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    New Arrivals: Helloween-Keeper of 87 2CD Genesis-Dance on Berkley 2CD Ange-Ego est au vermeil Queen-Let Sao Paulo Entertain You 2CD Queen-In the Lap Of
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 12, 2001
      New Arrivals:
      Helloween-Keeper of 87 2CD
      Genesis-Dance on Berkley 2CD
      Ange-Ego est au vermeil
      Queen-Let Sao Paulo Entertain You 2CD
      Queen-In the Lap Of Gods(With Artwork!!!!!!)1CD
      Queen-In The Laps Of Queen(WITH ARTWORK""""!!!!)
      Queen-Hyde Park '761CD
      Styx-Paradise Nevada
      Foreigner-Feels Like The 1st Live
      Styx-Piece of eleven
      Led Zeppelin-Alexandra 2nd Night 3CD
      Led Zeppelin-Alexandra 1st Night 3CD
      Asia-Last Originals 2CD
      PFM-Firenze 2001 2CD
      Gary Moore-The Blues Is Starting...2CD
      King Crimson-Real Discipline1CD
      Brand X-Phil's Masque 1CD
      Yes-Making For the one 2CD
      Led Zeppelin-Bath Stop 2CD
      Thin Lizzy-Reunion Concert
      Kiss-What Happened In Anaheim 2CD
      Gary Moore-Live 2000 2CD
      Journey-Evolution Stage
      Journey-Raised On Radio Show
      Journey-Next Karma
      Journey-Messin'With the Kids 2CD
      Iron Maiden-San Jose' 2000 2CD(09.16.2000)
      Ronnie James DIO-MilanoMagicaTour 2CDr
      Ronnie James DIO-Milwaukee 2000 2CD(04-09-2000)
      Hammerfall-Firenze 2001 2CD(Feat.Virgin steel&F.Call)
      HALFORD-Live 2CDr in Florence 2000(KILLER show!!)
      Thin Lizzy-29 Nov. 2000 Sh.Bush Empire(2CD)
      Spirit Caravan+Beaver-Camden Town 1Dec.2000(2CD)
      HIM-LIVE IN FLORENCE 10 NOV.2000 1 CDGREAT!!!!!!!
      The Mission-Into the Dark
      The Mission-new york.Resurrection Tour
      Boogie Nights(Jeff Scott Soto)
      Enchant: Demos 1989-1991(Great!!!!!)The Conscience of
      Mastermind-Live at the Nearfest 89+1988 Official B@@t 2CD(Great!)
      Alaska-Live at the Nearfest 99
      Area-Acrostico In Memoria Di Demetrio 1978
      The Flower Kings-F.Club Cd 2000
      Van der Graaf Generator->Lighthouse Keepers.
      Queensryche-Jones Beach 7.30.97 2CD(Great!!)
      Queensryche-Jones Beach 7.19.95 2CD(Great!)
      Red Hot Chili Peppers-Woodstock 99 1CD
      Stone Temple Pilots-9.4.00 Chula Versa,Ca
      JEFF SCOTT SOTO-acoustic Night(Official Long Island production,realised only
      in PROMO Version!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
      Halford-9.10.00 Irvine,Ca
      Def Leppard-Wasted 2CD(Great!!!))
      Dave Matthews Band-Woodstock 99
      Korn-Apollo Theater 11\15\99
      RHCP-Japan 1.9.00
      Iron Maiden-Irvine 2000
      Dream Theater-Hammersmith Apollo 2000(New Set Feat.Learning To
      lIve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)2CDFeat PORCUPINE TREE
      Porcupine Tree-Hammersmith Apollo 2000 The full concert
      Caravan-Live 2000
      Kansas-Live 1974-75(2CD GREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!)
      Queen-In the Lap of the gods 12.2.74
      Queen-In The Lap Of The queen 17.5.77
      Queens Of The Stone Age-Winnipeg 2000
      Cure-Manchester 96 2CD
      KORN-Grand Rapid Van Andel Arena 4.4.00
      Halford-Maiden-Live 2000
      DREAM THEATER-LIVE AT Hammersmith Apollo 21\10\2000(Feat.p.tree)
      2CD,wonderfoul audience,re-equalized and
      REMASTERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(feat.Learning to
      Caravan-LIVE 2000 at Shephered Bush
      contact me at gaobellin@...
      or at romeowmichaela@...
      The Mission-Fidsbury Park 91 VHS
      The Mission-Rolling Stone 90VHS
      The Mission-Into the blue 1CD
      The mission-live 86-9
      Priory of Brion Oxford 18 Dec 1999 2CD
      Priory of Brion REGIS HALL, CRADLEY HEATH 23 Dec1999 2CD
      King Crimson-19\05\2000 2cd world premi�re SBD
      Gong -Live on tv1CD
      Robert Fripp-Kan-Non Power1CD
      Genesis & Gabriel-The Lamb Woke up Again 2CD
      King Crimson-The court of the schizoid Man1CD
      Anekdoten-Live at Folkoperan 2CD
      Echolyn-Live 93 2CD
      anglagard-Live 93 2CD
      CURE- Live in hamburg 2000 2CD(SBD)
      Blue Murder-Live in japan 89 2CDSBD,Inredible!
      Dream Theater-CANNED DREAMS 2CD,Current tour!
