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15015RE: [ambaa-L] Sri yanthra variants

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  • subramaniam Sangaranarayanan
    May 5, 2014
      Dear Divine,

      You are perhaps aware that I am an expert in sriyantra and maha meru and have developed 100% perfect marmas/sandhis/triangles to ensure that the fullest divine energy of 33 crores of devatas are available to the devotees. I have also protected the design with copy right and design internationally.
      In fact I am doing a golden sriyantra for one of the foremost customer and this will be perhaps the first such yantra in the size 6 x 6 inches.
      The sriyantra consisting of the various sakthi and shiva triangles perfection is most important. Some people write the bhijas of the avaranas and even have the devata figure, but such a one is not considered as perfect (my opinion) because all the energies are latent and not potent. They are so subtle they are beyond name, form etc and can only be experienced.
      Further there must be total samarasya between the shakthi and shiva chakras. In 99% of the sriyantras that are made or available, they are defective in measurement, marmas and sandhis not to speak of the divine energy. Perfect divine energisation is essential done by an adept guru, if 100-% results are to be experienced. It is certain that such a sriyantra or maha meru can bestow all the purusharthas which divine mother has on the devotee.

      Should you need any further details please contact me.

      From: antarurjas@...
      To: ambaa-l@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 05:26:26 -0700
      Subject: [ambaa-L] Sri yanthra variants

      Dear Elders
      I got this photo from a friend of mine mentioning that it is the Sri yanthram. While the "central" part of yanthra seems to tally with the central part of the "regular" sriyanthram( 6 th avarna onwards), the rest of the avarnas look quite different.
      Around the mail yanthra we also see depictions of Bala ammavaru, Ganapathy, Subramnaya,Bhuvaneshwari and other devatas. My friend says that the print in the lower portion does say that it IS a Sri Yanthram. Can the elders provide some more information on this pl.
      Are there more version of the Sri Yanthram that we "traditionally" know of, to be having 9 avarnas?
      sriH mAtre namaH 

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