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  • Frank Blades
    Hi Robert,On Mon, 2 Nov 1998 15:45:08 GMT Rob Cooper wrote:on another subject, i just bought my first yes cd, classic
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 1998
      Hi Robert,

      On Mon, 2 Nov 1998 15:45:08 GMT Rob Cooper <robert.j.cooper@...>

      > on another subject, i just bought my first "yes" cd, "classic yes". kind of a
      > best-of. it's damn fine. just wondering if anyone had any suggestions of the
      > next album to buy. i know that "union" is kinda crap [to quote rick wakeman -
      > "i call it onion... 'cause everytime i hear it, i cry"]. and that their
      > later stuff isn't as good as the 70's tracks [supposedly]. so, some help
      > would be appreciated. i've got no problem getting a whole bunch of cds, as
      > they're only 8quid each... just wondering which to get first.

      I was a big Yes fan in the late Seventies and early Eighties. Saw them
      on the Tormato tour and twice on the Drama tour - and then kinda lost

      Best albums? I would rate Going for the One (1977) as their finest
      hour. Personally my favourite is Tales From Topographic Oceans (1975?)
      - but it does take a lot to get into and I am definitely in a minority
      is rating it so highly. Close To the Edge (1973) is a classic and a
      definite Must Hear.Personally I also rate Relayer (1976?) - although it
      is different from most Yes albums - Moraz's keyboards are Very different
      from Wakeman's
      The rest? Well The Yes Album (1973) is also up there, Fragile
      (1974?) has some classic tracks but also some pointless noddling from
      each "solo" member. Time And A Word (1970) and Yes (1969) are very
      dated but have some good stuff on them.
      Yessongs (1974) is a quality live album, but I prefer studio stuff
      myself, so I never bought it. Tormato (1978) was a bit of a
      disappointment - some good stuff, but not enough to warrent "classic"
      status. Drama (1980?) was the album with Trevor Horn and Geoff Downs
      replacing Anderson and Howe. The songs are very good - Horn's vocals
      did work in the studio - but it does tend to get a slating from Yesfans.

      I'm not entirely convinced of the dates, but it gives you some idea. I
      would also recommend Jon Anderson's solo album Olais of Sunhillow - a
      brilliant album. Also worth hearing is Chris Squire's Fish Out of Water
      - both c 1973. Wakeman's solo stuff is less predicxtable - but Journey
      to the Centre of the Earth is head and shoulders above the rest.

      After 1980, you will have to get someone else's opinions...

      hope this helps


      Frank Blades

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