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Baja-Prog Festival

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  • GallinaNegra
    Baja-Prog Festival Official program: March 5, 2003 GALLINA NEGRA (Mexico) ARS NOVA (Japan) CAST (Mexico) ALQUILBENCIL (Spain) March 6, 2003 TRESPASS (Israel)
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2003
      Baja-Prog Festival
      Official program:

      March 5, 2003
      GALLINA NEGRA (Mexico)
      ARS NOVA (Japan)
      CAST (Mexico)
      ALQUILBENCIL (Spain)

      March 6, 2003
      TRESPASS (Israel)
      INDEX (Brazil)
      CABEZAS DE CERA (Mexico)
      RICOCHER (The Netherlands)
      ANKH (Poland)

      March 7, 2003
      ENTRANCE (Chile)
      PIG FARM ON THE MOON (Venezuela)
      MAGENTA (U.K.)
      ANGE (France)
      FOCUS (The Netherlands)

      March 8, 2003
      AMAROK (Spain)
      P�R LINDH PROJECT (Sweden)
      PFM (Italy)

      More Information: http://www.bajaprog.com

      ...y as� no se secar� el maguey.
      Gallina Negra, Similares y Conexos
      p�gina oficial

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    • organ
      JON POOLE (he of CARDIACS/SILVER GINGER 5) has his much talked of solo CD album of Frank Zappa covers release on ORG Records . WHAT S THE UGLIEST PART OF YOUR
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 1, 2003
        JON POOLE (he of CARDIACS/SILVER GINGER 5) has his much talked of solo
        CD album of Frank Zappa covers release on ORG Records .

        65-69" - Track listing - Uncle Meat/Flower Punk/Who Are The Brain
        Police?/Mother People/Concentration
        Moon/Harry, Your A Beast/What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?/Oh
        No/You're Probably Wondering
        Why I'm Here/The Legend Of The Golden Arches (Interlude)/Dog
        Breath/Cruising For Burgers/Let's
        Make The Water Turn Black/The Idiot Bastard Son/Brown Shoes Don't Make

        "If you've ever heard of Jon Poole, then it's probably as the guitarist
        in cult heroes, Cardiacs. Frank Zappa's music is rarely covered, and
        when it is, it's usually by 'serious' musicians like Pierre Boulez.
        Your average guitar band would be as able to play Zappa music as it
        would to walk on water. But for a member of Cardiacs, it's a different
        story - you simply couldn't be in the band if you were unable to fit,
        say, 40 notes of different measure into five bars of various time.
        Recorded back in 1994 and given out on old-fashioned cassettes
        (and later on around 50 CD-Rs), this masterwork (there really is no
        other term to do it justice) gets its first proper release here. Poole
        draws on Zappa's early material up to Hot Rats, for example 'Peaches En
        Regalia'. There's also a lot of stuff from We're Only In It For The
        Money - notably this CD's title track and a Cardiacs-go-pop take on
        'Flower Punk.'
        Poole - a gentleman - thankfully avoids Zappa's nasty misogyny to
        a large degree, although the unsettling 'Brown Shoes Don't Make It',
        from Absolutely Free, is here. The absence of the composer's sneering
        delivery makes a lot of the material more listenable, and if you've
        always found Zappa's complex arrangements intriguing, but have been put
        off by his personality, this CD sugars the pill - although Zappa fans
        should also find it an impressive tribute.
        Poole made this music in a summer-long creative frenzy, his
        obsession driving him to overcome material circumstances: for just one
        man to produce this would be, even in a high tech studio, amazing. But
        the fact that it was entirely put together with the help of nothing more
        advanced than a cheap drum machine and a Fostex four-track is nothing
        short of astounding".
        Jack Cane RECORD COLLECTOR FEB 2003


        This home-brewed tribute to the late and great Frank Zappa is the result
        of several slightly deranged months of work by Jon Poole in 1994. It was
        recorded using a Fostex four track, a DX7, a scary amount of natural
        guitar talent and (and this is the really deranged part) an Alesis HR16
        drum machine. Aside from the fact that the results sound great - so much
        so that when Jon originally released this as a tape album it became such
        a mini legend he couldn't copy the thing fast enough - the HR16 is a
        primitive thing with the brain of a toaster. One song can take up the
        entire memory, if it has a lot of different drum patterns - and we're
        talking Zappa here. Besides this, every so often you have to dismantle
        the machine and clean out the innards if you want the buttons to work.
        Then there's the DX7 synthesiser. Few people have managed to make this
        early digital bargain bin familiar sound good, but Jon found out how to
        do it. Needs must. As for that four-track...

        Still, that's just the hardware. What possesses somebody to spend their
        days and nights immersed in these classic compositions for weeks at a
        time? To drive themselves insane with stoneage gear and lack of sleep?
        For no logical reason but to revel in the music itself. Jon still
        doesn't know what came over him back in the summer of '94, but the
        result's a unique twist on the original recordings that have already
        introduced many new listeners to Frank Zappa's genius.

        JON POOLE is a guitarist and composer who plays and writes in legendary
        UK band CARDIACS, he is also currently playing in Ginger Wildheart's
        band SILVER GINGER FIVE as well as recording an album with his other
        prog rock band AD NAUSEUM. A second Jon Poole solo album can be expected
        in early summer 2003, meanwhile a solo Jon Poole track can be found on
        the recently released album "Songs By Cardiacs And Affectionate Friends"
        (ORG Records)

        The album WHAT'S THE UGLIEST PART OF YOUR BODY will be retailing is
        shops for around 10.00 from January 27th. However advance copies can be
        ordered for a price of 7 pounds including postage and packaging. Stock
        is here now and being sent out the minute it is ordered - use the
        underground, come to us direct. Order your advance copies now - 7.00
        inc P&P payable to 'Organart', Unit 212, 326 Kensal Road, London, W10
        5BZ. The album has been re-mastered and comes in new artwork (well we'd
        have never got it in to the shops with the old artwork!). Overseas
        people can get more details from the ORG RECORDS website at

        Lots more details available from www.organart.com

        www.organart.com - the online home of ORGAN magazine and ORG Records
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