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AltMarvel TeamUp #27--Werewolf by Night & The Valkyrie!

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  • Flint
    AltMarvel Team-Up #27 Asgardians and Demons Starring Werewolf by Night & The Valkyrie! October 2007 ************************** Writer: John Flint Webmaster:
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      AltMarvel Team-Up #27
      "Asgardians and Demons"
      Starring Werewolf by Night & The Valkyrie!
      October 2007
      Writer: John Flint
      Webmaster: Liam Gibbs

      MODOK squirmed as the fingers of the damned brushed against his tiny
      limbs and mechanical apparatus. He squinted, his vision poor in the
      limited torch lighting in this particular cavern. He blasted out in
      every direction with a potent psychic display, and glided away, into
      the greater light outside the caves.

      He stopped at the entrance of the cave, chilled to the core by his
      view of Hell. Everything was well illuminated thanks to the mountain
      ranges of burning inferno, as demons shoveled ever more and more
      human bodies onto the massive mounds, feeding the hell-flames as the
      souls remained visibly alive and in pain. There was no end to the
      torment on the fire-piles, and MODOK looked down at the sheer drop
      before him; a pit of tar lay several hundred feet directly below him.
      He dared not jump.

      "Now you know the fate that awaits all mortals, in the end," said the
      voice of his tour guide, who stood beside him with blazing pentagram
      burnt upon his chest, a constant reminder of his heritage and
      birthright and claim to the throne of Hell, which Daimon Hellstrom
      had finally taken to with vigor. "This is the place that awaits you,
      MODOK, once your days on Earth are finished, as per our agreement."

      MODOK opened his mouth, but nothing came out as he watched a five
      hundred foot tall demon give birth to something with tentacles and
      fangs and animal, hate-filled eyes. The leader of AIM and Hydra was
      entirely out of his element, to say the very least.

      "Of course," Hellstrom said with an arrogant twinkle in his
      hellspawned eyes, "we can always rescind our deal, if we were to
      agree upon a more mutually satisfying replacement."

      "Yes," MODOK agreed, shaking his head and with it his entire hovering
      body furiously, "yes! A... a new deal!"

      "How about this, my pudgy friend," Daimon said, settling a firm hand
      on MODOK's apparatus, "you run a few errands for me on Earth,
      exterminating a few of my enemies there so I can focus my own efforts
      on the Hell War, and I'll give up my claim to your afterlife. Maybe
      you'll be lucky and no one will sponsor you after you die and you'll
      simply cease to exist; trust me, that's the best way for things to
      turn out for you."

      MODOK chuckled; he wouldn't ever be killed, not permanently, as he
      had been reborn long ago into as much an unliving machine as anything
      else. He could always be rebuilt, and there would always be evil,
      greedy men who would rebuild him to try to use him to their own ends.
      He would not die for the rest of time.

      "Who do you want me to kill first?" The organism designed only for
      killing inquired.

      [Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum.]

      "I'm back!" Jack Russell announced, throwing his coat onto the rack
      and holding up a small item of ancient origin. The gold-encrusted
      wand was needed for the upcoming ceremony that Dr. Strange was going
      to perform, to restore the Silver Surfer's soul to his physical body.
      It was to help reunite body and spirit, and it took Jack a great deal
      of effort to retrieve it.

      Jack stood in silence, waiting for a reaction. Wong came into the
      hall and explained. "The master and the others are all still
      acquiring their own items for the spell."

      "Oh," Jack said, and set the wand down on the nearest table. They had
      chosen to split up for greatest efficiency; Strange and Rintrah
      worried about getting the Surfer back into his body as soon as
      possible, given the length of time they had been separated. It would
      be a very difficult procedure, from everything Jack heard and
      understood from their conversations about it.

      "I see you were successful, Mr. Russell. I'm sure the master will be
      very pleased to know that."

      "Sure," Jack said, "I had to wade through a dozen living-dead samurai
      to get to it. I'm pretty tired, they cut me up pretty bad in wolf-
      form, so I think I'm just going to go to--

      "Hey, Wong... do you hear something like... hooves on the roof?"

      Wong approached the door and Jack followed, to find the Valkyrie
      marching towards the entrance. Behind her was Aragorn, her winged

      "Greetings, Wong," Valkyrie cheered, stepping inside, "is the good
      doctor in? There are matters in Asgard of which I would speak with

      "He's stepped out," Jack said before Wong could, "but I'm sure he'll
      be back soon. Come on in."

      The Valkyrie did so, but gave Jack a glare when he was about to put
      an arm around her to escort her around. "Oh, right, you already know
      this place pretty well, right? Having been one of us for a few years
      now and all."

      "Yes," Valkyrie said. "Who are the Defenders now? Is Nighthawk still
      with you? The Hulk? Sub-Mariner? The Silver Surfer?"

      "Strange, Rintrah, Topaz, Moon Knight, and myself," Jack said,
      proudly, and sat down on the nearest couch. "What we lack in physical
      might we more than make up for with magical expertise. Why, we're
      going to put the Silver Surfer back together again later tonight. If
      you want to stick around, you can watch."

      "The Surfer? What do you mean? What has happened to him?"

      "You didn't know?" Jack swallowed, his demeanor suddenly turning
      entirely serious. "I hate to be the one to tell you this, Val, but...
      he died."

      Wong went to the kitchen to prepare some tea.

      [Halfway across the globe, in France.]

      MODOK suddenly appeared in a burst of hell-spawned flames, to the
      surprise and despair of the AIM workers in the long tunnel of the
      secret installation. AIM had many warehouses and safe houses all over
      the world, and this was one of the subterranean ones, a fitting place
      to be dropped off by a lord of the netherworld.

      "Don't forget," a growly voice said, "I'll be keeping an eye on you
      at all times, so don't forget your mission. It's the only thing that
      will keep you alive."

