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Silver Surfer #18

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    Previously: The Silver Surfer found himself in an alternate reality, where he proceeded to battle local warriors, including their powerful leader, named Odin.
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      Previously: The Silver Surfer found himself in an alternate reality,
      where he proceeded to battle local warriors, including their
      powerful leader, named Odin. At sunset, shadow monsters came out and
      attacked them and the warriors quickly discovered that they were on
      the same side as the former herald. They brought him to their
      refuge, protected from the shadows by ancient runes. The Surfer
      proceeded to fall asleep, at which point an unknown being emerged,
      claiming to be the source of the Darkthings and the entire

      When the planet-devouring Galactus came to destroy the planet Zenn-
      La, the brave Norrin Radd offered his life in exchange for the
      planet. Galactus agreed, and made Norrin his herald, destined to
      search the stars for new planets to satisfy Galactus' hunger.
      Galactus infused Norrin Radd with a portion of the Power Cosmic, and
      thus Norrin Radd became the Silver Surfer. When the Surfer came to
      Earth, he turned on his master, and Galactus condemned him to roam
      the galaxy a wanderer forever. Now the Surfer sails along the cosmic
      pathways... defending the weak from those who would exploit them...

      Saga of The Silver Surfer #18
      "Conversation with God"

      Writer Supreme: JM
      Webmaster: "Big" Liam Gibbs
      Editor: "Fair" Josh Greer
      Editor-in-Chief: "Rogue" Tawmis Logue

      "It was me. I created them." As the man in green armor spoke, both
      he and the Silver Surfer floated up and away. The Surfer knew from
      past experience that he was not moving physically, but rather his
      mind was being redirected to some astral plane.

      "I was once a man known as the Atom-Smasher," this being revealed to
      the Surfer, "a Champion of Detroit. When a maniac released a nuclear
      missile within the city, I absorbed the full power of it, flying
      into outer space before relaxing and letting myself go. (1)"

      Atom-Smasher sighed before continuing his story, "in that moment,
      rather than die, somehow I became the second big bang for this
      reality,(2) one in which Entropy had already set in, banishing all
      Eternity to Oblivion. This new universe was of my essence; thus,
      there are no aliens greater than the Earthlings here, as I had no
      concept of such things. I had an inkling of Earth's various
      mythologies, and thus the greatest of my tribes were based upon
      them, as the Asgardians you faced earlier today."

      "So you are their God," the Surfer replied, "and their Satan?"

      "Yes," Atom-Smasher bowed his head, "though not intentionally the
      latter. Those Darkthings you faced are in fact composed of my
      nightmares and self-defeating thoughts. I have tried to remove
      myself of them, but, even as the replacement of Eternity, I am still
      all too human."

      The Silver Surfer stepped onto his board. Though it didn't matter in
      this mind-based reality, it helped to strengthen his
      resolve. "Indeed. I have seen the menace of these Darkthings first
      hand; they must be destroyed. And if that requires your
      destruction... so be it."

      "This from the being who so recently attempted to court Love?" The
      Surfer stared maliciously. "Don't be so surprised; though I am
      human, I am also now an Abstract as well. I am priviledge to such
      information. You are a highly conflicted being, Norrin Radd;
      striving to return to an earlier state while knowing such a
      regression is forever impossible."

      "Do not profess to know me," the Silver Surfer snarled, raising a
      fist of Power Cosmic, "do not think yourself invulnerable. As you
      yourself noted, you are still human..."

      "True, and I am quite killable in this mental arena," Atom-Smasher
      nodded, "but I am also the composition of the reality you currently
      sleep within. To kill me would be to kill that reality. You would
      save Odin and the Asgardians from the Darkthings' torment, only to
      sacrifice them to Oblivion itself. Which fate is truly worse, Zenn-

      The enraged Silver Surfer cried, "Enough! I will do as I must!"

      The former herald's shining, cosmic board streaked past the Atom-
      Smasher, smacking into him with force enough to cause even his knees
      to buckle. "Truly, it is as they say," Atom-Smasher admired, "you
      are the mightiest of all the heralds!"

      His board returning to him, the Silver Surfer hopped on and fired
      dual blasts of Power Cosmic at his foe. The blasts struck, chipping
      away at the green armor. "Whatever has become of you, Surfer?" Atom-
      Smasher chuckled, "you were once what my fellow Earthlings would
      have called a passive philosopher. Now, you are no more than any
      other ordinary vicious space blaster!"

      The Silver Surfer flew past him, throwing out an arm to pound into
      the Atom-Smasher's face. The indentation quickly healed, the Atom-
      Smasher's power far surpassing the Surfer's even in this
      domain. "This battle is pointless, former herald. Though you win on
      skill, even the Power Cosmic cannot destroy me if I do not allow it."

      "Then allow it." The Surfer's words were cold and without emotion.
      This troubled Norrin Radd far more than it did his opponent. Beams
      of energy snaked out from his eyes and scorched the green-armored
      man-universe before him.

