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“Escape from Sentinel Island” Issue 1 (of 1).

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  • Tawmis <tyragon@yahoo.com>
    Escape from Sentinel Island Issue 1 of 1. Written and Co-plotted by: Tawmis and KenN, with additional thanks to Justin and Mick. The events in this issue
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2003
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      "Escape from Sentinel Island" Issue 1 of 1.
      Written and Co-plotted by: Tawmis and KenN, with additional thanks to
      Justin and Mick.

      The events in this issue help to explain what happened when the
      captured mutants escaped from "Sentinel Island" in Alternate Marvel's
      Uncanny X-Men #344 through Alternate Marvel's Uncanny X-Men #360.

      It began with mistrust, which grew to hatred.

      Bolivar Trask did not trust mutants and saw them as threats to
      mankind. When he discovered that his own son was a mutant, though, he
      could not turn him in. Instead Bolivar designed a hi-tech device
      disguised as a medallion that prevented Larry's power from fully
      manifesting and screened Larry from all mutant scanners.

      However, Larry had become obsessed with destroying mutants when his
      father was destroyed by Sentinels, he created. Larry blamed the X-Men
      for the death, and designed the Mark II Sentinels to hunt down all
      mutants and destroy them.

      This all changed of course, when Larry discovered he was a mutant. He
      quickly helped the X-Men defeat the Sentinels. Later, he even helped
      the Avengers locate the remaining Sentinels in the desert. It was
      during this time that Larry Trask was killed by a Sentinel that
      regarded him as another "mutant threat."

      But the life of Larry Trask would not end there.

      Bolivar Trask had loathed the idea that his son was a mutant. He had
      spent time in learning how to hide the fact that he had been a
      mutant – by creating the medallion.

      But he would not stop there. He strived harder and harder to find a
      way to make his son "normal." He had even gone so far as to record
      his son's brain patterns into a datachip, which he had hoped to use
      later clone him, and reverse the process to "record" his son's brain
      patterns into the new mind.

      But Bolivar never completed his plan before his own demise. Larry
      Trask's brain patterns remained stored on a datachip in a base
      Bolivar had used in the Pacific Ocean.

      Dormant for so many years.

      Dormant until a storm in the Pacific Ocean triggered the systems
      online once more.

      The Core – which had been Larry Trask's memories, and somehow his
      mutant ability came "online."

      The Core suddenly saw the future that the mutants would bring: A
      world where everyone was a mutant, a world where regular humans would
      eventually be extinct.

      The Core had been created to destroy mutants. To ensure humans would
      always prosper.

      Programs softly hummed to life.

      The Core allowed its "human" self to gain control.

      For the first time, a machine "dreamed of the future."

      In that future it saw a collection of Twelve Mutants.

      Twelve Mutants whom the Core was to collect and steal their powers
      from, in order to create the "Ultimate Sentinel" entitled: Armageddon.

      Though the identity of the "Twelve" was not clear, the new mission of
      The Core was.

      Capture All Mutants.

      Process All Mutants.

      Test All Mutants.

      And uncover The Twelve.

      Surya. Wildchild. Sunfire. Warcry. Stinger. Timeshadow. Whirlwind.
      Radius. Unus. Flex.

      A Sentinel X model stood next to The Core as it hummed, processing

      "One more mutant," The Core reported, "and we shall have Twelve."

      "Is it the correct Twelve," Sentinel X Alpha Model questioned

      "We shall know soon enough," The Core replied.

      "Calculations show we have only captured Ten Mutants," The Sentinel X
      model finally spoke after a moment of process data – double-checking
      itself, for there was no way the Core could even process data
      incorrectly. It was simply… impossible.

      "Correct," The Core replied. "But I am a mutant myself."

      The Sentinel X model paused. "You? A mutant?"

      "Yes," The Core replied, almost coyly.

      "Sensors do not detect mutation," The Sentinel X model said flatly.

      "Because I am no longer human," Core replied.

      "Does that mean Sentinel X should destroy… The Core?"

      "No fool," The Core replied, his human side coming forward. "My
      mutation shall make the next step of Sentinels."

      "Is the Sentinel X programming not made to cease mutations of any

      "Only among humans," The Core replied. "I corrected that faulty
      programming. The X-Men had once tricked the Sentinels to fly into the
      sun because of their mutation. Your programming now states to cease
      and destroy mutation within human life."

      The Sentinel X model paused, processing the data. "Objective Updated."

