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Amazing Spider-Man #430

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    ... (Special thanks to Daniel Gordon for co-plotting and inspiring the story) -- Reflecting in Water -- --Saturday morning, Coney Island-- It s a bright and
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      ----the Amazing Spider-Man #430 (May, 2002)----
      ----By: Resident Robert----

      (Special thanks to Daniel Gordon for co-plotting and inspiring the

      --"Reflecting in Water"--

      --Saturday morning, Coney Island--
      It's a bright and sunny day, without a cloud in the sky. Walking
      along the newly designed boardwalk, of the Coney Island Amusement
      Park, the smells of the street food vendors is thick in the air. The
      crowd, enormous. Then again, that is to be expected on a weekend day.

      Especially since this month has been the grand opening of the
      special: "Seaworld Exhibit". A new wing of the park, and one that
      took years to get approved, and constructed.

      Strolling the streets, holding hands, and carrying on a conversation
      about what to have for dinner later, Mary Jane changes the topic when
      she sees Peter adjust the camera case on his shoulder, "Why'd you
      bring your Spidey costume? I thought this was a no Spidey Saturday?"

      With a sly smile Peter says, "MJ, would you believe a force of

      Laughing Mary Jane says, "Or is it more likely, Spidey got better
      plans, then being with us?"

      Peter laughs back, and says, "Hah! Actually, I was planning to take a
      slight webswing of the place, and take some exclusive aerial shots of
      the refurnished area and new displays. Jonah said, the pics could run
      in Tuesday's 'Spotlight Section' of the Daily Bugle.

      Mary Jane says with another laugh as they stroll down, "Oh I see now!
      This wasn't about us having a fun day out. Being here is about work
      for the paper!"

      Peter moving their held hands over Mary Jane's rather large belly,
      then says, "We'll since we're going to be family. It wouldn't hurt to
      have extra income when the time arrives."

      With a happy smile, and her eyes shining, Mary Jane says, "Yeah, it
      wouldn't hurt. All right mister Parker, your charm has once again
      sweeped me off my feet."

      Laughing Peter says, "Is that so, Mrs. Parker?"

      As they laugh, and head toward the Seaworld exhibit, the couple
      doesn't notice an unusually large crowd start heading their way.

      As the beginning crowd of people start to approach and rush past,
      Peter's sixth sense, danger warning 'spider-sense' goes off moments
      before we hear. People shouting:


      "A monster is on the loose!"

      "Run! Run!"

      "Let me out of here!"

      "What? What is that?!"

      Moving to the side of the street, and away from the approaching
      masses, Peter sees in the distance a huge fifteen foot tall, and
      extremely wide hulking blue creature, with scales and fins popping
      out of the water, landing on the pool's wooden planks. It's shape is
      that of a large mutated humanoid.

      "What is that thing?" An old man says as he looks behind him
      questioningly, as he runs past Peter and Mary Jane. Peter thinks, "My
      thoughts exactly!"

      "MJ I…"

      "Go, Peter!" Mary Jane says, knowing that Peter will once again
      investigate the danger, with the potential outcome never certain.

      Peter hesitates, and says, "No MJ. This crowd, I've got to make sure
      your both not in harms way first."

      It's then that an approaching officer whose walking back, sees the
      couple on the side and asks if they need help.

      "Go, Peter! It'll be all right."

      Peter nods, and before the officer can turn around to ask him
      something, Peter is seemingly gone!

      "Be safe." Mary Jane thinks, as she closes her eyes, and heads in the
      direction of the fleeing masses.

      --Near the Seaworld entrance--
      Running down the pier, Peter jumps over, and behind a now abandoned
      amusement park booth, unseen by prying eyes Peter starts to change
      and securing his webshooters, forms a websack to hold his civilian
      clothes, and places the sack behind the booth counter.