      "Knock it off," Atom-Smasher whined, as numerous duplicates erupted
      from his body. Each wore a different color of the same armor. One
      was white, one black, one blue, one red, one yellow, one orange, and
      one brown. The seven duplicate Atom-Smashers circled the Silver
      Surfer as the original, green-armored version stood back, his arms
      crossing his chest. He smiled, pleased to have some different
      entertainment for once.

      The seven tackled the Surfer as one, each grabbing at a different
      place and refusing to let go. The Surfer strained, Power Cosmic
      dripping out of him. The seven did not budge.

      "Now do you believe me? I am not bound by a mortal being, and yet I
      am still a mortal in truth! I am an abomination, and my universe
      must suffer for it!"

      The Silver Surfer grinned at him, chilling the Atom-Smasher. The
      duplicates were still holding him in place, but now the Power Cosmic
      flared up all about him. Green plasma oozed from the seven
      duplicates, the power of a human-Eternity siphoning out from them,
      into the former herald.

      "My contemporaries don't give you proper credit, I see," Atom-
      Smasher admired as he sucked what remained of the seven back into
      his own being. "Given time, you could defeat even me..."

      "Yes, but I don't believe that will be necessary," the Silver Surfer
      stared into Atom-Smasher's soul, only inches from him. Green and
      blue energies intermingled, the Power Cosmic and the very essence of
      a reality touching each other.

      After several minutes, the Silver Surfer had accomplished his task
      and saw that it was as the Atom-Smasher had said. Utilizing the
      combination of Power Cosmic and a reality's life essence, as well as
      both the full knowledge and skill of both himself and the Atom-
      Smasher, the Silver Surfer removed the mortal aspect of the Atom-
      Smasher's being, leaving him a true Abstract henceforth.

      "What shall be done with this?" The Silver Surfer asked of the
      glowing green orb floating above his outstretched palm. He would not
      allow this mortal soul to be callously destroyed, but he could not
      justify kicking out the occupant of a body so that this one might
      have a replacement, either. And the Surfer was certainly not about
      to send the soul to any of the Hells he had ever viewed.

      "You can have it," Atom-Smasher said, "perhaps it will help you on
      your quest towards inner peace. If nothing else, it will certainly
      help you to understand human nature better. And if you find it
      displeasing, the next time you run into Adam Warlock you can shuttle
      my former self into his Soul World."

      "That sounds equitable," the Silver Surfer agreed, and the green-
      glowing orb flowed into his arm. This was a more peaceful experience
      than some of the other recent absorptions he had performed. Perhaps
      because this soul was willing to leave its former domain and enter
      into him.

      "And now my former self-doubts are yours," Atom-Smasher
      congratulated, "as well as my former hatred, love, sadness, and joy.
      Use it well, Norrin Radd."

      Atom-Smasher opened a window to allow vision of the Earth within
      him. There, the Darkthings dissipated back into harmless shadows.
      The Silver Surfer smiled, relieved to see a world with some
      temporary degree of peace.

      "And now," Atom-Smasher decreed, "it is time for you to return to
      your own reality. I thank you beyond words, Silver Surfer, for your
      assistance in this endeavour. I shall mention your worthiness to my
      fellow Abstracts when next we council."

      With that, the Atom-Smasher sent the Silver Surfer back to his home
      reality. The Silver Surfer awoke in outer space, resting on his
      cosmic board.

      [The end]

      1. See Alternate Marvel's now-classic The Champions #4-5.
      2. Revealed in The Order #26-30.
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      Reno, Nevada. On the street after dark, Marlo Jones screamed as the paramedics rushed to strap Rick Jones into his gurney and put him into the back of the
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        Reno, Nevada.

        On the street after dark, Marlo Jones screamed as the paramedics rushed to strap Rick Jones into his gurney and put him into the back of the ambulance. He had been torn wide open by the Slashers. (1)

        Her thoughts swam, incoherently, as she covered her face with her hands and kept watching him, hoping that somehow he would instantaneously recover as though there was nothing wrong, no gaping wounds in his abdomen.

        She went with them to the hospital, not listening to a single word anyone said. Rick remained unconscious, mumbling occasionally, meaningless phrases.

        Finally, they arrived at the hospital, and Marlo had to wait. Rick was rushed into an operating room and that was that.

        While she sat there, helpless, the Magistrate watched, invisible, the light bending around his body effortlessly. He derived no joy in being here, but it was his duty. Not only because this man had been his father's partner in defending the universe, once upon a time, but because it was necessary in his role as the Magistrate for him to be here today.

        This was the day that Rick Jones was to die.

        The Magistrate entered the operating room and froze time. The doctors and nurses stood stuck in place, Rick stuck between feeble heart beats, near the end of his song.

        Shining with bright light, Genis-Vell gently, quietly removed his golden nega-bands from his wrists, one at a time. He clasped them onto the dying sidekick's wrists, clicking them into place and soldering them, melding them to his genetic sequence.

        They were bonded to him now, as they had been before.

        The photonic energy illuminated the entire room as the bands changed Rick as much as he changed them, charging his body with an energy that would add to his natural physical healing properties just enough for him to make it through.