      Days in and days out the torture from the Sentinels and The Core

      Until suddenly, The Core lit up. "Detecting… Information download
      from Satellite 1123. Downloading. Processing. Confirmation. One of
      Twelve detected. Noted and waiting further instructions." There was a
      series of whistles and whirls, before a line typed itself across the
      screen. "Terminate Captured Mutants."

      The door whirled open. A Sentinel X stepped into the room, its large
      metallic feet waking those within the room as it echoing hauntingly
      throughout the chamber.

      "Termination Sequence Begin."

      Without warning a bolt struck out of the Sentinel's hand, and had it
      not been for the cheetah like speed of Warcry, Wildchild would have
      been nothing more than a pile of silent ashes.

      "This is it," Warcry shouted. "You white people and your machines.
      You even kill your own kind!" He snarled and jumped out of the way of
      another blast.

      "This is no time for fighting," Unus shouted as a blast bounced off
      his protective aura, yet struck him with enough force to send him
      sprawling across the ground. "We have to unite and fight as one if we
      have any hope of escaping. Capturing us one by one is how they got us

      "Yeah," Warcry rebutted, as he tumbled out of the way yet
      again. "Save for the fact that none of us really know each other or
      fought together – ever."

      "Some of us have," Stinger replied. "Frenzy, Timeshadow and I were a
      part of the Alliance of Evil."

      "Alliance of Evil," Warcry shook his head. "You don't think there's
      something wrong with that name?"

      "I was young," Stinger replied as she let loose electrical shocks
      through her fingers, that arched their way to the Sentinel X machine,
      bouncing harmlessly off its glistening metallic body.

      "This is a bad time to bring this up, I suppose," Frenzy
      commented. "But I have never fought with any of you."

      "Don't be ridiculous," Timeshadow replied, stepping through doorways
      only he could see. "We fought together in service of Apocalypse."

      "That was my sister," Frenzy replied.

      "Your sister?" Stinger cringed.

      "Yeah," Frenzy replied as she punched the Sentinel X model. "I have
      super strength like her, but I never really used it."

      "What was all that talk about the Acolytes coming to get you out

      "Well since my sister's with the Acolytes now, I figured once she
      found out I was here, she would take her buddies and come get me
      out," Frenzy replied. "I took up her name because she's going by a
      new alias now."

      Warcry shouted, "The door's closing. We've got to keep it open. As
      long as that door opens it seems our powers are active. Seems to me,
      the door needs to connect to the floor like a battery has two ends,
      in order to operate."

      "I will melt the door," Sunfire snapped. A huge blast poured from his
      hands. The door begins to glow softly at first, then brightened.
      However, that was cut short when a blast rendered Sunfire
      unconscious. However, Surya, more commonly known as Neil Shaara
      quickly picked up where Sunfire left off.

      Radius saw the Sentinel taking aim at Neil and closed his eyes and
      extended his force field out from himself and around Neil. The blast
      bounced off harmlessly.

      "Amazing," Unus commented. "Your powers have exceeded my own."

      "Each generation is born stronger," Warcry commented. "The spirits
      carry on within each of us."

      Whirlwind spun around, striking the Sentinel's leg, sending fragments
      of the large mechanical terror flying in random directions. Warcry
      picked up one of the pieces and smiled. "Just what I needed. Radius
      or whatever your name is, keep that shield around the fire boy."

      Radius did not acknowledge Warcry if he heard him; his eyes were
      closed as he clenched his teeth concentrating harder than he had ever
      done before to keep the shield around Neil. Leaping at the Sentinel,
      Warcry jumped from piece to piece, working his way up, until he had
      reached the Sentinel's eye. "Here comes a long shot." He jabbed the
      metallic piece, shaped like a native spear, deep into the Sentinel's
      eye. The glass was prepared to take blasts of fire ranging up to
      three times the heat of the sun to compensate for Surya and Sunfire's
      own mutant ability. It could ever endure the massive electrical shock
      of Stinger. But what the makers had failed to anticipate was someone
      getting close enough to the eye to shove a piece of metal through it
      using super human strength. The machine whirled, whizzed, and began
      flailing about.

      "Model Alpha TSX-1000 damaged. Sensors destroyed. System Malfunction."

      Blasts were being fired randomly now by the blind Sentinel as
      everyone bolted for the door to escape, which had been melted to
      nothing more than slag. The blind blasts flew everywhere – and only
      once did they strike a target.

      A girl's scream tore through the air.

      Only one of them stopped.

      The others kept running.

      Warcry looked into the room and saw that Frenzy had been struck. He
      bit his bottom lip and against better judgment raced back into the
      room. He slid next to Frenzy, who was holding her side. Blood
      decorated her full lips with an eerie crimson colored lipstick effect.