      As he makes sure the coast is clear, Spider-Man jumps out of the
      booth and says, "I hope someone doesn't win that prize while I'm

      As he proceeds to jump closer and near the entrance, careful to avoid
      the people fleeing, Spider-Man thinks, "This isn't a time to joke.
      People are running scared, and I've got to stop that thing before it
      heads down this way, and by the crowd. MJ might… No! I'll stop that

      "Rrrrrooaaaaarrr!" The seemingly inhuman creature bellows as he
      smashes a cotton candy booth beneath his feet!

      Looking at the masses running, the creature starts to turn toward
      them and follow where they are heading.

      Spider-Man running and leaping closer, and closer thinks, "Great! No
      tall buildings and I can't webswing! Now how can I get this things


      Are the next two words that fill the air as Spider-Man, and those
      that are still in the vicinity hear, as they look behind the
      creature, and flying out of the water they see him!

      A man, almost completely nude, save for a pair of scaly green tights.
      His ankles each have a pair of wings on them, and his ears are
      pointed at the end! His hair is short, black and is shaped like a
      flat top. His body is that of a chiseled, lean but muscular body
      builder. His face smooth, but stern.

      "Cornelius! Stop!" He shouts at the creature!

      "Namor? The Sub-Mariner?!" Spider-Man shouts out, as he stops in his
      tracks! Taken aback for a second, by the unexpected sight of the
      legendary Prince of Atlantis!

      "What's going on here?" Are the words that Spider-Man thinks as he
      sees Namor fly near the creature with arms extended, and confronts
      him, speaking in a language he's never heard before.

      The creature turns to look at Namor, and then seemingly stops for a
      second. It's when Namor let's down his arms, that the creature
      backhands him away, roaring as he heads down the pier!

      The water creature then sees before him, a leaping figure wearing
      bright red and blue approaching!

      "Hey sea food! Catch!" Spider-Man says, as he jump flips in midair,
      extends his hands and shoots a huge webnet at the creature ahead oh

      As the web starts to ensnare him, Namor rushes back, and for the
      first time notices the figure in red and blue and shouts, "Spider-
      Man?!" Immediately followed by, "No! Stay away from him!"

      As Spider-Man jumps forward and is about to hit the ensnared
      creature, Namor uses his super speed, and thanks to his flying
      ability, blocks Spider-Man's attempted hit aimed for the creature.

      With one mighty thrust oh his hand, palm, facing outward, Namor hits
      Spider-Man in the chest and sends him flying away!


      Are the only words that can be heard from Spider-Man, as he tries to
      catch his breath, rolls with the hit, and flips backwards, landing on
      his feet!

      "Namor, what are you doing? We've got to…"

      The sentence goes unfinished as the ensnared creature, snaps the
      webbing off him and, and facing Spider-Man, shoots a powerful
      jetstream of water from his hands!

      Sent tumbling backwards, and off his feet, by the surprisingly swift
      attack, Spider-Man tries to hold his own, but the water is too
      powerful and sends him scrawling back further still.

      Namor speaks in his native language again at the creature, as he
      stops the jetstream from hitting Spider-Man, by landing directly in
      it's path! The force of the water is tremendous, but Namor is clearly
      holding his ground and still speaking to the creature. To Spider-
      Man's amazement Namor is not moving, and taking the full force of the
      pressure head on, seemingly unaffected!

      Looking at it, Spider-Man then thinks, "Of course! He lives in the
      water. So intense water pressure shouldn't effect him. He's built to
      handle the deep seas. Duh!" As he leaps into the action, but now all
      wet and soggy, Spider-Man sees Namor, still talking to the creature,
      seemingly trying to subdue him, with words, but not striking! A most
      unusual tactic by Namor, or all people, whose not exactly known for
      talking things out.

      "Heads up Subby! Let me get a piece of the action!" Spider-Man says,
      as he starts to get ready for another striking stack!

      "Again? Leave Spider-Man!" Namor commands! His voice stern, and
      authoritative. He is clearly not asking, but telling Spider-Man what
      to do.

