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1220Re: [Adults AMC] I have a 2 yr old daughter with AMC

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  • mdblanchard4
    Nov 10, 2002
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      --I want to say thank you !! Im going to buy the game this week
      maybe tomorrow! Her ot and pt will be happy o hear of this we all
      know of the game I even looked at buying it for my son I dont know
      why I never thought about how it could help her and still be fun!
      The barbie thing will work great because she plays with them ALL of
      the time.
      Thanks again
      Oh and if anyone else has anymore ideas I would love to hear them.
      - In amc_adults@y..., Alessia Di Virgilio <alessia_19@y...> wrote:>
      > Im sorry I dont have any suggestions with walking bc I was never
      able to bear weight. As for the therapy, I remember my therapist
      and I used to play the board game "Operation" It was hard to hold
      the prongs and get the organ without it making noise. I also
      remember my therapist putting my Barbie clothes inside out and then
      I had to pull the back.
      > Good finger exercises.
      > Hope this helps
      > Alessia
      > mdblanchard4 <mdblanchard4@m...> wrote:We are getting closer to
      walking!! But it seems she is scaried of
      > walking on her own. I would like to know any suggestions you guys
      > might have.
      > She has a walker which she likes it is covered in Barbies.We also
      > put her along the coffee table to walk and she does side walking.
      > walk with her holding her arms hands and waist. And we have just
      > started to put her with her back agaisnt the walk and have her
      > along that.
      > She will not stand by herself when we set her up to do that she
      > bends her knees so she can sit down as if this is scary to her. I
      > wuld like to know if any of you went through this when you were
      > babies.
      > Also could any of you tell me any type of therapy that you really
      > liked when you were a kid? I'm open to all ideas she also has
      > clubbed hands that she is very good at moving but we are tryingto
      > build muscle in them and ideas would be great!
      > Thank you for all of your help and ideas!
      > Thank you
      > Mary
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