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Starjammers #9: Revelations.

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    Starjammers #9: Revelations. By: Tawmis Corsair - Christopher Summers, Raza, Ch od, Hepzibah, Cr+eee, Carol Danvers - Binary, X-Treme - Adam-X, Lockheed,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2002
      Starjammers #9: Revelations.
      By: Tawmis
      Corsair - Christopher Summers, Raza, Ch'od, Hepzibah, Cr+eee, Carol
      Danvers - Binary, X-Treme - Adam-X, Lockheed, Sikorsy, Keeyah - Kree
      pilot, and Lilandra! A band of rebels form a team known as the
      Starjammers - the pirates of space. Bound together by fate, they find
      within one another, something that completes each of them - making
      them perhaps the strangest family of all - welcome to the Starjammers!

      "So you mean to tell me that Adam is in part my son?" Corsair turned
      to Sikorsy.
      "If he is indeed the genetic son of D'Ken," Lilandra sat down,
      stunned by the news she had just heard. "That would mean he would be
      the rightful heir to the Shi'ar Throne." She looked out the window
      and saw Adam testing his strength and agility against both Ch'od and
      Raza. She thought of the many years of unrest after D'Ken's demise,
      the political people she had dealt with, and the battle against her
      own demented sister, Deathbird.
      Corsair sat down next to Lilandra, the shock settling within him as
      well. Hepzibah sat behind Corsair and gently massaged his shoulders,
      while purring close to him. "That means that…" Corsair shook his
      head. "That's why he looked familiar. He looks like Katherine. He has
      her blond hair, the way Alex did." (1)
      "It is confirmed," Sikorsy replied. "Genetic make up found both in
      Lilandra, tracing back to D'Ken is found within Adam's genetic make
      up, as well as genetic make up DNA information provided by Corsair,
      shows it to be Katherine's DNA as well. Adam seems to have
      been `made' by D'Ken to be the perfect heir to the throne. Gifted
      with a perfect physique, with all his senses increased beyond
      measure, as well as what appears to be a side effect of mutant
      powers, allowing him to ignite exposed blood cells."
      "He'd be the right age," Corsair noted, gesturing towards Adam. "He's
      a little younger than both Scott and Alex, which all seems to fall
      into place."
      "But if that's the case," Lilandra turned to Corsair, "why did D'Ken
      never reveal him?"
      "From information gathered," Sikorsy replied, "it would seem that
      Adam exhibited his mutant powers at a young age. His control over his
      powers, without ever being trained by anyone, indicates that he has
      used them for a long time. It is entirely likely that D'Ken may have
      been unable to control Adam. Or that Adam ran away from D'Ken and
      escaped. An interesting note, he does have the energy residue of what
      is known as `Mojoverse.' It appears he may have spent some time
      there. From the data I have received from Charles Xavier's mainframe,
      Mojoverse is the homeworld of Mojo, who in essence runs a dimension
      as if it were an endless television show. Mojo also has at his side,
      one six armed female by the name of Spiral who is capiable of magic,
      which may be why Adam has no memory of his past."
      "This changes everything," Lilandra finally said after a long moment
      lost in thought. "We must bring him before the Shi'ar so they know
      their rightful ruler."
      "Whoa," Corsair stood up and eased Lilandra. "Calm down, Lil. What if
      he doesn't want to lead the Shi'ar? He's young."
      "Your world had younger kings," Lilandra pointed out.
      "Well, that's true," Corsair shrugged, "but before we go marching off
      to try and convince the Shi'ar to stop listening to your crazy sister
      and follow Adam, let's first break the news to him… and then see if
      he even wants to lead the Shi'ar."
      "Corsair, I would hate to interrupt, but it would seem that two ships
      have just been spotted on sonar," Sikorsy replied. "Keeyah has been
      trying to reach you, but your communication badge is in Hepzibah's
      "Two ships?"
      "One is Shi'ar Apocalypse Class Flagship," Sikorsy continued. "The
      other, Keeyah says is a Quinjet – apparently from Earth?"
      "A Quinjet?" Corsair turned, "Sikorsy, tell Keeyah to put it on the
      "Of course."
      Within seconds, an image fizzled in front of Corsair, showing a
      Quinjet being captured by the Shi'ar Apocalypse Class
      Flagship. "That's the Avengers," Corsair pointed out, "or one of the
      many branches of them."
      "What does Deathbird want with them?"
      "I am not sure," Corsair pressed the intercom button. "Ch'od, Raza,
      Adam, get ready. Deathbird's in this sector and she just grabbed some
      Avengers. Something big is happening, and we're going to be a part of
      "Keeyah, get ready to drop the cloaking device when we get within
      teleporting distance of the Shi'ar ship."
      "Of course, Corsair," Keeyah's voice cackled over the main intercom.