        He would live, and the timestream was forever altered, irrevocably, in that moment. Genis hoped his father would have approved and would not have condemned him for his foolish act.

        In saving Rick Jones's life, he had also damned him.

        Half Kree. Half Titan. A bastard child, born in a laboratory. Some even say he's destined for greatness. Destined to become something above the photonic energy manipulating powerhouse he is right now. He is Genis-Vell. He is Captain Marvel.

        Captain Marvel #88
        "The Sentence"
        April 2010
        Writer: John Flint
        Webmaster: Liam Gibbs


        "I came as soon as I could," Betty Banner said, hugging Marlo in the waiting room, "how is he?"

        "They haven't told me anything yet," Marlo said.

        "He will pull through," the Magistrate said, revealing his presence to them, blinding them with his white light which emanated from every cell of his body. It masked him, so that they would not know he was Genis-Vell, the former Captain Marvel.

        "Ah no, not again," Marlo said, "more cosmic confusion, please, just leave us alone…"

        "Richard Millhouse Jones would not survive if I had not interfered," the Magistrate revealed, "I apologize for my intrusion into your personal lives, but I found it necessary this once. I am the Magistrate.

        "Your husband will be healed through the molecular process of bonding to the nega-bands; in return, he will heal the mind and soul of another who is quite ill."

        "Who is that?"

        "Genis-Vell," the Magistrate said, not bothering to explain that the other body the bands were bonded to was an alternate reality version of himself who went by the codename of Captain Photon and whom he had driven crazy with insane visions provided by Entropy. (2) "He is also bonded to the bands."

        "Oh no," Marlo said, covering her face in her hand, "Rick told me about this…"

        "You're going to punish him for being stabbed open by some super-villains?" Betty said, indignant, poking her finger into the blindingly bright man's chest, "I'm going to tell you what you're going to do, you're going to—"

        "I appreciate your concern," the Magistrate said, "but it has been done. It cannot be undone."

        "I'll find some way to undo it," Betty said, "then I'll sic my husband on you."

        The Magistrate disappeared in a final flash of light, having run out of words to say to the women.

        [The next morning.]

        `Morning, sunshine. Ready to eat some eyeballs?'

        "Huh?" Rick awoke with a start, and realized immediately he was not in his bed. Before freaking out, he accessed the situation, as Captain America had taught him to do. He realized he was in a hospital room and breathed a sigh of relief as he felt at the blanket covering him.

        `Clap those wrists together and let's have some fun…'

        Rick saw horrifying images in his mind and slammed his eyes shut. The room was still dark and yet the images were as though they were there, right before his eyes, vivid.

        Marlo snored.

        "Mar," Rick said, getting out of the bed and shaking her awake.


        He went to the door and eventually found the light switch. "What's going on, hon?"

        He looked down at his hands and saw the shining nega-bands on his wrists. "Aw, no!"

        `That's right, sugarplum. It's just you and me in here. Let me out and I'll tear your woman apart and let you watch. There's nothing I won't do when I get back into your world…'

        "Then I'll never let you out, monster," Rick promised.

        [One week later.]

        "Please, help him," Marlo said, "he hasn't shaved, showered, he hasn't slept, his wounds aren't healing right, I don't know what to do…"

        "I'll have a look at him," Doc Samson promised as Marlo closed the door behind him. "Mind if I have a private session with him?"

        "Of course, go ahead," Marlo said, "I'll see if the tea is ready…"

        Doc Samson stepped into the bedroom. He was now no longer superhuman, his long ponytail brown, his frame chunky rather than beefy. He wore a suit and glasses.

        The man he saw before him he hardly recognized as Rick Jones. The man was in his underclothes, stank, and had tied his hands to ropes leading to opposite ends of the room, one tied to the filing cabinet in the corner and the other to his desk.

        "Cut it off cut it off cut it off," Rick begged the doctor, "cut off one of my hands either of them then he can't use me can't make me bang them together can't make me bring him back"

        "I won't do that," Doc Samson said, "Marlo told me about your situation. I understand he constantly bombards you with violent imagery, mostly of what he'll do to your wife and friends if he trades places with you. But you know that won't happen, don't you?"

        "Do you do you do you?" Rick said, panting, sweating, eyes shifting wildly about the room before coming back to Samson and laughing. "You aren't even green anymore! Bruce is dead dead and gone and he thought I'd be strong enough to heal him but I'm not he's too strong constant almost clapped my hands together the first night home almost brought him here almost killed Marlo almost killed everyone killed the world"

        "I'm going to give you a tranquilizer, Rick," Doc Samson said, "it'll calm you down and let you get some sleep. I promise, I will see to it that he never sets foot in this world. Whatever it takes. As soon as I leave this room, I'm calling in the Avengers."

        "Avengers Defenders Champions X-Men doesn't matter doesn't matter," Rick said and began to laugh again, madly. "We're already dead."

        [To be continued…]

        1. See issue #82.
        2. See Daniel Gordon Presents #77.
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