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Re: [Alternate History] I got two ideas...

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  • Matt Ries
    The Kingdom of Palestine as I call it since it incompassed all Crusader possessions survival depend on two things: 1) Friendly relations with Saladin and his
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      The "Kingdom of Palestine" as I call it since it incompassed all
      Crusader possessions survival depend on two things: 1) Friendly
      relations with Saladin and his successors in Syria and Egypt, which
      means an zealous Christian who came to the throne could spell the end
      of the alliance and end of the Kingdom. 2) The rulers of Antioch
      (later Palestine in my timeline) had blood relations in the Byzantine
      imperial dynasty at the time and since new ruling order in the
      Crusader states wasn't zealously Catholic, an alliance between
      Byzantine Empire and Palestine could have come materialized. This
      could have in fact brought about an alliance between Byzantine Empire
      and Saladin/successors since Saladin had no plans against Byzantine
      interests and might help stop smaller Turk tribes from advancing
      against Byzantium and them as well. This possible three-way alliance
      could ensure that the devestating Fourth Crusader that captured
      Constantinople and basically started the collapse of the Byzantine
      Empire could have been stopped by a powerful alliance. All of this
      mean that Palestine could have a long existance unless the Ottoman
      Turks or another tribe or even the Mongols were so power that the
      alliance could successfully resist. But also a concern would be
      Armenia and the rivalry the rulers of Antioch had with it at the
      moment my timeline begins.

      As the end situation in France. With Richard I not going on Crusade,
      he saves himself, England, and his continential possessions from
      losing vasts amounts of money in the expenditures of the Third
      Crusade & Richard's capture in Germany and subsiquent ransom. This
      means, Richard can focus on preserving his authority and matching
      wits with Philip Augustus. Even though a few of Richard's feudal
      underlings in France would cause him trouble, it is minor. Basically
      Richard will start the long conquest of France by England that will
      take nearly 300-years because England already has at least half of
      France already and money. First Richard will basically use the
      arguments that later French kings in our timeline would use, once a
      King successes to a territory it becomes part of his Kingdom. Philip
      will of course fight this, but Richard will win any resulting war
      leading to France giving up overlordship to Richard's possessions.
      Richard then starts the process of consolidating everythings. Since
      the Plague does not occur until the early/middle 1300s (the time of
      Edward III in English history I believe), it could be consolidated
      enough to withstand the aftermath of the Plague. The Plague will get
      to England faster, but it will devestate both France and England
      equally which will just help the English since they'll still have
      more man power. But throughout the period of war between France and
      England there will be periods of no fighting like during The Hundred
      Year's War, which means France could fight eastwards and the French
      throne could gain territory it thinks will help balance out English
      advantage meaning Burgundary can still come forth.

      I have only thought up to the time of Edward I's ascension to the
      throne of England, from what I think Richard I will have a son
      (Richard II) that prevents John from becoming King (however, John
      isn't as stupid as in OTL, he is actually a good ruler of Brittany,
      which he captures in the war when his nephew Arthur joins Philip and
      tries to kill his grandmother, Eleanor), but Henry III does come to
      the throne and history still plays itself out. I think rulers for
      both sides will remain the same until after Edward III. The Queens
      of the various Kings and their parents aren't effected by the wars
      until that time from my quick look at the genealogy.

      Well that's all I have for now, thanks for the questions and interest.

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      > I think it's an interesting idea. How long do you
      > suppose the Chirstian kindom of
      > Armenia-Tripoli-Antioch would have survived? What do
      > you think would be the result of an earlier Hundred
      > Years' War? Would that have given England the time to
      > conquer and consolodat before the Plague cripled the
      > English ability to persue the war? Or would France
      > have been better able to meet the challenge earlier
      > resulting in a shorter contest with a victorious
      > France?
      > Adam
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