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The Cosmic Captain Marvel #43--THE OTHERS Tie-In!

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    [Los Angeles] Phyla-Vell groaned as she rolled over onto her stomach, its contents spilling from her mouth. Over the last few days, she d spent all waking
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      [Los Angeles]

      Phyla-Vell groaned as she rolled over onto her stomach, its contents
      spilling from her mouth. Over the last few days, she'd spent all
      waking hours swallowing and drinking anything to subdue her mind.
      The arms and legs of her costume had several small holes from dirty
      needles, taken from thugs she'd stopped as the female Captain Marvel.

      She didn't care how much a mess she now looked; she only wanted to
      dull the pain. But now, she'd run out of things in her apartment
      that could be used. No more poisons. She'd have to leave to get
      more, and it would be several minutes before she could walk. Several
      minutes of agony.

      Being a Kree-Titan hybrid, her metabolic rate and healing ability
      allowed for the ingestion of far more poison than a human being
      could withstand. At this point, however, her natural recuperative
      powers were being taxed too much. Healthy, she could lift at least
      ten tons; now, she would be lucky if she could lift even five
      hundred pounds.

      [New York City, New York]

      Phyla's eyes were closed as she was transported to another reality.
      She didn't even realize that such was the case until a burst of
      white- hot flame scorched her tired frame. She fell from the sky,
      smoking, while noticing that someone must have turned the lights on
      in her room...

      Captain Marvel landed on the roof of a parked car, flattening it.
      She opened her eyes to see that she was outside, a large, ominous
      figure in the air, a shadow hovering between her and the sun. She
      was outside.

      "Burstarr must've gotten one heck of a serious power up since the
      last time we took him down," a woman observed, "are you okay,

      Phyla squinted. An Afro-American woman in red and golden armor
      helped her to her feet. Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man all
      looked to her. "F-fine, I jus... jus need..."

      "Don't worry, Avenger," a massive, green hand was on Phyla's
      shoulder, as the Hulk confidently boomed, "you got blindsided. Let
      your second-in-command take over for now while you sit this one out,
      and we'll 'avenge' your injury."

      "Indeed," Namor declared, rising his golden trident towards the
      flying leviathan, "Imperious Rex! Avengers assemble!"

      "An' don't you forget... Hulk smash!" The Avengers charged into
      battle, leaving Phyla to wonder what she'd taken that'd been laced
      with LSD.

      Half Kree. Half Titan. Bastard children, born in a laboratory. Some
      even say they're destined for greatness. Destined to become
      something above the photonic energy manipulating powerhouses they
      are right now. She is Phyla-Vell. He is Genis-Vell. They are the
      children of Captain Marvel.

      Captain Marvel #43
      "The Others
      Impact the First"

      Writer Supreme: JM
      Webmaster: Liam Gibbs
      Editor: Josh Greer
      Editor-in-Chief: Tawmis Logue

      [Los Angeles, California]

      Genis-Vell found himself appearing before Fujikawa's research &
      development center. He knew, thanks to the combination of his own
      Cosmic Awareness and an alternate version of himself known as the
      Magistrate, that he had to stop a newly-formed villain calling
      himself the Cobalt Collector. At the moment, he was slaughtering
      anyone he could find within the facility.

      He wouldn't stop with those staffers, however; he would always blame
      someone else for his condition. The people in charge of the whole of
      Fujikawa might be next, then those who bought anything from them,
      then all capitalists, until all humanity was wiped out. And with his
      radiation absorbing and generating abilities, he had a decent chance
      of eventually succeeding in that goal.

      Before he had a chance to reactivate his Awareness to find out where
      precisely the Collector was, a shot of white-hot energy blasted out
      the wall of one of the taller buildings. The nega-bands analyzed it,
      informing Genis that it was a combination of various energies not
      normally found together.