      The air shimmered in front of the demolished doorway, and slowly a
      number of figures appeared. Deathbird recognized the energy signature
      almost immediately and growled. "The Starjammers!"
      Corsair rubbed the rubies in his red gloves and suddenly his pistols
      manifested. Quickly twirling them and taking aim at Deathbird, he
      shook his head, "Whatever you're planning Deathbird, stop it now."
      A twisted smile danced on Deathbird's lips, "Ah, dear Corsair. You
      and your Starjammers are too late. I got what I came for. The Elders
      were so worried about my daughter that they never considered that I
      may be the one who will reshape the Shi'ar Destiny! I must leave you
      now, but let this serve as a warning as to what will happen to those
      who will get in my way!"
      Deathbird pulled the trigger and the Reconfiguator shot a massive
      stream of M'Kraan energy striking the fallen West Coast Avengers
      members at the base of the stairs, incinerating them instantly. In
      wide eyed terror, the Starjammers watched as some of Earth's
      Mightiest Heroes… were suddenly no more!
      "Murderer!" Corsair shouted and began opening fire.
      In seconds, the chamber had turned into a place of chaos.
      It almost seemed, that despite the odds the Starjammers would have
      the advantage until Deathbird called for the Imperial Guard. Within
      seconds the room was stormed by members of the Imperial Guard,
      including: Starbolt, Scintilla, Flashfire, Impulse, Oracle, Mentor,
      Gladiator, Neutron, Smasher, Titan, Electron, Astra, Nightside,
      Hobgoblin, Magique, Manta, Warstar, Earthquake, Hussar, N'rill'iree,
      Webwing, Blackthron, Zenith, Black Light, White Noise, Onslaught,
      Solar Wind, Moondancer, Voyager, Glom, Hardball, Fang IV, Commando,
      and Delphos!
      Looking at them surrounded, Adam leaned back to back to
      Corsair, "This is your call."
      Corsair looked at Adam-X, "Do you think we could win this?"
      Adam-X chuckled, "We don't have a prayer, Corsair, but you have to
      admit this would be a lot of fun to try."
      "Hold!" Lilandra voice cried out. "Would you dare attack your king?"
      "What are you talking about?" Gladiator paused.
      "Adam," Deathbird hissed.
      "She knows!" Lilandra pointed at Deathbird. "She knows that Adam is
      the son of D'Ken!"
      Both Gladiator and Adam paused, "What?"
      "It's true," Corsair said, looking at Adam. "You are the genetic son
      of D'Ken and my wife, Katherine Summers."
      Adam paused. He somehow knew it was true. He had felt the connection
      to Phillip Summers long ago. Everything seemed right. He was the son
      of D'Ken and Katherine Summers… and rightful heir to the throne.
      "She lies!" Deathbird cried. She looked at the gun, waiting for it to
      recharge itself. "Away with her!"
      "Gladiator," Lilandra pleaded, "you have known me all my life. You
      know I am many things… but a liar is not one of them."
      Gladiator paused, "I must serve the Throne."
      "The Throne has a false queen on it," Corsair growled. "You know
      Gladiator paused. "Imperial Guard! Defend Lilandra and the
      Starjammers! Our duty is the King of the Shi'ar!"
      "Our loyalty," Black Light shouted as he blasted at the Starjammers.
      "Is to our mother!" White Noise finished, as she blasted at the
      Starjammers that scattered.
      Scintilla shrunk down and struck Lockheed in the nose, obviously
      declaring her allegiance to Deathbird. Lockheed reared up and took to
      the air his beady eyes looking for Scintilla, knowing he would get
      his revenge.
      Ch'od grabbed Flashfire, who in turn blinded him. "Hands off lizard,"
      Flashfire laughed.
      A huge arc released from Impulse's eyes striking down Ch'od. Starbolt
      took to the air, "Impulse, don't do this! We should be united in
      Oracle ran to Ch'od's side, using her telepathy to allow him to see
      through her eyes. "Do not try to reason with them, Starbolt. They are
      driven by the greed that Deathbird promises!"
      Mentor stood off to the side, "If Deathbird has the M'Kraan gun, the
