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Re: [alternatepaths] Re: I give up!

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  • J Richards
    Wow.. I just got around to checking my mail today and I was suprised to see this. I hope things are straightened out now. I m sorry I haven t been over to
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 1, 2008
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      Wow.. I just got around to checking my mail today and I was suprised to see this. I hope things are straightened out now. I'm sorry
      I haven't been over to visit anyone or respond to emails. Alot is going on in my life right now with my husband deployed and my mother in law trying to take custody of my daughter from me. So.. that being said.. life is to short to worry about things. I try not to read too much into what people say if it's jokingly mean and before I say something I might regret I think of what the other person might feel from my words. You guys are like family, please don't argue over this. *hugs*


      On 3/30/08, laurissa abfalter <laurissaa@...> wrote:
      But Angie, I don't think there were many gathers, once we moved to Jville, that I didn't come over and help.  And when we lived in Ayden, we just asked what we needed to bring.  Part of that statement came not only from the comment on the group website but also from the increasing number of insults that he may be saying jokingly and not meaning harm but that aren't funny and hurt.  It's one thing to make fun of me or take little shots at me or my family in my presences but, he took a shot at me on the group page.  And a woman that I don't know and haven't met got an image of me from that comment.  So it goes beyond Norm getting frustrated and removing himself as the organizer.  I just hoped to be able to keep this to myself.  I love you and don't ever want to lose you.  Even when Doug gets orders (if they take us away from here), I hope to be able to contact MANY times a week. But I'm not going to spend the celebratory days of the year in conflict.  So, idk...  I just know that I care about our friendship.  If I have to distance myself a little until whatever passes or only hang out for a small amount of time so I don't get cut down, I will. 
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      For those who don't understand how Norm works, the give up is only on
      the organizational front. We will still have gathers, although we
      will change up where they are once in a while. He is simply not going
      to try to organize it. He is easily frustrated so when he only gets 5
      people to respond out of 30 some members, he feels a little like it
      just might be a waste of his time.

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    • Angela Moren
      I m sorry that you feel this way norm.
      Message 2 of 8 , Apr 5, 2008
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        I'm sorry that you feel this way norm.

        --- In alternatepaths@yahoogroups.com, "Norman Thompson"
        <barbarian_norm@...> wrote:
        > I'm going to pass the torch now,mainly because I'm tired of wasting
        > my time,trying to organize crap,get people together,and offer a safe
        > place to do it.
        > Have fun.
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