      Captain Marvel flew in, a sparkling trail of energy following after
      him. He swallowed hard, remembering all too well how his father, the
      legendary Mar-Vell, died; cancer. While Nitro, the villain
      responsible, was now dead, (1) Genis wasn't too sure the Titan
      Eternal genes within him would be able to protect him from
      radiation's effects. On a limited scale, certainly, as he could
      always have his nega-bands absorb it along with the stellar energy
      it normally took in. But on the scale that the Cobalt Collector
      could potentially generate...

      "Might be seeing you soon, Dad," Genis whispered to himself as he
      stepped inside the smoking crater in the wall. Stretching his neck
      beyond the rising smoke, he observed a man in tight, blue scales
      from the neck down holding a man in a white lab coat up by his neck.
      The lab-coated man was presently nothing more than a skeleton,
      quickly turning to dust.

      The man in the blue scale-armor was the Cobalt Collector, Genis knew
      from his Awareness. Though the fact that he was the bad guy wouldn't
      have been difficult to grasp, given the circumstances... Genis also
      noticed that the man's head was a yellow-glowing mass of energy, no
      true flesh or bone to it.

      "You must be the Cobalt Collector I've been hearing so much about,"
      Genis started, trying to sound more confident than he really
      was. "I'm Captain Marvel, the male one. Accept no substitutes.
      Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

      "Is that some sort of joke?" The Cobalt Collector spun around,
      dropping the remains as it finally finished becoming a pile of dust
      and clothing. "Are you one of those stupid Spider-Man types?"

      "Not much of a sense of humor?" Genis stood with his fists on his
      hips. He'd always thought superheroes looked funny as hell doing
      that, but he needed any confidence boost he could get right now. His
      nega-bands scanned the excess energy in the room, accessing the
      threat. Hopefully the bands would be able to protect him better than
      his father's bands protected him...

      "I get turned into a radioactive freak, and people are cracking
      jokes," the Cobalt Collector swung his arm forward, pointing his
      white-burning axe at Genis. A beam of white streamed forward,
      crackles of energy spiraling out from it.

      Genis closed his eyes, preparing for impact. He erected a photonic
      shield before him and prayed it would be enough. He stumbled back,
      the air knocked out of him... but the shield held.

      Captain Marvel cracked a smile. "Alright," Genis interlocked his
      fingers and cracked one hand at a time, looking at the Cobalt
      Collector with destructive glee.

      The Cobalt Collector stared at Captain Marvel, curious at the
      invisible power that saved him. "That... wasn't supposed to
      happen... you're supposed to be dead now..."

      "I'm not like the others," Genis grinned, stepping forward slowly,
      proudly. The Cobalt Collector took a step back. "I'm not even human,
      technically. Kree-Titan hybrid. Son of Mar-Vell. Captain Marvel."

      "Stop! Stay... stay back!" The Cobalt Collector cried out, swinging
      his axe before him as he kept retreating from the first being to
      halt his power. "I'll kill you!"

      "No, no you won't," Captain Marvel rebutted, "but I will hurt you."

      Before the Cobalt Collector could blink his red energy equivalents
      for eyes, Captain Marvel flew into him, another invisible shield
      formed ahead of him. He bounced off, using his super-strength to
      send the Collector hurtling back through the hall.

      Rage mixed with humor in Genis's face. He was relieved to see that
      his fear was ill-founded, and was enjoying the idea of cutting loose
      on this man who was even more of an amateur than he was. Anger
      swelled within him, anger projected onto the Collector...

      Captain Marvel slammed a photonic-protected fist into the
      Collector's energy face, again and again, super-fast and super-hard.
      The Cobalt Collector slumped to the ground, unconscious after the
      first punch. Genis pounded into him until the floor snapped loose,
      sending them both down to the floor below.

      "I..." Genis started, joy turning to frustration choking his voice
      as he looked down and saw... someone who was most definitely not the
      Cobalt Collector.

      William Refton sat as a limp collection of broken bones. Blood
      leaked from the side of his face and the bone was sticking out from
      one leg. Genis-Vell activated his Cosmic Awareness to see what was
      going on.

      "This... this isn't the Cobalt Collector," he stammered, his
      Awareness filling him in that, though this was Willy Refton, it
      wasn't this reality's Refton. "Someone switched them... wanted me to
      kill him... wanted me to kill an innocent man!"

