moving
      foreward still...eventually blinkers, lights, etc will be on floor
      and i will operate with my left foot
      there is always a way round it...just takes bit longer and more gray
      hairs..think we have almost got it now though
      i consider myself lucky that being able to drive at all is a
      possibility for me
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