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Re: Club Social, Friday, 10 July 2015

Well, again the time is wrong; we will see ya'll at 7:30pm. Dave From: amarilloastronomyclub@yahoogroups.com [mailto:amarilloastronomyclub@yahoogroups.com]
David Heard
3:14 PM

Club Social, Friday, 10 July 2015

Club Social reminder When: Friday, 10 July 2015 02:30 PM to 03:00 PM (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) Where: Pizza Planet From: amarilloastronomyclub
    12:33 PM
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    Re: The Dynamic Duo

    Would love to see them. We took several very amateur ones with Brandon's five inch telescope, but even through that it was pretty cool to see.
    Jun 30

    Re: The Dynamic Duo

    I took several photos of the conjunction between 9:30 to 10:00 using a couple of different lens and ISO selections. I did not use a scope. If I can figure out
    Joe Tepera
    Jun 30

    The Dynamic Duo

    June 30, 2015 I went out to my front yard around 8:40 PM (25 minutes before sunset) and spotted Venus and Jupiter with my 7X50 binoculars. Unfortunately, thin
    Jun 30

    Re: Venus and Jupiter

    Thanks Robert for posting. I saw last night and it was impressive. I will try and gets some photos on the 30th Sent from my iPhone
    Terry Zimmerman
    Jun 28

    Venus and Jupiter

    A reminder that on Tuesday evening, June 30, Venus and Jupiter will appear to be only 1/3 of a degree apart. Look for them in the western part of the sky.
    Jun 27

    Re: Observing on Saturday

    With the winds forecast to stay breezy tonight, and with no one else interested in going, I'm staying home myself. It would have to be a pretty darn good
    Jun 20

    Re: Observing on Saturday

    Just had a change of plans. I can't make it out to the roadside park tonight. I'll try to observe a little in my driveway later at night. Hope the winds stay
    Jun 20

    Re: Observing on Saturday

    Kareem, right now things look ok, not great by any stretch of the imagination, but not so bad that I'd cancel at this time. I'll make up my mind about 7ish
    Jun 20

    Re: Observing on Saturday

    I should be able to make it if the weather is good. Keep us posted. Thanks Kareem
    Jun 19

    Observing on Saturday

    Thinking about going observing this Saturday. Weather looks decent at this time. Temps will definitely be warm. Not sure about winds at this time. Just
    Jun 18

    Re: Bob Fowler 1922 - 2015

    Thanks guys for the head's up. I took this pretty hard last night, as Bob & Eloise were really close to our family. Bob was SUCH a wonderful mentor & always
    David Heard
    Jun 15

    Re: Bob Fowler 1922 - 2015

    Just read that the funeral is private, for family only. Guests were received this afternoon at the funeral home. Bob is now with Danny and both have the
    Jun 14

    Re: Bob Fowler 1922 - 2015

    Thanks, Nick. Yes, he was a mentor and friend to many of us. If anyone finds out the funeral arrangements, please let the group know. Alan
    Jun 14
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