      Further concentrating on his Awareness, Genis saw that the Cobalt
      Collector had simultaneously appeared on the ordinary Refton's
      world. While still unconscious just yet, his body's minimal
      unconscious radioactive output had already killed everyone in his

      "Magistrate," Genis snarled through nearly-clenched teeth, barely
      withholding his rage enough not to explode with power, "you're going
      to pay for this!"

      Captain Marvel powered up to fly out of the building, his anger
      mounting and building on itself as thoughts of murder raced through
      his mind. He'd killed before, sure, but never an innocent man. It
      had to be this Magistrate's doing; he was another alternate Genis,
      just like Marvelous Darkness! (1)

      Before he'd started his flight, the same switch that had befallen
      the Cobalt Collector and, earlier in the day, Phyla-Vell, also
      overtook him.

      In his place in the smoldering wreck of a building stood a Genis-
      Vell with short, curly blond hair, a red headband across his
      forehead. He wore his own nega-bands, though he had limited access
      to its power. He wore the original costume of Quasar, including the
      flowing, blue cape.

      "Wowzers," he commented, looking around, "I don't know what just
      happened, but there's a man in need of Marvel Man's assistance!"

      He rushed over to the recently-deceased remains of an alternate
      Willy Refton, as many others all over the world were similarly

      [To be continued...]

      1. See the first three issues of this title.
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      Reno, Nevada. On the street after dark, Marlo Jones screamed as the paramedics rushed to strap Rick Jones into his gurney and put him into the back of the
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        Reno, Nevada.

        On the street after dark, Marlo Jones screamed as the paramedics rushed to strap Rick Jones into his gurney and put him into the back of the ambulance. He had been torn wide open by the Slashers. (1)

        Her thoughts swam, incoherently, as she covered her face with her hands and kept watching him, hoping that somehow he would instantaneously recover as though there was nothing wrong, no gaping wounds in his abdomen.

        She went with them to the hospital, not listening to a single word anyone said. Rick remained unconscious, mumbling occasionally, meaningless phrases.

        Finally, they arrived at the hospital, and Marlo had to wait. Rick was rushed into an operating room and that was that.

        While she sat there, helpless, the Magistrate watched, invisible, the light bending around his body effortlessly. He derived no joy in being here, but it was his duty. Not only because this man had been his father's partner in defending the universe, once upon a time, but because it was necessary in his role as the Magistrate for him to be here today.

        This was the day that Rick Jones was to die.

        The Magistrate entered the operating room and froze time. The doctors and nurses stood stuck in place, Rick stuck between feeble heart beats, near the end of his song.

        Shining with bright light, Genis-Vell gently, quietly removed his golden nega-bands from his wrists, one at a time. He clasped them onto the dying sidekick's wrists, clicking them into place and soldering them, melding them to his genetic sequence.

        They were bonded to him now, as they had been before.

        The photonic energy illuminated the entire room as the bands changed Rick as much as he changed them, charging his body with an energy that would add to his natural physical healing properties just enough for him to make it through.

        He would live, and the timestream was forever altered, irrevocably, in that moment. Genis hoped his father would have approved and would not have condemned him for his foolish act.

        In saving Rick Jones's life, he had also damned him.

        Half Kree. Half Titan. A bastard child, born in a laboratory. Some even say he's destined for greatness. Destined to become something above the photonic energy manipulating powerhouse he is right now. He is Genis-Vell. He is Captain Marvel.

        Captain Marvel #88
        "The Sentence"
        April 2010
        Writer: John Flint
        Webmaster: Liam Gibbs


        "I came as soon as I could," Betty Banner said, hugging Marlo in the waiting room, "how is he?"

        "They haven't told me anything yet," Marlo said.

        "He will pull through," the Magistrate said, revealing his presence to them, blinding them with his white light which emanated from every cell of his body. It masked him, so that they would not know he was Genis-Vell, the former Captain Marvel.