      "Look mister, high and mighty prince of the seas. I know we're not
      exactly buddies, but what's with the attitude? I'm just here to
      help!" Spider-Man fiercely says, as he jumps up, shoots another web
      aimed for the creature, but Namor blocks it with his forearms, gets
      himself ensnared, but only for a moment!

      Tearing off the webbing with his other hand, Namor turns to see
      Spider-Man who is jump swinging, kick the fifteen foot tall blue sea
      creature that Namor is protecting.

      This time, Namor is too late, because Spider-Man lands another
      flipping kick into the creatures midsection!

      As the creature yells out, and curls over, he swings wildly at Spider-
      Man, but misses.

      Namor grows wide-eyed at Spider-Man and screams, "Imperious Rex! You

      Spider-Man tries to connect with another kick, at the creature, but
      Namor flies up and takes the blow, that was meant to hit the blue sea

      Wincing from the hit, Namor turns and says something in his native
      tongue at the creature again.

      The creature starts to turn away, but then looks back, and starts to
      rush forward and attack Spider-Man!

      Namor shouts, another thing at the creature, with his arms extended
      in a stop like position, but the creature isn't listening.

      Before Spider-Man can react, Namor with his forearms ahead of him,
      charges but misses Spider-Man who leaps away just in time!

      "I told you to stay out of this Spider-Man! You dared to strike him?!
      For that you shall pay!"

      Jump flipping away, Spider-Man yells, "No offense Sub-Mariner, but
      just which side are you on here?"

      "Enough with your endless prattle! Does your tongue not hold still
      for a moment?" Namor says, clearly annoyed by Spider-Man's seemingly
      non stop talking.

      --The end of the pier, A safe distance away--
      Mary Jane, stands packed in a crowd as a police force arrives
      cordoning off the area, and trying to calm the crowd. Ambulances, and
      firetrucks can also be seen at the scene. With more approaching by
      the minute.

      The area is being blocked off by barricades, and the crowd trying to
      be controlled from the recent hysteria.

      Mary Jane hears one young looking officer, tell another older
      one, "Are we going in their?"

      Shaking his heard the man who appears in his fifties, and gray haired
      says, "Negative, matters like this are out of our league. Plus, we
      don't have enough squads here to intervene. Our first priority is the
      safety of the people. S.W.A.T. and backup units are on the way."

      "Yeah, let Spider-Man handle those sea freaks!" Another officer says,
      as he helps set up a police barrier, watching the
      action unfold in the distance.

      Mary Jane looks and can see Spider-Man flip away from a punch by
      Namor. She thinks, "What is Namor doing? I thought he was one of the
      Avengers?" (1)

      Looking at the battle and seeing Spider-Man jump flipping and kicking
      Namor backwards, and dodging the attack of the creature. Mary Jane
      can't help but wince when she sees the huge intimidating creature. It
      looks to be about three times the size of an average person, and
      relentless in it's attack!

      Watching Spider-Man battling the two sea forces, Mary Jane
      thinks, "Oh Peter, must you always put yourself in danger? Is Spider-
      Man always needed? What of your responsibility to us, our family to
      be, and our child?"

      --The Seaworld battle--
      The blue skinned creature continues to attack Spider-Man and shoots
      another pair of water blasts at Spider-Man!

      Flipping away from the danger, Spider-Man tries to shoot another
      webnet, but it's countered by the water blasts!

      Namor is in the middle of all this, and is talking in his native
      tongue again, and trying to calm the creature, but is not attacking
      him. Instead, Namor just goes on the defensive and takes whatever
      attack the creature does, but does not strike back in return.

      Spider-Man keeping his distance, throws a nearby metal garbage can at
      the creature, but Namor again gets in the way, and blocks it!

      Jump flipping away in a tuck roll, Spider-Man tries to ask what Namor
      is doing, but he can't because another jetstream of water is headed
      his way!

