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Here's Yourman@Altmarvel with an Exclusive Interview!

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    Hi guys! It s YourMan@Altmarvel on a never-ending quest to bring you closer to your favorite Altmarvel writers. After traveling the mean streets of Detroit,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2001
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      Hi guys! It's YourMan@Altmarvel on a never-ending quest to bring you closer to your favorite Altmarvel writers. After traveling the mean streets of Detroit,
      MI for a few days, I was able to track down Dan the Man at a local busstop. Let's see if he'll spare a moment to talk with us.

      YM: Hi, are you Dan the Man?

      Dan: You must be YourMan. I have been expecting you.

      YM: You have?

      Dan: It was only a matter of time before you found me. The others have told me of the nuisance you could be.

      YM: I believe in giving the people what they want, no matter what the cost.

      Dan: Spoken like a true Autobot leader. At least we have something in common.

      YM: You're an Autobot leader, too?

      Dan: No, fool! I also believe in giving people what they want. The reason why I joined Altmarvel was because I wanted to write stories that I felt true
      Marvel fans would want to read.

      YM: For those who don't know, what books do you write?

      Dan: My flagship title is the West Coast Avengers. I also write the To Infinity and Beyond mini-series and I will be writing the Avengers shortly.

      YM: Do you mind telling us how you got involved with Altmarvel?

      Dan: I heard about them from a round robin New Warriors groups that I was a part of. I wanted to write fan fiction, but the only limitation was that I was part of a rotation that allowed me to write once every six months or so and then it had to be about the Warriors. I love them, but I wanted to tell stories
      involving other Marvel characters.

      YM: So that's when you joined Altmarvel?

      Dan: I joined two weeks after the invitation was given.

      YM: So how did you end up writing WCA?

      Dan: Altmarvel has a first-come, first-serve reservation system for characters. I am partial to teams and I thought it would be cool to write the
      Avengers. However, that title was already taken.

      YM: So what did you do?

      Dan: Since all the good Avengers were taken, I put together a bunch of unused second-rate characters and forged my own team! I was a big fan of WCA and
      figured that this would be my chance to bring them back.

      YM: How did the others guys at Altmarvel feel about this?

      Dan: They were real cool about it. My first two issues were kinda rough, but by issue three I had gotten used to writing on a regular basis and things have been going good ever since.

      YM: Where did you get the idea for To Infinity and Beyond?

      Dan: Infinity started as a five part space story that was going to be in WCA, but when I started adding elements to it, I thought it would be best to give it
      the space it needed to grow in its own book.

      YM: I caught that pun.

      Dan: I pride myself as being the master of puns, taglines, subject titles, and all I survey.

      YM: That's a lot. Speaking of volume, there's a lot of characters in Infinity. Why is that?

      Dan: Even though the return of the Infinity Gems is the main focus of the book, there's a lot of cosmic characters that seem to have been forgotten by Marvel. I am using Infinity as a window into Altmarvel's Cosmicverse until someone comes along and wants to write some of those characters.

      YM: You seem to be covering a lot of ground in Altmarvel because I noticed that you wrote the first two issues of their Power Pack series.

      Dan: Yes. As I stated before, I love teams and Power Pack is one of the most underrated teams in the MU. I wanted to bring them back, but I knew that, with
      school, work, and writing two other titles that I would have to give up the Pack when someone showed interest in writing them. When Dino Bear did, I stuck
      by my word and let him finish telling the Power Pack stories that I was unable to.

      YM: You said that you gave up Power Pack because of your workload, but you will be writing Avengers soon. What's up with that?

      Dan: Well, I've always wanted to write two titles that could interact, but stand on their own at the same time. When Peter Likdis announced that he was
      unable to continue his run on Avengers, I jumped at the chance to write them since I wanted to do so in the first place.

      YM: When can we expect your first issue?

      Dan: Lord Populous has been nice enough to tie up all the loose ends that Peter left in the book. The first issue of my run will be Avengers 422, which I think is scheduled to come out in January.

      YM: Wow! That's seems like a long time from now.

      Dan: Well, it is, but it'll give me a chance to work writing three titles into my schedule. Don't worry. You won't have to wait that long to see me write some
      Avenging action. I am writing the missing Avengers 408 which will be coming out this month and I will be writing the first Altmarvel Avengers Annual which will
      be out either in October or November. It will feature some characters that will take the name Avengers to a whole new level!

      YM: Speaking of upcoming projects, what else can we expect to see from you in the future?

      Dan: Well, I'm writing the X-Force one-shot that will be out this month. Crash was nice enough to let me place in the X-universe a little bit. In an effort to practice writing solo character stories, I will be debuting a new title soon called Altmarvel Spotlight. Each issue will be a stand-alone story and will either be a character's first or last Altmarvel appearance.

      YM: Any hints on who's biting the bullet?

      Dan: No, but those who do will deserve it.

      YM: Anything else you want to tell us?

      Dan: Oh yeah, I love crossovers, so you can expect to see the WCA team up with a couple of other groups in the next few months.

      YM: I'm sure your fans will love that.

      Dan: I hope so. I write stories that I would love to see. But I guess every writer does that.

      YM: Well, Dan, it was nice talking to you. I hear your bus coming so I'll let you go.

      Dan: Uhm, that's not a bus.

      YM: (stands next to curb) What is it?


      Crowd: ECW! ECW! ECW! ECW!

      Dan: That was a perfect gore! I didn't know that the 'Man-Beast' known as Rhyno was in town! I would help you up, but I'll miss my bus. See ya!

      YM: That wrestler came out of nowhere! Well, that's all for today, folks. I'll be back once my head stops ringing.
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