      "It's too late for me," she wheezed. "It crushed my ribs. Punctured
      my heart. I," she coughed. "I can feel it."

      Warcry stared at her, silent. He could see it as well. He could sense
      it. Her life force was quickly ebbing. She managed to stand up. There
      was a sound of other large, metallic footsteps coming towards them.
      She pushed him away. "Get out of here," she wheezed. "I will keep
      them distracted as long as possible. You need to get away." Warcry
      nodded his head, and as he did so, he prayed for the spirit of the ox
      to enter her. To grant her strength, stamina, and bravery. "You will
      be honored and remembered," he whispered, then, with the spirit of
      the fox, quickly escaped.

      Radius came up short, pulling to a quick stop. "Now what?"
      Immediately he threw up his shield around himself, his brother Flex,
      and his father Unus. The others came pouring out the door behind him,
      like Sunfire, Warcry, Wildchild, Stinger, Time Shadow and Whirlwind.

      "Where is she?" the black woman hovering asked.

      "Who?" Radius shouted back. "And can we discuss this somewhere else?
      We have some sentinels on us."

      "Sentinels?" Joanna Cargill looked over at Rem-Ram.

      "They're telling the truth," he replied. "I can feel their heightened

      "Where is my sister?" Joanna Cargill asked again, turning her
      attention to those gathered at the doorway.

      "She died for us," Warcry shouted back. "She died a hero."

      "She died?" Joanna screamed. "You let her die?" She raised her
      hand. "Acolytes attack!"

      "You can't be serious!" Warcry shouted as he dodged a blast from a
      laser. "Any second now Sentinels – white man's machine – is going to
      be bursting through that door, and it will eliminate us all!"

      "Joanna," Carmella Unuscione shouted, "perhaps we should think this

      Just then the roof of the building exploded into thousands of tiny
      fragments. When the dust settled, five sentinels took to the
      air. "Wonderful," Warcry growled. "As if it weren't bad enough."

      "Detecting new mutants," Sentinel D.A.N. commented.

      "Focus Carmella Unuscione."

      "What?" Unus looked up. "Carmella?"

      Carmella looked down. "Father? Is it you? But how?"

      "That fool Blob mistook me for dead, when in truth I had lapsed into
      unconsciousness from lack of air," Unus shouted. "I was rescued by
      Department H, who trained me to use my power. Little did I know, they
      were using the basis for my power for your half brother, Radius."

      Radius waved his hand. "Great, a family reunion. Can this wait?"

      Flex waved, "I am related to you also!"

      The happiness was shattered as a blast from Sentinel

      R.E.S.R.O.B. shattered the ground near Flex.

      "Scatter!" Sunfire shouted as he took the sky.

      "One," Wildchild commented, "we could take down. Not five."

      Carmella cried out, Gargouille, grab Flex and Radius, I will grab
      Unus," she turned to Joanna, "Joanna, I am sorry for your loss, but
      we must leave. These Sentinels will destroy us all."

      "What about the others?"

      "We leave them," Carmella said with sincere sadness. "We can't hope
      to carry them all. If we try to save them, we all die."

      "So you save your family," Joanna commented.

      "As you would," Carmella answered, "if you had been given the chance."

      Joanna stared for a moment, then whistled, "Acolytes, it's time to

      "Wait!" Sunfire cried out. "We can't hope to defeat them without your

      None of the Acolytes even looked back.

      "Figures," Warcry sighed as he fought one of the Sentinels.

      He paused a second. "One way or the other, we walk away free men from
      this!" Warcry shouted. "Either alive or dead. Hold nothing back!"

      And with that, chaos erupted, as those, left behind, knew

      Warcry spoke the truth.

      Tonight, they left the island free men.

      Either alive.

      Or dead.

      Their metallic voices were intimidating. So cold. So callous. So
      calculating. "Capture mode deactivated. Begin termination sequence."

      "This is it," Warcry shouted as he punched the leg of the metallic
      Sentinel, causing it to topple over into the others. "This is where
      we live or die."

      Timeshadow looked around. "This can't be happening…"

      "Wake up man," Wildchild shouted slapping Timeshadow on the back. "It

      Timeshadow felt beads of sweat quickly running down his face. "I
      don't have fighting powers like you all do!"

      "Then stay out of the way of them," Wildchild growled as he pushed
      Timeshadow out of the way of yet another blast. "And stay out of our

      Wildchild jumped towards the Sentinel that had been closest. The
      Sentinel raised its metallic hands and blasted, just below Wildchild,
      who smiled at his fortune for being missed.