      Rolling forward on the ground with the motion, and shooting out a
      webline, it attaches to the creatures ankle, and with a powerful tug,
      the creature topples backwards! Before Namor can react, the creature
      is sent crashing to the ground, and causes a huge sounding crackle,
      as the concrete gives away and cracks under the force!

      Namor seething in anger shouts, "Why are you attacking him?!" As he
      proceeds to grab the webline and tear it away from the fallen
      creatures ankle.

      Spider-Man flips back forward and on his feet, avoids another punch
      from Namor. Spider-Man then turns to make a kick, but Namor grabs his
      left foot, by the ankle, and using Spider-Man's momentum against him,
      hurls him away, and crashing into a wooden booth that sells stuffed
      children's bears, and bunnies.

      The next think Spider-Man sees as he recovers, is the creature up and
      about, roaring and fleeing.

      Jumping forward in various spinning leaps, so as to gain extra
      distance, and catch up with the flying Namor whose pursuing, Spider-
      Man yells, "What's the deal with you two?! Are you friends or

      "You again?" Namor says, without evening turning to face him, Namor
      proceeds to say, "I do not wish to harm you, or to see anyone harmed

      Spider-Man says, "Glad to hear it. I could do without the whacks. I'm
      all wet and soggy as it is."

      A flying Namor suppresses a wince, at Spider-Man's banter, then
      replies, "Why are you following me? Didn't I tell you I'd deal with

      With Namor flying, and Spider-Man leaping next to him, the creature
      running to the water, turns around and shoots a huge wide arced blast
      of dark looking black water from his hands! This time when the water
      hits them both, it seems to be liquid like, and a paste like gel!

      With both of them stuck, the creature runs back and jumps into the

      "What's he doing? And what is this?" Spider-Man asks, as he tries to
      free himself, but can't?

      "It's 'Heavy Water' and he's going to the water to recharge his
      powers before his next strike! I don't think he's finished with you."
      Namor replies.

      Spider-Man says, "Hurry up and free me Namor. We've got to stop that

      It's then that Namor stops moving, turns and his jaw abruptly open
      for a second, as if slapped in the face says in a low
      voice, "monster?" Then in a fit of anger yells, "Monster? That's my

      "Your son?!" Spider-Man says in alarmed dismay.

      --The end of the pier, A safe distance away--
      Mary Jane sees the police forces arriving, and the crowd calming
      down. However, there are new hazards nearby, but still a safe
      distance away from the crowd. Various fires have broken out because
      of the panic. Probably caused by people toppling the various vendor
      carts, on their panicked rush away from the sea creature.

      As she looks at Spider-Man fight in the distance, she thinks, "A part
      of me wishes you'd put down the costume and give it up. Yeah, I know
      that may sound selfish. But I can't help but have a part of me
      worrying when I hear Spider-Man is in battle, and you're putting
      yourself in harm's way. It's a small part though, because the rest of
      me trusts, and has hope that everything will work out in the end, and
      most of all, you'll come home safely."

      Turning to the side and seeing firefighters getting a blaze under
      control, from a car in the distance, Mary Jane sees the firefighters
      working to dowse the flames. She also sees them, going into harms
      way, to rescue the people who were caught near the car when it
      exploded. In particular a pair of firefighters going in to carry out
      a couple on the floor, by the car. The flames are still raging, but
      the firefighters are still going in, as other firefighters are
      working to control the flames and cover them safely.

      --The Seaworld battle--
      Trying to get out of the water type paste net, Spider-Man says, "Your

      No longer angry, Namor stops and closes his eyes.

      "Cornelius McKenzie, Spider-Man, my son. You may have read that I
      left the West Coast Avengers recently. It wasn't so much the
      government's recent unprovoked actions against myself, that made me
      leave the team. Rather, the recent discovery by my sea brethren, that
      my children were alive. All this time they were lost, and some,
      captured and manipulated by a rival." Namor says, as he clenches his
      eyes shut, noticeable pain can be heard in his voice. (2)

      Before Spider-Man can say something, Namor continues and
      says, "Spider-Man, you may think he looks like a monster, but that
      was his mutated form. A manipulation of his genetic structure."

