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    Jun 1, 2003
      I was told that you didnt get worse as you got older but thats
      rubbish, most of the people ive talked to over 30 have got stiffer
      and got more pain, maybe its because most people with amc also have
      arthritous, I dont know, but I dont think theres been enough research
      on how it affects older people. I couldnt find anything when i
      searched and the amc support group TAG isnt much help, it seems more
      for parents with children really, its a shame it wasnt around to help
      my mom as she really struggled to bring me up as a normal child. When
      i was born 40 years ago the doctor told my mom to let me die and have
      another, i still cant believe that, luckily for me my mom was the
      stubborn type (where i get it from) and she decided i was going to
      live and do everything anybody else could, near enough, even though
      it took me longer lol.