      chances of the Starjammers gaining victory would be 11.23%, and that
      would be with the help of all the Imperial Guard. Without the
      Imperial Guard, their chance of victory drops to 7.7% if half the
      Imperial Guard aids them. Without the Imperial Guard at all, their
      chances drop to 4.19% - it would be most beneficial to side with
      Deathbird in this case."
      Neutron struck Gladiator with incredible force, sending him
      crashing against the opposing wall. "Follow Lilandra then,
      Gladiator," he shouted, "and finally let me be rid of your righteous
      mouth! I am tired of being overshadowed by you and your claims of
      self-righteousness! Now let them see the true strength of Neutron!"
      Smasher flew and struck Neutron, sending him flying as
      well. "You would dare strike Gladiator and go against Lilandra and
      the king, Neutron?"
      Astra passed through Smasher, sending him spiraling to the
      ground. "He would," Astra laughed, "just as I would."
      "Forgive me Astra for this attack," Titan said as he punched
      her in the back, knocking the wind from her, "otherwise, you would
      have phased."
      "You can't punch what you can't see, Titan," Nightside
      laughed as she plunged the surrounding area in darkness.
      "A shame you wear a metal piece around your collar," Electron
      shouted in the darkness and released an electrical bolt upwards,
      which like lightning attracted itself to her metal necklace.
      Nightside screamed as the bolt coursed through her body and rendered
      her unconscious.
      "Thank you," Titan said, standing.
      "I am a specialist at illusions," Magique replied, "and you
      won't fool me Hobgoblin."
      Manta released a blinding flash into Hobgoblin's eyes, as he
      screamed and reverted from Titan's form, to his own true form.
      The ground suddenly responded in an unpredictable way as it
      lunged forward and backward, sending Manta falling to the ground.
      Warstar engaged with Ch'od, two massive green forms locked in
      combat, one made of flesh, the other made of steel. Ch'od saw B'nee
      beginning to dislodge himself from C'cil, but could do nothing about
      it. Suddenly, Cr+eee leapt from Ch'od's shoulders and attacked the
      wiring in B'nee's arm. "Good!" Ch'od smiled, "it is good to see you
      having fun Cr+eee!"
      Hussar laughed, "Without you Corsair, the others will fall
      "What are you doing?" Corsair turned to Hussar. "Don't do it!
      But too late, Hussar's charge flew through the whip and into
      Corsair's body. Unfortunately, it was Earthquake who crumbled to the
      floor, his motor functions completely paralyzed.
      "What?" Hussar looked down in surprise.
      "An illusion," Magique replied with a smile.
      Hussar snapped her whip at Magique but found it to be caught
      by Adam-X's arm. "I don't think so," he smiled at the red humanoid.
      "If not now, then you first," Hussar laughed.
      "We shall see about that," Adam-X's eyes focused on Hussar's
      small cut. "Let's see which of us burns."
      With those words Hussar tilted her head up and let out a
      vicious scream as the bloodcells within her body ignited. She
      collapsed to the ground, unconscious.
      "Thank you, my liege," Magique bowed.
      "No need to thank me," Adam-X smiled. "Just help us win this
      N'rill'iree struck Adam-X, sending him flying across the room
      and slamming against the opposing wall. The large bat like humanoid
      that towered over eight feet tall now stood over Magique, when
      without warning N'rill'iree had his eyes claws by Hepzibah. "Move you
      should," the feline sighed, as she leapt out of N'rill'iree's blind
      punch, "before hurt you are."
      Magique quickly moved to Adam's side. "My liege, are you all
      "Just had the wind knocked out of me," Adam said, sitting up.
      Magique was taken aback over how quickly he recovered from a blow
      that may have left even Gladiator unconscious. Adam looked at
      N'rill'iree as he fought blindly. "Hep scratched him? Good." With a
      snarling lip he smiled, "Burn!"
      N'rill'iree screamed, but did not fall.
      Adam blinked. "He's a tough one."

