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15018Sri Chakra Maha Meru Temple kumbAbhisheka 02-06-2014 - invite

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  • Ghanesh R.S.
    May 6, 2014


      *#12 Chakra Pani Street, West Mambalam, Chennai - 600024*


      Sri. P.N.Narayana Shastrigal Meru Trust - Sri Karunananda Mandali
      #64 Murthy street, near Ayodhya Mantapam, West Mambalam, Chennai - 33

      In Lalithopakhyana of Brahmanda purana, Lord Hayagriva tells sage Agastya
      about the greatness of the Supreme Goddess Sri Lalitambika :

      “If the branches of kalpaka vrksha tree are made into pens, the seven seas
      into ink, the earth measuring the distance of 50 crore yojanas into paper,
      the number of years greater than the age of Lord Brahma as the writing

      time, each one in all the fourteen worlds with crores of hands and everyone
      equivalent to Lord Brahaspati try to explain and write, not even an inch of
      the tremendous beauty of even one in thousandth of the Lotus feet of
      Goddess Sri MahaTripuraSundari can be described”

      With such an extreme glory and greatness, the Goddess Sri Maha
      TripuraSundari residing and blessing everyone in the form of Sri Meru
      yantra at No: 12, Chakrapani Street, West Mambalam, Chennai, for the Sri
      Chakra Maha Meru temple, in this Jaya varsha, 19th of Vaikasi month
      (02-06-2014) Monday, Panchami, Pushya Nakashatra, Siddhayoga, Chandra
      Svakshetra, Kataka lagna, under the confluence of such an auspicious yoga
      and dina, (udayAdi nAzhigai after 7 ½ and within 12) between 9 am and 10
      am, with the blessings of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Maha Periyava , the current
      Peetadhipati Sri Jayendra Sarasvati Swamigal and Sri Vijayendra Sarasvati
      Swamigal, the heartfelt blessings of our Guru, the punaruddharana ceremony
      has been decided to be performed. We pray that all the devotees witness
      this mega event and magnificent Yagna and be blessed with the grace of the
      great Goddess.


      30-05-2014 - Friday

      05.30 pm - Sri Vigneshwara Puja
      06.00 pm - Yaga Shala Pravesha

      31-05-2014 - Saturday

      07.30 am - Vastu Homam, First Kala Yagashala puja, homam
      07.30 pm - Second Kala Yagashala puja, homam

      01-06-2014 - Sunday

      07.30 am - Third Kala Yagashala puja, homam
      11.30 am - Monthly Guru punarvasu annadana
      04.00 pm - Applying Ashtabandhana, Eye opening ceremony for the idols of

      Sri Vinayaka, Sri Skanda, Sri Meru, Sri Guru and Sri Parama Guru
      07.00 pm - Fourth Kala Yagashala puja, homam

      02-06-2014 - Monday

      06.30 am - Fifth Kala Yagashala puja, homam
      07.30 am - Sparshahuti, Vasordhara and Purnahuti

      09.00 am - Gopura Abhisheka with the circumambulation of the Temple with
      the Kumbhas and kalasha teertha abhishekas to the idols of Sri Maha Meru,
      Sri Vinayaka, Sri Skanda, Sri ParamaGuru and Sri Guru
      10.30 am - Mahabhisheka

      For the first forty four days from 03-06-2014 Mandala abhisheka with
      Sankalpa shall be performed. Those interested in this Mandala Abhisheka
      Ceremony may participate in the same.

      *Note*: For the event of the aforementioned Punaruddharana ceremony, Sri
      Devi Bhagavata, Sri Lalitopakhyana, Yajur Veda saptakhanda parayana,
      Srimath Bhagavata, Sri Devi Mahatmyam, Sri Ramayanam, Sri Skanda parayana
      etc will take place from the month of May at the temple.

      More details about the temple and the Guru parampara are available in the
      facebook group:


      and will be updated soon in www.shrimahameru.in

      Please share the info with your friends and kindly contribute in any
      affordable ways you can for this noble event... For details on how you
      could contribute please contact *Sri Mani sir* (Retd. Min. of Def) -

      Email – shrimahamerutemple@...

      Admin - Sri. P.N.Narayana Shastrigal Meru Trust - Sri Karunananda Mandali
      #64 Murthy street, near Ayodhya Mantapam, West Mambalam, Chennai - 33

      Thanks & Regs

      Thanks & Regs

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