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Request For A Partnership

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  • Mr. Willington Mokorobindo
    Attn:Sir/Madam, It may surpprise you recieving this letter from me,since there was no previous correspondance between us.My name is Willington Mokorobindo a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006
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      It may surpprise you recieving this letter from me,since there was no previous correspondance between
      us.My name is Willington Mokorobindo a zimbabwe national, first son to late Mr Nkumo Mokorobindo.
      who was murdered with respect to Land disput in Zimbabwe,on the 19th January 2001

      Firstly,I got your contact over the internet,when searching for a true and realiable person in whom I can
      confide in.Hence,I have written to you with this business proporsition.

      Prior to the death of my Father -Mr. Nkumo Mokorobindo- he had take me to kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      to deposit the sum of Fifteen Million Five Hundred United States Dollars (US$ 15,500,000.00) in a private
      Security Company here in Malaysia.As if he forsaw the looming danger that was to befall Zimbabwe.This
      Fund was deposited in a box as a Private Family Treasury to avoid much Demurrage from the Security
      Company.This fund was meant for the purchase of new machines and chemicals for our Farm and the
      establishement of a new Farm in Swaziland.

      This land problem came,when Zimbabwean President-Mr. Robert Mugabe- introduced a new Land Act
      Reform,which saw Acres of land taken from white Men and some opposite blacks.It wholly affected the
      Rich white Farmers and some blacks as well.

      This resulted to the killing and some Mob actions by the Zimbabwe War Veterans and some lunatics in
      the society.In fact a lot of people were murdered,because of this Land Reform act for which my Father
      was among the victims.

      It is against this back ground,that my sister and I decide to relocate to Malaysia,as a Political Assylum
      seekers.Having realised,that we can not invest this fund in Malaysia due to our Assylum Status.Hence,
      we have decide to transfer this fund to your Country for investment.Using your utmost co-operation as a
      steping stone,since the Malaysian Immigration Law Prohibits Refugee (Assylun Seekers) to open any
      Bank account or to be involved in any financial Transaction through out the Territoral zones of Malaysia.

      As the first son of my late Father,I am saddled with the responsibility of seeking a genuine Foriegn
      account,where this fund can be transfered to,with out the knowledge of my Government,who is bent on
      taking everything belonging to my late Father,since they have Frozen all my late Father's acoount in my
      Country. What I need is an honest business inclined individual,inwhom I cam entrust my future and that
      of my Family.I must at this point,let you know that this transaction is 100% risk free

      As soon as I confirm your strong interest in assisting my Family and I in this proporsition,what I will
      require you to do,is for you to make arrangment and come down to Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia,so you
      assist me in opening a non-residential account in your name,which will aid us in the tansfer this fund
      into any of your nominated Bank account in your Country or some where else.This fund I intend to use
      for investment in your country.

      I have two layed down options with regards to this fund:

      1. At the conclution of this transaction,you can choose to have certain percentage of the total sum
      US$15.5 for your honest assistance in nominating your account,or

      2. You can go into partnership with me in a lucrative venture you deem fit in your Country.

      which ever option you prefer,feel free to notify me.I have also set aside 5% of the total sum for
      expenditure at the course of this transaction.On the contrary if you do not prefer partnership,I am
      willing to give you 25% of the total sum,while the remaining 70% will be for my Family and I.

      If you are capable and willing to assist me,kindly contact me with this phone number:+60176609386
      immediately or via this email address:

      Lastly,please treat this matter as urgent as possible,for I am in desparate need to leave this Country
      soonest. It is also important that you treat this transaction with utmost confidentiality.

      I await your promt compliance.

      Kindest regards

      Willington Mokorobindo
      (For the Family)
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