      Looking at their watery bonds as he looks to free them Namor
      says, "He was one of the ones who was captured, and meant to use
      against me. The truth is, he's been manipulated, and is lost and
      confused. He doesn't know who to trust."

      Before Spider-Man can reply, the water churns and out from it bursts
      Cornelius! A roar rings out, and both Namor, and Spider-Man see him

      Still trapped inside the net, Namor puts his forearms up and blocks
      the hit, but doesn't strike back. The next hit is aimed at Spider-
      Man, but Namor uses his superhuman strength to shove his son, back
      carefully, so as not to hurt him.

      Namor then tells Spider-Man to hold a part of the Dark Water bond and
      apply his strength on the same area!

      As they work together, the watery type paste opens up, and Namor
      flies away, as Spider-Man jumps up an away. Both just miss getting
      hit by another striking attack from Cornelius!

      Spider-Man jump flips up, and shouts to Namor, "I'm not going to harm
      him, but we've got to stop him. There are too many people nearby. I'm
      going to try and ensnare him in a web again, if you don't mind?"

      Looking at Namor and flipping away, waiting for Namor to give the go
      ahead, Spider-Man sees the nod, and as he turns around to directly
      face Cornelius, and extend his hands to shoot a web, he's countered
      when Cornelius grabs Spider-Man's arms!

      A crushing sound is heard, and Spider-Man screams. Namor lands and
      uses his hands to overpower, Cornelius' arms to release his grip on

      *Arrghh! Ugggh!* Are the grunting sounds heard as Spider-Man moves

      Pushing Cornelius away from Spider-Man, and speaking in his native
      language at him, Namor turns around to ask, "Your arms, Spider-Man?
      Are you okay?"

      "Think so. He crushed both my webshooters though." From out of his
      forearms gloves, what's left of his webbing is leaking out.

      "Yeah, he crushed them all right." Spider-Man says.

      Then turns to say, "Now what do we do, to stop him?!"

      Namor holding Cornelius, is sent flying away, when Cornelius
      overpowers Namor's grip, breaks free and tosses him away.

      Spider-Man jump flips away as Cornelius shoots another pair of
      jetstream blasts headed his way! Namor is trying to speak to him, but
      Cornelius then turns and fires Dark Water jetstream blasts at him.
      Water blasts which Namor is careful to avoid while he flies.

      As they continue to fight, Namor then hears a different sound from
      Cornelius. It's not so much a roar, as a wail!

      It's then that Namor shouts, "No! Spider-Man! He must not get away
      again! I must not lose him!"

      Cornelius then turns and starts to run away, and towards the water!

      As Namor flies after him and Spider-Man behind in pursuit, Cornelius
      turns around and shoots a Dark Water blast that hits Namor in midair
      and sends him crashing to the ground!

      Before Spider-Man can get their, they both see Cornelius dive into
      the pool, which is connected to the ocean, and slip away.

      --The end of the pier, A safe distance away--
      Mary Jane looks, and sees what's happened. She also sees the nearby
      police and firefighters, helping people who needed help, and were in
      danger. She sees, them caring for and taking people to the medics.

      "I know I've told you this before. But it's like that isn't it Peter?
      Sort of like a firefighter or an officer. You potentially put your
      life on the line, so that others, mostly strangers are protected and
      helped in their time of need. Even if that usually includes fighting
      some costume maniac, or someone looking for revenge."

      Looking at the firefighters as they take another couple to a nearby
      ambulance and the paramedics, Mary Jane thinks, "I guess loving you
      includes being able to love all of you. Even Spider-Man, and all the
      potential danger that can represent, because of being him."

      An officer asks Mary Jane, "Are you okay miss?"

