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Re: Latency re-ask Wow, I had lots of trouble getting the 122 to work with Windows 7--I finally got rid of it. ... -- http://beckoningchasm.com
Apr 14
Re: Latency re-ask Got US-122 working flawlessly using windows 8 in compatability mode with XP driver. Works perfectly with Ambiloop, no drop outs very low latency considering
Apr 14
Re: Monitoring in mono? I just simulated a mono input by panning both channels of a stereo signal to the left channel. I did not see anything in ambiloop that would force the single
Sep 7, 2013
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Re: Monitoring in mono? I cannot speak for the software developer about a new version. I haven't see one in a while. I tried Mobius before discovering Ambiloop. I think Ambiloop is
Sep 7, 2013
Re: Monitoring in mono? Sorry, I know nothing about selecting only one input/monitoring but you can record live on top of a pre-recorded loop using the 'MIX to DISK' button. Simply
Sep 3, 2013
Monitoring in mono? I can't find a way to select just one input, it's always "1&2", I have a FirePod. I can have it record in mono, but I can only monitor in stereo, which means
Sep 2, 2013
Re: years ago I could be very wrong about this, but I think the "Mobius" looper will also work as a plugin. Unfortunately you'll have to go back to college and get a Phd in
Anita Bonghit
Jan 5, 2013
years ago i used to use ambiloop but cause it doesnt have implementation with the DAW i simply stop to use it, but i think is one of the bhest tools for loops i used for
Jan 3, 2013
Re: Questions Hey Rob; Yes, the RC50.  It is a useful tool, but limited in the alloted time for stereo loops.  My GNX4 had about 16hours of looping time with the SD card.
Ian Cone
Nov 12, 2012
Re: Questions Slightly off topic, but I also use a small midi controller keyboard that I've mapped knobs and buttons to Ambiloop with - however, the most useful thing I've
Nov 12, 2012
Re: Questions Ian, The difference in programming the FCB to work with Ambiloop, is that you don't have to program the FCB, it's all done thru Ambiloop. As the person
Nov 12, 2012
Re: Questions Have you used any of the Boss RC line? ________________________________ From: Anita Bonghit To: "ambiloop@yahoogroups.com"
Rob Snow
Nov 12, 2012
Re: Questions Thank you, sounds great. Ian ________________________________ From: Dave Watkinson To: ambiloop@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, November 12,
Ian Cone
Nov 12, 2012
Re: Questions Hey Anita; Yeah, I have been using my own pre-recorded loops, with an RC50 and SVP/ Overture.  I have used NI for sound"modules", linking old with new
Ian Cone
Nov 11, 2012
Re: Questions Programming AmbiLoop to accept control via MIDI is really easy. I used to have a little MIDI keyboard (Oxygen8) that I used to start, stop, record, play,
Dave Watkinson
Nov 11, 2012
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Re: Questions I have no comment about using Ambiloop for what you have in mind, but what you're describing sounds a lot like what Ableton Live is designed to do... though in
Anita Bonghit
Nov 11, 2012
Questions Hello Ambiloop Group Members; I have been using hardware loopers live, and have had good results, but the length of my songs, and some of the limitations of
Nov 11, 2012
Re: Hi all Sounds like you're getting the hang of it! I would say, though, that a mic's output is very low and need to be amplified before it's recorded. There is a mic
Dave Watkinson
Nov 9, 2012
Re: Hi all Hi Mickey, I ended up,installing a reasonable sound card I had purchased last year...it's just I build my machine for "boincing" (google BOINC if familiar with
Nov 9, 2012
Re: Hi all You might have a look around the net -- there are plenty of tutorials on how to make music with the computer. It can be as complicated or as simple as you want
Nov 9, 2012
Re: Hi all Thanks Dave, Popped in to Jaycar on the way from dropping daughter at school, and bought a 1/4 to 1/8" audio jack so as to let me at least get some sound
Nov 8, 2012
Re: Hi all Hi John! Your little setup sounds pretty similar to mine. You can use your computer's onboard soundcard, although all manner of external ones will probably
Dave Watkinson
Nov 8, 2012
Hi all John here, new member as of today (6th November). I have been using an audio sequencing program called Buzz for a number of years, rather amateurishly, but
Nov 8, 2012
Re: shameless youtube video link Very nicely done. ... -- http://beckoningchasm.com
Sep 2, 2012
shameless youtube video link decided to work on clearing away my ambiloop cobwebs and threw this together the other day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VePHgzhgs0&feature=plcp i'm not
Dave Watkinson
Aug 30, 2012
Re: Weird problem with keyboard control I believe each assigned controller [hot key] can be linked to more than one ambiloop function. If I am right, I'd look to see if there was an extra keyboard
Aug 18, 2012
Re: Weird problem with keyboard control Andy, I just quickly tried this and did not have the same experience. Here was my config: Keyboard key 1 will trigger Set Track - 1 Keyboard key 2 will
Aug 16, 2012
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Weird problem with keyboard control Hi I have a weird problem that I cant find a solution to. I have my computer keyboard set up as the controller for some basic events as follows space bar
Aug 16, 2012
Re: Mac version? It is true to say Mobius has an exponential learning curve, particularly at the beginning. Once the user has a solid grounding in the basics (thanks to a very
Jul 13, 2012
Re: Mac version? Thanks for the comments. I will give it another try. Steve
Jul 13, 2012
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