        "Ah no, not again," Marlo said, "more cosmic confusion, please, just leave us alone…"

        "Richard Millhouse Jones would not survive if I had not interfered," the Magistrate revealed, "I apologize for my intrusion into your personal lives, but I found it necessary this once. I am the Magistrate.

        "Your husband will be healed through the molecular process of bonding to the nega-bands; in return, he will heal the mind and soul of another who is quite ill."

        "Who is that?"

        "Genis-Vell," the Magistrate said, not bothering to explain that the other body the bands were bonded to was an alternate reality version of himself who went by the codename of Captain Photon and whom he had driven crazy with insane visions provided by Entropy. (2) "He is also bonded to the bands."

        "Oh no," Marlo said, covering her face in her hand, "Rick told me about this…"

        "You're going to punish him for being stabbed open by some super-villains?" Betty said, indignant, poking her finger into the blindingly bright man's chest, "I'm going to tell you what you're going to do, you're going to—"

        "I appreciate your concern," the Magistrate said, "but it has been done. It cannot be undone."

        "I'll find some way to undo it," Betty said, "then I'll sic my husband on you."

        The Magistrate disappeared in a final flash of light, having run out of words to say to the women.

        [The next morning.]

        `Morning, sunshine. Ready to eat some eyeballs?'

        "Huh?" Rick awoke with a start, and realized immediately he was not in his bed. Before freaking out, he accessed the situation, as Captain America had taught him to do. He realized he was in a hospital room and breathed a sigh of relief as he felt at the blanket covering him.

        `Clap those wrists together and let's have some fun…'

        Rick saw horrifying images in his mind and slammed his eyes shut. The room was still dark and yet the images were as though they were there, right before his eyes, vivid.

        Marlo snored.

        "Mar," Rick said, getting out of the bed and shaking her awake.


        He went to the door and eventually found the light switch. "What's going on, hon?"

        He looked down at his hands and saw the shining nega-bands on his wrists. "Aw, no!"

        `That's right, sugarplum. It's just you and me in here. Let me out and I'll tear your woman apart and let you watch. There's nothing I won't do when I get back into your world…'

        "Then I'll never let you out, monster," Rick promised.

        [One week later.]

        "Please, help him," Marlo said, "he hasn't shaved, showered, he hasn't slept, his wounds aren't healing right, I don't know what to do…"

        "I'll have a look at him," Doc Samson promised as Marlo closed the door behind him. "Mind if I have a private session with him?"

        "Of course, go ahead," Marlo said, "I'll see if the tea is ready…"

        Doc Samson stepped into the bedroom. He was now no longer superhuman, his long ponytail brown, his frame chunky rather than beefy. He wore a suit and glasses.

        The man he saw before him he hardly recognized as Rick Jones. The man was in his underclothes, stank, and had tied his hands to ropes leading to opposite ends of the room, one tied to the filing cabinet in the corner and the other to his desk.

        "Cut it off cut it off cut it off," Rick begged the doctor, "cut off one of my hands either of them then he can't use me can't make me bang them together can't make me bring him back"

        "I won't do that," Doc Samson said, "Marlo told me about your situation. I understand he constantly bombards you with violent imagery, mostly of what he'll do to your wife and friends if he trades places with you. But you know that won't happen, don't you?"

        "Do you do you do you?" Rick said, panting, sweating, eyes shifting wildly about the room before coming back to Samson and laughing. "You aren't even green anymore! Bruce is dead dead and gone and he thought I'd be strong enough to heal him but I'm not he's too strong constant almost clapped my hands together the first night home almost brought him here almost killed Marlo almost killed everyone killed the world"

        "I'm going to give you a tranquilizer, Rick," Doc Samson said, "it'll calm you down and let you get some sleep. I promise, I will see to it that he never sets foot in this world. Whatever it takes. As soon as I leave this room, I'm calling in the Avengers."

        "Avengers Defenders Champions X-Men doesn't matter doesn't matter," Rick said and began to laugh again, madly. "We're already dead."

        [To be continued…]

        1. See issue #82.
        2. See Daniel Gordon Presents #77.
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