      Fang IV pounced on Khaos, as the two tangled, Fang IV gained
      the advantage. As he stood over Khaos about to claw his throat out,
      he was suddenly tackled. "No!" Fang IV rolled with the tackle and
      looked up. "Deathcry. You side with the Starjammers? You go against
      your own mother's will? She would be ashamed of you."
      "I am ashamed of my mother," Deathcry growled.

      Not too far, as Raza fought with Blackthorn, Webwing snuck up
      behind him, encasing him within his mouth. Raza would not be held
      long as he drove his blade through Webwing's mouth, leaving the
      creature screaming in pain.
      Zenith snuck up behind Carol and touched her. "I shall absorb
      whatever powers are within you and -!" Suddenly Zenith let out a
      scream, violently shaking as if being electricuted. "So much… power…
      untapped… I… can't… bare… the… pain…" And suddenly Zenith collapsed
      to the ground. Carol looked at him, astonished. What power?
      Onslaught (2) dodged Raza's blade, foot sweeping Raza off his
      own feet. Raza looked at Onslaught. "A skilled martial artist," he
      mused. "Good." Raza put his sword away. "I need a work out." He
      smiled. "I hope you can keep up." Raza then flipped onto his feet,
      grabbed Onslaught's head and brought it in towards his chest, while
      bringing his knee full force into the rib cage of Onslaught.
      Onslaught looked at Raza, astonished by his speed, then fell over,
      blacking out.
      Solar Wind blasted at the ground, scattering the Starjammers
      that were in tangles of fighting. Corsair, paused, ran around a I-
      beam, then came up behind Solar Wind who was soaring through the
      air. "Keeyah tells me that he gets his powers mechanically," he
      smiled, "then that means he can be damaged." He coughed, and then
      shouted, "Hey Solar!"
      Solar Wind turned, to be struck by Corsair's dual wielding
      pistols. Each blast hit his shoulder piece, where the main mechanics
      were located. Solar Wind, without the benefit of his armor, came
      crashing down.
      Delphos approached Corsair, "Our chances are slim. Fang IV,
      Commando, Hardball Glom and Moondancer with her partner Voyager, are
      still at large and fighting. Our best bet would be to escape while we
      can. The odds are against us."
      Corsair looked at Deathbird who gave them one last look, then
      escaped through a door that sealed. However, Corsair caught sight of
      Admiral Jak'ox and Lady K'smet'vis, Deathbird's two highest officers.
      They had remained behind to ensure that the Imperial Guard that
      served Deathbird finished what they were told to do.
      Corsair's eyes went to Raza, who also saw Lady K'smet'vis.
      Raza drew his sword, and as if running for his life, charged Lady
      K'smet'vis. Admiral Jak'ox stepped in front of her and drew his
      blade. "Somehow I knew you'd come up here, Raza," he smiled.
      "Shut up," Raza whispered and brought his blade up and down
      again, so fast, it hardly seemed he moved. However, Admiral Jak'ox's
      head fell from the shoulders of his body, cut clean off.
      "Lady K'smet'vis," Raza growled. "I have dreamed of this
      night. The night to face you again, and gain my revenge."
      Lady K'smet'vis drew her blade. "Long ago, I refused to let
      you die an honorable death. Instead, I had your limbs replaced by
      bionics, so that you would serve me. I underestimated your will as
      you broke free."
      "I will not be a slave to anyone," Raza lifted his blade, "or
      "I will not let you live this time," Lady K'smet'vis
      replied, "and I will not underestimate you."
      Their blades met and a beautiful spark emerged as the two
      blades kissed in their first meeting. Their blades swung downward,
      with her free arm, Lady K'smet'vis drew a dagger from her boot, while
      Raza calculated each move, and drew his dagger, parrying it in the
      air. "You will not walk away from this," Raza growled. "They will
      carry your body away."
      Lady K'smet'vis lunged forward with her blade, a mistake in
      Raza's eyes, as he batted at the side of the hilt, knocking the blade
      from her sweaty palms. "Thrust and disarm," Raza smiled as he placed
      the sword to her neck. He brought the blade back to do to her as he
      had done to Admiral Jak'ox…

      But the blade never made contact.
      He suddenly found himself on the Starjammer. He turned to
      Corsair, "How dare you! She was mine, Corsair! She was mine!"
      Corsair backed away from Raza, "I had no choice. Look, the
      Avengers have already died trying to stop Deathbird. You may have
      been doing well, the rest of us were being clobbered by the Imperial
      Guard that decided to follow Deathbird." He paused. "Earth may not
      even know what's coming. The Universe doesn't even know. I found out
      from Delphos that Deathbird has managed to get a number of fragments
      from the M'Kraan Crystal. She means to use it not just for the Shi'ar
      world, Raza, but the entire universe. She's going to shape it to her
      Raza threw down his blade and stormed out of the room.
      Corsair glanced around the room. At least they finally gained
      some allies in this matter. There was himself, along with Raza,
      Ch'od, Cr+eee, Lockheed, X-Treme, Hepzibah, Carol, Khaos, Deathcry,
      Starbolt, Oracle, Gladiator, Smasher, Titan, Electron, Magique,
      Manta, and Delphos. Deathbird still had the advantage in numbers,
      even more Imperial Guardsmen than what the Starjammers had.
      Corsair only knew one thing.
      Raza would eventually get his revenge. He promised himself
      that. He knew deep inside what it was like to burn with vengeance,
      the way Corsair had burned for it to kill D'Ken at his own hands
      after witnessing the death of his wife. He turned to Adam-X who was
      being aided by Magique. But at least, even here in space, he told
      himself, he had something that would always remind him of Katherine.
      He had a son.
      He stared out the port window and saw Deathbird's ship
      getting away. "Follow her," Corsair whispered. "And for the Avengers,
      we will end Deathbird's reign once and for all. The only way we can."
      Corsair raised his fist, and in honor of the Avengers
      shouted, "Starjammers Assemble!"

      1. Corsair made note that he thought he recognized Adam in
      Starjammers #1.
      2. Not to be confused with the Onslaught of Professor Xavier/Magneto.
      This is the first Onslaught who serves with the Imperial Guard.
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