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New Roky Erickson CD's

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  • sydfloydgod
    Hey gang, we ve added a Roky Erickson disc to what s being offered. Usually, we keep all the `Elevators/Roky to ourselves. But we are opening this distribution
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2004
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      Hey gang, we've added a Roky Erickson disc to what's being offered.
      Usually, we keep all the `Elevators/Roky to ourselves. But we are
      opening this distribution up. It looks just like what was posted
      before and it is EXCEPT for the addition of the new Roky discs. This
      is part of a 10 CD set. This is the first 2 volumes. Grab `em! OK

      OK, welcome to the latest distribution. We have both Texas Psych &
      Syd Barrett related disc s for you to trade. We have some great
      stuff. For the first time, we will be opening this trading
      opportunity to folks outside our field of membership. Please note,
      we believe in paying the artist and a $3.00 gift is collected by
      your Branch and mailed to the artist/interview Subject. For the
      Stacy Sutherland, we are giving the dough to his 90-year-old mother.
      She uses it for upkeep of his grave.

      You'll need to read how this works below. Additionally, you might see
      this offer posted a few times until the distribution starts. DON'T
      REPLY TO THIS OFFER MORE THAN ONCE! It doesn't increase your chances
      for anything and just pisses us off. We see four responses to the
      same offer? We might delete all four 'cause we're like that. Just
      reply one time. There are two FTP server pages for you all to
      download music. See:

      Syd Barrett:

      Roky Erickson:

      Texas Psychedelic Legends, the Golden Dawn reformed and are gigging
      again. They're on tour right now and every gig is being recorded.
      Somebody has formed a Golden Dawn Yahoogroup. Join this group to stay
      informed about all things Golden Dawn including exclusive issues of
      live shows:


      Leaves are the ends of the distribution. They are the final
      consumers. Leaves are folks who cannot, or do not want to, burn for
      others. Now, one problem we noticed with you Leaves is that many of
      you sign up for every offer and then do not follow through. This
      creates work for people on many levels. And we do not want to be
      dealing with people that do that. Don't sign up for these discs
      unless you want them.

      HOW TO REPLY TO AN OFFER: If you see and offer that you want to reply
      to all you need to do is send a blank email with your home country in
      the Subject line to the Reply To: email. And if you cannot do this
      simple thing you are going to seriously hurt your chances of getting
      the discs. Leaves that reply to an offer with no home country in the
      Subject line? You go to the bottom of the heap. You get serviced
      last, if at all. You'll be given any old Branch too, if there are
      any Branches left. Got it? Demand for these discs is at an all time
      high. We are going to be servicing the folks that reply the right
      way and we will not be wasting time on those that cannot.

      OK, here are the discs:

      First up are the initial two volumes of a ten CD set of Roky
      Erickson. The fans have named this set CASTING THE TUNES. The first
      two discs are called Best Laid Plans/Demos For Demons Redux. It's
      Roky CD Club issues #5a & 5b with upgrade tracks. Please note, these
      discs are free to trade. There's no gift being collected. Here's the
      track listing:

      Best Laid Plans/Demos For Demons Redux I:

      Demos for unreleased EP w/Harry Hess on 2nd guitar, 3rd gen source
      1. Hasn't Anyone Told You
      2. Hasn't Anyone Told You (take 2)
      3. For You (I'd Do Anything)
      4. I'm Satisfied
      5. Something Extra

      Demos for Openers, 2nd gen source tape.
      6. Splash 1 (cut)
      7. I Had To Tell You
      8. The Looking Glass Song
      9. Bloody Hammer
      10. When You Get Delighted
      11. True Love Casts Out All Evil (cut)

      Best Laid Plans/Demos For Demons Redux II:

      Demos for Demon Angel video, 3rd gen source tape
      1. I Believe In America
      2. I Walked With A Zombie
      3. Cold Night For Alligators
      4. Mine, Mine, Mind

      Roky's home, Austin, 9/19/88 1st gen source tape
      5. Bashful Bobby
      6. Run To Him/Walking With My Angel
      7. Susie Baby

      8. Can't Do You No Justice
      9. What Would You Do?

      KTXZ-FM Studio, Austin, 4/5/85 2nd gen source tape
      10. I Love The Blind Man
      11. I've Never Known This till Now
      12. May The Circle Remain Unbroken
      13. Starry Eyes
      14. John Lawman (cut)

      To be a Leaf for these discs reply here with your home country in the
      Subject line:

      Roky_leaf_piss_off @ yahoo.com

      First up is a full CD interview with Clementine Hall. In this she
      answers YOUR questions and tells the amazing story of the 13th Floor
      Elevators from her perspective. Please note that a $3.00 gift for
      this disc is collected and submitted to Clementine. This is a GREAT
      interview and a MUST HAVE for all `Elevators fans. We did really well
      with this. Thanks to Joe T.

      To be a Leaf for these discs reply here with your home country in the
      Subject line:

      weencock_l @ yahoo.com

      Then there's a newly discovered, recording of Stacy
      Sutherland that will be treed out in this group. The quality is
      amazing. The "gift" will be collected and will go to Stacy's mom. She
      uses all dough like this for upkeep of his grave. Thanks to George
      Kinney & Dr. Dark. Look:

      The Raincrow, "Live At The Jade Room 9th Dec 1971
      Track listing -

      Let It Roll
      Slippin' and Slidin'
      Stagger Lee
      So Long
      All Along The Watchtower
      I Feel Good (NOT the James Brown song)
      Cripple Creek
      Something On Your Mind
      Shadow Falling
      For Your Love (NOT the Yardbirds song, the second sample track)
      Band Song (I think this means 'song by "The Band"', no idea which
      Blues Instrumental
      Honky Tonk Women

      To be a Leaf for these discs reply here with your home country in the
      Subject line:

      Stacyleave @ yahoo.fr

      Then there's a John Ike Walton interview. This is the two-cassette
      interview that John Ike used to sell with all the "Uhhhhhhh's"
      & "Mmmmmmmmmm's" cut out of it. It sounds really good. This is the
      amazing story of the 13th Floor Elevators as told by John Ike. Please
      note, the gift will be collected for John Ike. This is a great

      To be a Leaf for these discs reply here with your home country in the
      Subject line:


      Then we have the amazing Duggie Fields interview! This was done over
      two parts by two interviewers and welded together. It's amazing! You
      want Syd information? We got Syd information! Much of this interview
      was conducted in the Madcap's Room too. You know, the one with the
      purple & orange floorboards. You like Syd? You can't do without this!
      We got it done! We delivered! Thanks to Daniel, Mike Herbage, Steve
      the Moderator and the other guy. It's FULL of great accounts &
      stories. Shit that's never been heard before.

      To be a Leaf for these discs reply here with your home country in the
      Subject line:

      arthur_leaf @ yahoo.co.uk
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