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More on my Soap stuff

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  • Raevyn
    I just finished my website for my soaps. http://www.geocities.com/mysticsoap/welcome.html I decided to change my prices. Large $1.00 Small $0.50 Double-sided
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      I just finished my website for my soaps.
      I decided to change my prices.
      Large  $1.00
      Small  $0.50
      Double-sided Large $2.00
      Double-sided Small $1.00
      Large Treasure $2.50
      Small Treasure $1.50
      My Website lists all the colors, scents, and shapes I currently have.  As is stated in my webstie though, If there is a shape, color, scent, or herb that you would like in you soap, oil, or bath salts and it is not listed; feel free to email me and I will do my best to make those options available for you.
      Oh, that's right I make oils and bath salts too.  I already made Kristi some rose oil.  Information for those is on my site also.
      There are plenty of pictures as well, so you can see my handywork.

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