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Goodbye to the Tele Vue forum

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  • Robert Ashcraft
    One definition of forum given by Webster is: a medium (as a newspaper or online service) of open discussion or expression of ideas Unfortunately, some
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2009
      One definition of "forum" given by Webster is:

      "a medium (as a newspaper or online service) of open discussion or expression of ideas"

      Unfortunately, some "forums" on the Internet fail to meet this definition and are nothing more than petty dictatorships.

      When I bought my Obsession 12.5 back in 2006, I joined Yahoo's Obsession forum. Since I had Tele Vue eyepieces, I also joined Yahoo's Tele Vue forum. Soon after joining the Tele Vue forum, some red flags began to surface:

      Red Flag 1

      Al Nagler was not a member or participant in the forum. The only person in the forum who actually worked for Tele Vue was a fellow named John Rhodes. Dave Kriege, on the other hand, is a member and participant in the Obsession forum.

      Red Flag 2

      The Tele Vue forum had four moderators. Obsession has only one, a fellow named Doug Finch.

      Red Flag 3

      The Tele Vue moderators referred to themselves as "The Regime." They weren't kidding.

      Red Flag 4

      Anyone who said anything that was negative about Tele Vue, or was thought to be negative by "The Regime," was openly chastised. Anyone who speculated about future Tele Vue products met the same fate.

      So the "forum" was really a dictatorship. Last week I deleted all of my previous posts, files, and folders, and unsubscribed. I feel like a great burden has been lifted.
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