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  • t__kun@hotmail.com
    hi! I m Taik, welcome to the AMA ML. That stands for Amateur Manga Artists Mailing List. Just so no one s floundering around not knowing what to do, I ll
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2001
      hi! I'm Taik, welcome to the AMA ML. That stands for Amateur Manga
      Artists Mailing List. Just so no one's floundering around not knowing
      what to do, I'll explain again that this ML is a discussion group.
      Advertising your own stuff is permitted, but no spam please or else
      I'll kick your retarded ass out. I also like to say "whatever" a lot.
      Umm, what else...? =)

      I suppose some rules are good.

      1) Don't be stupid.

      2) If you're gonna make art requests to someone on the list, email
      THEM, not here.

      3) Talk about whatever, so long as its comics-related. However, if
      some discussions start getting off-topic, I will issue two warnings
      within a week. If the off-topic discussion is not taken off the ML or
      stopped, those people will wish they did before I issued warnings.
      >:) Phear for your hard drive.

      4) If you're gonna flame someone, at least make it entertaining.

      5) You are permitted to advertise your own comics, webcomics or
      cartooning-related website on this ML! Great, huh? However, if you
      advertise it multiple times per month (more than four times) I will
      boot your spammy ass.

      6) You are permitted to post advertisements for artists, writers,
      colourists or whatever related to your own manga, comic or webcomic,
      whatever. Unfortunately, I don't think a lot of potential publishers
      hover around the ML like prospecting hawks, so don't expect too much.

      7)We don't publish stuff for you, nor will we sponsor you. However,
      you CAN sponsor the AMA...! We're not an organization or society
      though, we're just a mailing list. If we get enough members however,
      that might change in the future.

      8) If you think I am being hardass with rules, go cry me a river,

      9) If you think there are too many rules, please refer to the
      instructions in Rule #8.

      10) And last but not least... don't be stupid. =)

      If you have any more questions regarding the nature of this
      mailing list, feel free to post...! I'm quite sure you have nothing
      terribly private that needs direct email to me, and if you do, I
      might not be interested. The end.

      Oh yeah! And one last thing:

      Have fun! =)

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