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1057Re: [Adults AMC] Digest Number 213

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  • cynthia somebody
    Jul 1, 2002
      i would just like to know one thing: if we are not "one nation under God",
      what does that make us -- a nation OVER God??? our nation doesnt believe in
      God...... why, because they cant see Him??? well, they cant see me, but i
      still exist. they cant see oxygen in the air, but it still exists. and why
      does the money that they worship so much say "in God we trust"??? these
      people wont allow their children to say the pledge with Gods name in
      it....... well, i wont allow my children to say the pledge WITHOUT Gods
      name in it. i dont understand how they can deny His existance, but when we
      had the terrorist attacks on 9/11, what did our BLASPHEMIST president do???
      yes, thats right -- he PRAYED on national television for the victims. and
      what did our whole country do at 3pm on memorial day??? yes, thats right --
      we PRAYED for men and women that fight for our country and have died for it.
      so, it seems to me that when we have death and destruction and we NEED God
      we are all over His prayer charts, but we dont really want our children to
      start off each day with His name in their heads. this country...... this
      world even has gotten completely ridiculous in its "polices" and "laws". we
      really only need one rule: love all people, and treat them the way you want
      to be treated. whats so hard about that? everyone thinks all this
      technology we have is such a wonderful thing, and i have to admit that i
      even partake in it, but this wonderful technology of ours will be the thing
      that destroys us........ and personally i cant wait for it. this is the
      year 2002, but why? 2002 years since our first little plankton jumped out
      of the water and became man??? no -- its 2002 years since Jesus Christ
      died...... for you...... for me........ for our blashemist and hatefull
      government officials. they are trying to teach my children to love people,
      save the planet, save the ozone, save the whales........ but hate God. you
      people may think i'm just some religious nut, but in reality i dont even go
      to church........ but i'm not an idiot, and i know the truth when i see it.
      and i see the end coming alot faster than most of us realize. did you
      know that scientists can now put a computer chip in your brain to give YOU
      extra memory? did you know that in the not too distant future the
      government will offer us an alternative to checking accounts and credit
      cards (because they ae stolen too easily), that will be a computer chip, or
      a barcode, on either our hand or our forehead that will have any and all
      financial information about us stored in it? ya, its referred to in the
      bible as "the mark of the beast" ("the beast" being a very large computer
      that has everyone in the worlds life history in it), and if we dont get it
      we wont be able to survive on this planet, but if we do take it we will not
      be allowed into heaven. did you also know that in the not too distant
      future we wont have many different countries who each have their own
      government, but we will have one main "president" who will be the ruler over
      ALL the countries? ya, he's called the "antichrist", and he will appear to
      be a religious man. sounds crazy, huh? you dont believe all that i'm
      telling you? well, for the believers, and especially the non-believers, i
      ask that you do me one favor: print out this letter, and hang it on your
      refridgerator until june 2006. if, by then, none of these things have
      happened, or you cant see that they will happen, i will eat every copy of my
      letter that was printed out. thats how sure i am of this.

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