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Re: [ALZ] Further ramblings Yehudis It is so easy when we are dealing with an AD LO that we can see AD around every corner in all our LO's. You may be very correct in thinking your mother
Edyth Ann Knox
Feb 16, 1998
[ALZ] Re: Nagano Nasties 4th para 1st line. ^ upon after Based. make read 'Based upon. . .'
Donald Baerd
Feb 16, 1998
[ALZ] Re: Alzheimer Digest V2 #426 Hello to the list, I am new to this list as my Mom who is 70, has just recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I am an only child, my father passed away
Feb 16, 1998
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Re: [ALZ] Need advice for early stages AD Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. We may have to go the route you suggest. The problem is I'm not sure my husbands' siblings would support it.
Karen Gulbranson
Feb 16, 1998
Re: [ALZ] Need advice for early stages AD Thanks for your advice. Karen
Karen Gulbranson
Feb 16, 1998
[ALZ] LO driving ... Beverly: Mom's 88 and 89 on March 5th. Took her driver's license away about eight years ago. In addition to AD she has glaucoma and is legally blind.
Bill Arthur
Feb 16, 1998
Re: [ALZ] A Birthday Wish Come True Denise I can not remember if I told you HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday or not but that was why I was watching for you to come on line for. Soooo just in case my CD
Edyth Ann Knox
Feb 16, 1998
Re: [ALZ] Need advice for early stages AD Thanks so much for your advice. Karen
Karen Gulbranson
Feb 16, 1998
[ALZ] Friend's dad with AD misses former home/basement Dear friends, I think I've been on this list via various e-mail addresses since '95 because my mom has AD. I'd like some advice to pass on to a new friend who
Marilyn Sheaffer
Feb 16, 1998
[ALZ] Further ramblings First off, thank you to all who responded to my post. It's nice to have the support. I find myself wanting to bury my head in the sand, when it comes to
Yehudis Gross
Feb 16, 1998
[ALZ] Blood tests Would welcome advice as to how much reliance should be placed on blood tests which show normal 83 year old deterioration. Thank you Lynn Lynn Pollack 9/363
Lynn Pollack
Feb 16, 1998
[ALZ] Nagano Nasties From the lips of the alleged offended, Canadian Olympic hockey team member, Ms Goyette: "It's not worth going back to what was said during and after the game,"
Donald Baerd
Feb 16, 1998
Re: [ALZ] Dad ... I know this is a terrible time for you. Keep writing and reading the list, and we'll try to send some support. I'm concerned that this might not be the
Kate Murphy
Feb 16, 1998
[ALZ] Hello I am new to the list and thought I would say hello. A very dear friend's mom has just been diagnosed with ALZHEIMERS and I am trying to learn all I can to
Janet Waite
Feb 16, 1998
Re: [ALZ] A Birthday Wish Come True First I would love to wish you a Happy Birthday which it seem like you did have. Sometimes we get a little present from our loved ones when we lease
Feb 16, 1998
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Re: [ALZ] Three questions: Ringing in ears; Dizziness; Coffee ... No. This is tinnitus. Caused by many things. Aspirin in excess, some other drugs, viral infections, inflammation of the hearing nerve, etc. It needs
Alan McCutcheon
Feb 16, 1998
Re: [ALZ] grab bars in an apt Sue & Kate: I guess I was told no by the corp which owns this apt complex because this is a steel & brick building with hollow walls which would involve a
Feb 16, 1998
[ALZ] A Birthday Wish Come True Today was my 44th birthday. I went to my moms room early and just looked at her, watched her sleep. When she was my age she had a 5 year old daughter, 11 and
Denise Cooper
Feb 16, 1998
[ALZ] Re:"My Father's Coat" Kate, Thank you for sharing the beautiful and moving poem "My Father's Coat." I read a message that you had a very kind and caring father, and that he was much
Jerrold L Ham
Feb 15, 1998
[ALZ] Truly need some answers Doris, Sorry to hear things are not going too well with your mother. The doctors tried respiradol to calm my mother down after moving her to a foster home.
The Haimovitz Family
Feb 15, 1998
[ALZ] Dad Duggan, I know exactly how you are feeling. I went through a similar situation during the summer. My mother had been placed in a foster home and became
The Haimovitz Family
Feb 15, 1998
[ALZ] ALZ: Hospice Bob, I haven't posted on this list much since my dad pased away last April but I have been lurking for the past year. However I have to tell you that the
Bev Or Mike
Feb 15, 1998
[ALZ] Re: Dear Cappie, I couldn't agree more. I miss my mother too. I hate the fact that she has to be slipping away like this so young (57). I had always imagined
Feb 15, 1998
Re: [ALZ] Re: Buspar Dear listmates, As a former pharmaceutical sales rep, I had the opportunity to learn a little about Buspar. It is a mild anti-anxiety drug, touted as being
Feb 15, 1998
Re: [ALZ] God's newest Angel Joanne My condolences on the recent death of your Mother. May the memories of the good times sustain you as you grieve the loss of one so dear. Be reassured
Feb 15, 1998
Re: [ALZ] To Cappie shit girl you all who are taking care of alzhemiers patients deserve a big fat award, your strength and patience and I could go on and on is unbelievable . I
Linda Laur
Feb 15, 1998
Re: [ALZ] Re: ... The greatest gift I was given was the opportunity to accept my father as he was and not to become angry with him. I say that it was a gift because I
Kate Murphy
Feb 15, 1998
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[ALZ] To Cappie Cappie, I have had those feelings also. I have looked at this combative, confused person and remembered the kind, good husband and father of the past. I have
Feb 15, 1998
Re: [ALZ] intro then questions In a message dated 98-02-15 11:14:05 EST, you write: << Your mother is right about soap drying the skin and I like to use a few drops of Avon skin so soft (I
Feb 15, 1998
Re: [ALZ] Ethnopsychiatry:Alzheimer's causes ... Do you have any references for the epidemiological studies done in East Asia? I am very interested in people's perceptions of, not only AD, but what is
Ryan A. Bell
Feb 15, 1998
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