      However, it did not take long for him to realize he had not been the
      target at all.

      A scream. Then the unmistakable smell of burning flesh.

      Wildchild tore into the Sentinel's mechanical eyes, ripping it apart
      easily, then kicking off the Sentinel model landing on the ground.

      Next to him, a form that was clearly once a human being arched over,
      still burning, but dead at the moment of impact.

      Timeshadow's other temporal selves looked at the smoldering body of
      their kith as it hit the ground, and one of them screamed in agony.
      As he emptied his lungs, he began to fade into nothingness, and
      another screamed and faded. And so it went, each of his twenty
      remaining selves screaming and then simply disappearing, each dying
      the same horrific death one after the other, like dominoes.

      Stinger screamed in anguish. "NO!!!!!!!" She unleashed a volley of
      electricity at the Sentinel, finding the slices in its armor and
      detonating it. Her energy then spent, she staggered, and fell to a

      Whirlwind's eyes opened in horror. "They're… really… killing…" he
      stammered. All of his life, Whirlwind had always gotten away or at
      least simply taken away to the Vault. Never before had he ever truly
      felt his life was in danger, but now, left to die by the Acolytes and
      the Unusciones, Whirlwind, Stinger, Sunfire, Wildchild, Surya, and
      Warcry all faced as girsly a fate as Timeshadow.

      A Sentinel drew a bead on him and fired, and in his eyes the world
      went bright white.

      "Whirlwind's down," Warcry shouted.

      "This is impossible!" Surya cried out as more Sentinels seemed to
      empty out of the floor. "We can't hope to win."

      Warcry looked around, growling. "You're right."

      "We have to leave," Sunfire swooped down and picked up Warcry. "Surya
      get Wildchild."

      Stinger looked around. "Wait! You can't be serious! What about me?"

      "We wish you luck," Sunfire replied as he flew away. Warcry reached
      out, as if he could take her with him, but she was already quickly
      fading out of sight as the two remaining Sentinels closed in on her.

      The wind whipped around Warcry as he looked up. "How could you just
      leave them?"

      "Did you not hear them," Sunfire replied. "They work for Apocalypse
      and the Alliance of Evil. Not the type of people I want to save."

      "We have no right to make that choice," Warcry snapped back.

      "Fine, then I will drop you here," Sunfire replied, releasing Warcry
      as he fell towards the ocean. "You were slowing me down anyway. I
      must return to Japan!"

      Warcry vanished as he passed through the clouds.

      The impact of the water knocked the breath from him for a moment,
      before he quickly recovered. He looked behind him and could see the
      Sentinel Island all too close and saw smoke rising into the air.

      He looked around him and saw there was nowhere to swim but back to
      Sentinel Island…


      Neophyte swam to shore, broken, beaten and tired. How he had survived
      as long as he did, he did not know. He wasn't even sure where he was.
      The last thing he remembered was following Corgill to rescue her
      sister. Then the Sentinels and some other mutants. Only his own
      powers saved him from death.

      As he lay there, on the sandy shore, gasping for breath, he suddenly
      heard a foot press hard into the sand next to his head. He rolled
      back, startled, yet too tired to even phase, his mind so shattered.

      "Who are you?"

      "Are you Neophyte? Of the Acolytes? One of Magneto's allies?" a voice

      "Yes," Neophyte replied. "Yes I am." He coughed and looked at the
      strangers standing on the shore. "Who are you?"

      "We're the Marauders," Grey Crow replied, and cocked his gun. "As a
      follower of Magneto, I am afraid we're also your death."

      "Wait, don't! I can –!"

      Again, the sound of Scalphunter's gun rang through the air.

      He should have been dead that night. But Neophytes mutant ability to
      pass through solid object had saved his life. Just before the trigger
      had been pulled, Neophyte had phased allowing the bullet to pass
      through him.

      The Marauders, in their haste, made no effort to check if he was
      alive or dead.

      If they had checked for a pulse, their hands would have passed
      through his neck.

      Now he was on the run with no idea where to go. He wanted to return
      to the Acolytes, let them know what happened. But that man – the one
      he knew barely as Scalphunter had asked specifically if he was with
      the Acolytes serving Magneto… he said that as a follower of Magneto
      he would have to die.

      Neophyte could not return to the Acolytes. He didn't even know if the
      Acolytes were still alive.

      He has spent the last three weeks living on the streets, using his
      mutant powers to phase into stores to eat and drink, and live.

      But these streets were wearing him down… he needed something…
      someone… solid.

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