      "Of course," MODOK said, grinning an uncomfortable and entirely false
      grin. He sped down the hall, ignoring the baffled workers, even
      knocking over the few too stupid to step or leap out of the way. "If
      I am not mistaken, I can take the first steps here, in this very

      MODOK turned down the halls, first a right turn, then a left, another
      left, then three right turns to finally get to the area of the
      massive labyrinth he desired. He opened the door to the room with a
      bolt of psychic energy, and it slid with a gentle hiss. It had been
      some time since anyone had entered this room, but it was sealed well.

      The master of AIM scanned over the inventory until he found the
      mechanism he wanted. He sat himself down on a metal throne, and
      pressed a series of buttons on the left-hand armrest. A bowl came
      down; it was not actually able to fit over his head, but it did not
      need to so long as it came close enough. MODOK was now sitting in his
      mind amplifier machine; it was not the best model, but it would do
      for his purposes. With his determination and fear, it would be more
      than enough to establish a mental link anywhere on the planet.

      MODOK's powerful mind shot itself from France to New York in the
      space of a heartbeat. He found himself in Greenwich Village and
      instantly called up the specific address he was to attack. He scanned
      the sacred house; there were three living beings within, and parts of
      the remains of many no longer living.

      He found something that would be perfect for his uses, and smiled to
      himself before entering his consciousness into its shell and
      awakening it.

      [Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum.]

      "This... this puddle is the Silver Surfer?" Valkyrie asked as she and
      Jack stood over the shiny remains.

      "Yeah, but don't worry about it, we'll fix him up and everything'll
      be fine," Jack reassured, and thought about it but decided not to
      upon a further look on Dragonfang, her sword. "Hey, did you hear...

      "Yes," Valkyrie said, "Wong is preparing something in the kitchen. He
      expects Stephen to return at any moment and--"

      "No, something heavy," Jack said and he watched the Valkyrie turn
      about, as her eyes grew wide and mouth opened up in horror at
      whatever it was that she saw.

      Jack spun around and saw Ultron-12, ruby red energy spitting out from
      his carved eyes and mouth. Electricity crackled about his hands.

      "Okay, that... that's not good, right? Right?"

      "Ultron, Mark 12," Valkyrie said, taking a step towards him with a
      hand on the hilt of her sword. "Mark, are you there?"

      Ultron-12 said nothing but took another loud step forward. A bolt of
      psychic energy lashed out of his forehead, knocking Jack back against
      the wall with a raging headache, and Ultron-12 began to laugh with

      Valkyrie charged, sliding out Dragonfang and scraping it against
      Ultron-12's adamantium belly. Though she knew it was futile, it was
      all she knew to do in such a situation. Ultron-12 had been a
      Defender, for a time, until that mission in Russia which had driven
      him insane. The Defenders defeated him in battle, dismantling him,
      and that was that until now.

      "Woman," Ultron-12 said, back-handing her with his powerful fist,
      knocking her into the nearest wall and loosening Dragonfang from her
      grip, "You have no idea the forces you are aligned against. I had no
      idea of the forces I aligned myself with."

      "Grrr," Jack snarled as he leapt forward, his splitting headache
      sending him into a fury. Ultron-12 laughed as he remained in place,
      footing solid, as Jack landed on his face. He heard the scraping of
      Jack's claws against his neck and back, but could not feel it,

      "Away," Ultron-12 said, zapping the werewolf with an encephalo-ray
      that shook his body with power, and the werewolf fell to the floor,
      completely stiff. Valkyrie rammed her head into Ultron-12's chest,
      taking him off his feet and throwing him back.

      With Ultron-12 temporarily displaced, Valkyrie reclaimed her sword
      and held it over Ultron-12's neck.

      "Fool! Do you think you can stop me with that? I am unbeatable!"

      "You are not Ultron, Mark 12," Valkyrie said, the start of a grin
      growing on her face. "As Chooser of the Slain, I can sense that you
      are a mortal inhabiting this mechanical shell. If you do not stop
      this aggression and reveal your true self to us, I will send you on
      to the afterlife, wherever it is you are meant to go!"

      "No... no!" Ultron-12 cried out, and lashed at the Valkyrie with two
      fists full of repulsor rays. MODOK's consciousness fled the machine,
      and its arms dropped to its sides, lifeless once more.

      The Valkyrie rose, rubbing at the ache in her side, and saw that her
      opponent had fled rather than reveal itself to her. Jack was
      breathing regularly, again in his human form.


      MODOK hiccupped and slid out of his mind amplification chair. He
      pondered the preceding events with care; he feared death now, a new
      weakness which would be self-fulfilling prophecy if he was not

      "You have failed me," Daimon Hellstrom snarled at him, invisible to
      MODOK's other senses.

      "I have taken stock of our enemies," MODOK reassured him. "The blonde
      woman who is known as the Valkyrie claims to be the Chooser of the
      Slain; either she is delusion or she is more of a power in your
      bracket than that of the mortal plane."

      "I see," Hellstrom said, "You do not have to slay her for me. I will
      have other agents, more well-versed in the supernatural element, deal
      with the Valkyrie and any other Asgardians who become a problem for
      us. What is your estimate of the werewolf, Jack Russell?"

      "He is no obstacle," MODOK said. "He is a wild animal with no skill
      in battle, no control over his power. He will be the easiest of them
      all to destroy. If it is all right with you, I would like to test the
      other Defenders as well before I seek them out to eradicate them."

      "Of course, of course," Hellstrom said, "Just see that it is done,
      and speedily. There is much to be done, and I expect results from
      you, my earthbound assassin."

      "Yes," MODOK said, barely able to hold his rage against his new

      [To be continued...]

      Next time: Valkryie & War Machine!
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