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1748Captain Marvel #85

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    Apr 23, 2010
      Twenty years into the future.

      Los Angeles, California.

      No one paid any attention to the cyborg Skrull as he walked his twenty-year-old step-son, a blue-skinned Kree, down the street. Though Talos wore the battle armor of a Skrull and his stepson, Kingdo-Vell, the uniform of a Kree Captain, they were mostly ignored as typical alien tourists.

      The pair had already visited Titan and several other places where Kingdo's "father" had spent his formative years. Talos told him many tales of the adventures of Genis-Vell, Kingdo's "father." As far as Talos was concerned, it was easier to explain it that way to the young man than try to explain how Kingdo had been himself an alternate version of Genis sent to kill the Magistrate and corrupt reality, turned into an infant by Genis and raised by the deviant Skrull.

      Sometimes, lying was just easier.

      And so, Kingdo went with Talos through the streets until they came to the statue. It was massive and, of course, spray-painted a golden color with a thin coating of some strange material. It was a statue of Genis-Vell in his Captain Marvel days.

      "He followed in the footsteps of his father, the Protector of the Universe," Talos said, "as the Magistrate, managing temporal anomalies and—"

      "—and now he's dead," Kingdo said.

      "That's right," Talos said, "yes. He sacrificed himself for the good of the universe."

      Half Kree. Half Titan. A bastard child, born in a laboratory. Some even say he's destined for greatness. Destined to become something above the photonic energy manipulating powerhouse he is right now. He is Genis-Vell. He is Captain Marvel.

      Captain Marvel #85
      "The Black Cancer"
      April 2010
      Writer: John Flint
      Webmaster: Liam Gibbs

      Without any sort of warning, three Slashers appeared on the sidewalk. One went to work on the Captain Marvel statue, slashing it out of existence a chunk at a time, tearing away its gold-armor.

      The other two marched towards Talos the Untamed and the Black Marvel. Talos drew a firearm and blasted, only to see the Slashers ignore it, unharmed by the concussive pellet.

      "Anomaly," the Suture Artists said as they began to work on the statue, sending it sweeping out of reality. The Black Marvel looked to his step-father, silently asking for an explanation. Talos shrugged, putting his gun away.

      "Call the Avengers," Talos said, as he threw himself at the Slashers. They slashed, tearing open his chest, blood dripping from their machete-arms.

      "Anomaly," the Suture Artists said, staring at the Black Marvel with their natural and cyborg eyes.

      "You want me?" Kingdo asked. "Well, come and get me!"

      Kingdo slammed his hands together, the clap creating a seismic shockwave that reverberated down the street, buildings shuddering in their frames, windows shattering, and even the Slashers stopped, holding firm in place against the onslaught.

      Fists balled up, Kingdo grit his teeth as the Slashers began to march again against him. They sliced their machete arms through the air as Talos wheezed on the ground behind them, bleeding from the chest.

      "You want a fight," the Black Marvel said and grinned, "Oh, I'll give you a fight. I'll make you pay for what you did to my father."

      Yellow electricity danced around the Black Marvel's form and in a flash, a massive lightning bolt struck the Slashers, causing a spasm to jerk through their robotic bodies.

      The Black Marvel smiled, then frowned, as the Slashers continued to march.


      Further down the street, Shift appeared with Woodgod still hanging on. Woodgod fell to the ground and threw up, his body confused beyond expression by the travel through time and space that was Shift's personal mutant ability.

      Shift staggered on his feet, bewildered by the extra effort his body unconsciously went through when moving through timespace with another passenger along for the ride. It was the first time he'd ever attempted it, and it was purely by accident.

      "We made it, wherever we are," Woodgod said, "Smells like L.A. Although that could just be my puke."

      "Oh no," Shift said, "They're still after me!"

      He pointed and Woodgod followed the direction until his eyes saw the Slashers in the distance, battling a man who resembled Captain Marvel.

      "They're not after you, they're after him," Woodgod said.

      "Oh, oh. In that case, maybe we should be going," Shift said, walking backwards a few steps.

      "Yes, we should," Woodgod said, rising to his feet, "but we won't. Man needs help, and I'm going to give it to him. You can hide if you want; I'll be back for you when I'm done with them."


      "But nothing, Shift. I was a Champion once. This is the sort of thing Champions do all the time." Woodgod ran towards the commotion and leapt, smashing hooves first into one of the Slashers, knocking him off-balance while the Black Marvel pounded on the outer shell of the other.

      [Elsewhere, outside of spacetime]

      The Surgeon General looked up at one of the many screens and saw the Black Marvel; he was immediately taken with the immensity of his anomaly.

      "I've located a massive source of discontinuity," the Surgeon General said, a smile arising on his face, "once I've wiped this one out, I'll have cleaned up this timezone well enough to move on to others…!"

      The Surgeon General called forth more Slashers to that time and place in question, to wipe out the Black Marvel and anyone else who might stand alongside him.


      "Thanks, stranger," Black Marvel said as he pounded on the fallen Slasher. Woodgod kept his occupied although, as before, he was unable to do any serious harm to the robot. Though wounded, Talos was keeping the third Slasher busy himself, ducking and punching and dodging it.

      "Don't mention it, Cap," Woodgod said, beating his Slasher in the face, ignoring the blisters on his knuckles.

      Black Marvel laughed. "I'm not Captain Marvel; that was my father, and his father before him. I'm just the Black Marvel, though, on account of my darker tone and lack of an actual title."

      "Ah," Woodgod said, "pleasure to meet you, BM."

      Shift approached. He wished he had some conscious control over his mutant ability to teleport through time and space; if he had, he could teleport these robots into outer space or at least another point in time.

      As it was, he was worthless as a combatant.

      "What makes you and the kid so special to these guys?" Woodgod asked as he kicked his Slasher. The Suture Artists bobbed through the air towards Shift, crying "Anomaly! Anomaly!"

      "Dunno, we just met," Black Marvel said as he blasted the Suture Artists out of the sky with a lightningbolt. They fell away but were unharmed.

      Three more Slashers walked into existence down the street and began to march towards them. "Uh-oh," Woodgod noted, "looks like we've got some trouble!"

      "Go," Talos said, "I'll hold them!"

      He threw his Slasher at them, as three more appeared from invisible folds in the fabric of spacetime.

      "No!" Black Marvel shouted as he saw them slash his step-father.

      "Come on," Shift said, grabbing the Black Marvel by the arm, "We gotta go!"

      "He's right," Woodgod said as he began to turn in time to see Shift and the Black Marvel vanish into thin air. "Aw, no! Don't tell me they left without me!"

      The nine Slashers marched towards Woodgod.

      "Oh, nuts."

      [To be continued…]

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