      Mary Jane is silent for a moment in reflection, then says with a
      smile, "I'm fine officer. Thanks for asking. I'm just waiting for my
      husband. He'll be here soon. You could say we got lost in the crowd."

      As the police officer moves on, Mary Jane looks at Spider-Man talking
      to Namor and, closes her eyes as she thinks, "Yeah, I know the truth.
      In the end, being Spider-Man is your gift, and some would say, even
      your curse. It's a part of what makes you, you. You just have to
      remember, you don't share this gift, or burden alone."

      --The Seaworld pool--
      With the Dark Water paste removed, Namor is standing with his hands
      on the metal railings that overlook the ocean connected pool.

      Spider-Man, cautiously gets closer to Namor, but is keeping his guard
      up, because he never knows what to predict from the unpredictable

      Looking down at the water, Namor says, "It's no use Spider-Man, he's
      gone. When my brethren reported his whereabouts, I was the one who
      went, and tried all day to get him under control and return with me.
      Today was our first encounter. It was just by accident all this
      happened, but I am thankful no innocents here were harmed."

      Then Namor, hands still on the railing, turns his head to face
      Spider-Man and asks, "Your arms?"

      "They smart a little, but nothing feels broken." Spider-Man replies
      as he approaches.

      "Good." Namor says as he proceeds to look down at the water.

      Spider-Man, now resting his arms on the rail next to Namor and
      looking at the water says, "Namor, I… I'm sorry for my comment
      earlier. I had no idea."

      Seeing their reflection in the water, Namor says, "Apology accepted
      Spider-Man. You probably don't know what it's like to be a father.
      They were lost, and I had thought them, one with the sea, and spirits
      long ago. But now that I know their alive, I will not give up. I will
      find them all one day. One way or another."

      Namor then turns to the side, and looks at Spider-Man, and then back
      at the water.

      "I think Marinna, may her spirit rest well in the sea, would be
      ashamed of me." Namor says, as he clutches the rail, and looks at the
      pool of water, his head down and his eyes closed.

      "I abandoned them by not being there for them." Namor says, as he
      sees his reflection in the water shake because of a fish swimming

      "But you said, you didn't know." Spider-Man tries to reply, but is
      cut short.

      "That makes no difference Spider-Man. My family. I wasn't there for
      them growing up, when they needed me. That's the important thing to

      Spider-Man let's Namor continue and sees his reflection shake from
      the fish below.

      "Now, all I can do is hope it's not to late, and be there now." Namor
      says, as he turns to face Spider-Man, "I'll be taking my leave now. I
      have much to do."

      Spider-Man nods and says, "Bye. I hope you find them Namor."

      Namor gives a bow and says, "I hope so too."

      Then he proceeds to dive into the water and disappear.

      As Spider-Man sees Namor leave, he looks over the railing and at the
      water below. The image of his reflection calming down as the water
      calms down.

      As he looks down, at his image, he's lost in reflection and
      thinks, "Yeah, Namor. You were right about family, and being there. I
      can only hope, that never happens to us, and our family MJ. I can
      only hope, I'll be there for you always."

      As he turns around to see officers and S.W.A.T. teams approaching,
      Spider-Man sees behind them in the distance, Mary Jane.

      As he leaps away to grab his websack, jump away, and find an area to
      change, Spider-Man thinks, "Yeah, Namor. You were right about what's
      really important."

      --The End--

      Next Month: Begins our special four part: Return of the Lizard
      storyline! Featuring a whole bunch of Spidey guest stars! (Yes, I
      know it was set originally to start with this issue! :-)

      (1) Namor was once again a member of Alt Marvel's West Coast
      Avengers. See the early issues
      (2) Namor left in Alt Marvel's West Coast Avengers #9

      Cornelius McKenzie, name and visual idea. R.F.P. Majestic
      Productions. Copyright 2002.

      Initial character idea by Daniel Gordon. Copyright 2002.
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