      Def Leppard-Umplugged&Unshaveed 1CD
      Def Leppard-Under guard 2CD
      Queensryche- Live in Irwine(HITN FRontier tour,Bellissimo,2CD)
      Iron Maiden-Dynamo 2000 (2CD,SOUNDBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
      Monster Magnet-Space Lords
      Praying Mantis-Live 98 1CD
      J.Sykes-L.A.95 2CD
      Enchant-Break Tour 1CD
      King Crimson- 5.21.2000 Late show,Nashville 2CD
      Flower Kings-BOSOP Festival 2000 1CD
      Echolyn-Live 2000(World premiere of the new album!) 2CD
      Radiohead-Barcellona 2000 2CD
      King's X-House of blues 2000 2CD
      Podunk-House Of Blues 2000 2CD
      CONTACT ME at: guanfa@...
      Wich one of you is FROM JAPAN,CONTACT ME!
      I'm Searching for friends in japan.
      I'll give 3 CDr B@@ts for each official Japan release!

      Live & Rare List(cd)
      A Perfect Circle-Coachella arts & Music Festival,Palm Springs CA 10\9\1999
      A Perfect Circle- CSU Convention,Cleveland 4\12\2000
      A Perfect Circle Cow Palace,San Francisco 6\7\2000
      A Perfect Circle-Sacramento 6\15\00
      AAVV-Una Noche A
      Aerosmith-Osaka 13\12\1999(2CDSBD,G-R-E-A-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
      Alice In Chains-Sweet Alice
      Allman Brothers-True Gravity
      Allman Brothers-Syria
      Allman Brothers-Los Angeles 6.11.92
      Anderson\Bruford|wakeman|howe-Demos for 2nd unr. LP
      Anekdoten-Live in Brusse4l(nucl.tour)(2CD)
      Angra-eye of the Demon-The holy land demos
      Angra-Carolina IV-Baptism of Fire(2CD,Feat. Vanden Plas)
      Angra-Umplugged In Argentina97u
      Bad English-John Waite Demos
      Beck Jeff-Live 99 2CD
      Beck jeff band-Live 1971
      Bjork-Icelanding Saga
      Blackmore's Night-live 99(2CD)Great Qual.!!
      Bolton Michael-Soul Driver
      Boston-Once Upon A Time
      Boston 5.3.95Minneapolis2CD
      Boston-The Lost demos
      Boston-Live from 3rd Stage(2CD)
      Buckley Jeff-Live @Bataclan(Full concert,2CD)
      Crimson Glory-Live In Osaka
      Crimson Glory-Live In Cleveland
      Cross Christopher-Crossroads
      ColosseumII-Live In Europe 77(Nearly Official!)
      CORRNEL CHRIS--Munich 10\20\1999(2CD)
      Coverdale\page 12.22.93 Nagoya
      Dave Matthews Band-12\3\94 San jose,,Ca(SBD)
      Dave Matthews with Tim Reynolds3\14\99 Marin Civic Auditorium(3CD)GREAT!!!
      D.C. Cooper-No More Wasted Time(Live 1999 2CD,Great!)
      Def Leppard-adrenalize adelaide 92
      Def Leppard-One Man Band 1CD
      Def Leppard-Nite of the...2CD,Some skips but BEST PROBABLY BEST DL BTS OF
      ALL TIME!!!
      DiFranco Ani-Double Live 1998(Fargo+Minneapolis,Grrrreat!)
      Di Franco Ani-Women In (E)Motion7.8.94 2CD
      Dream Theater-The Dance Of Eternity(2CD)
      DREAM THEATER-FLORENCE 2000(Feat.Spock'sB,re-equalized and remastered!!!
      Dream Theater-Uncovered(2CD)
      Dream Theater-Perfect Dreams(3CD)
      Dream Theater-Nightown Nostalgia(2CD)
      Dream Theater-Trial Of Singles
      Dream Theater-The Rudess Experiment
      Dream Theater-Dream Out Loud
      Dream Theater-Lords Of Sounds
      Dream Theater-Live In Milano1999(GRRRRRRREATTT!!!!!!!!!)
      Dream Theater-Live at Kassel
      Dream Theater-The Chill Of Winter 1999(SBD)2CD
      Enchant - 7/1/94 Biebob, Bosselaar, Netherlands 2CD off DAT A-:;
      Extreme-No way out(2CD)GREAT!(Incl.Mercury tribute!!)
      Extreme-Castle doninghton
      Extreme-More extreme words
      Fish-There's a Guy...
      Foreigner-Live 91
      Genesis-CRYME(RARE DEMOS,diff.from the ones on archive)
      Genesis-Point dublin 98(2CD)
      Great White-Live1999
      Great White-Great Zeppelin(The2CD version with several Bonus)
      Great White+Ratt-Kalamazoo99 2CD
      Great White-Happy Birthay Big Daddy2CD
      Great White-Unreal.B'sides
      Great White-Live In Anaheim
      GTR-NROTREND(Unreal.2nd album)
      GTR-Debut album Demos(RARE!!!)
      Gov't Mule8.9.94(the fox theater 2CD)
      Gov't Mule 5.23.98(2CD)
      Gov't Mule 9.26.98(2CD)
      Gov't Mule Avalon Nightclub 3.3 2000
      GOV'T MULE Hartford 1.3.2000
      Gov't mule-Live @Red Rocks
      Haslam annie-Mother Russia
      Hardline(feat electric boys)San Francisco 92
      Harem scarem-The 1st Demos 1CD(Pre-Contract!!)
      Harem Scarem-ULTRA-RARE DEMOS(2CD,RARE!!)
      Harem Scarem-Canadian Wind 92
      Harem Scarem-Live Feel The Fire1998(2CD)
      Iommi-Hughes-8th Star(Unreleased CD)
      Jethro Tull - 10/20/99 Muziekcentrum, Utrecht, Vredenburg, Netherlands 2CD
      A- w/ 10/19/99
      Journey-In Tails
      Journey-Live 77(2CD)
      Journey-Huston,Tx 2-26-82
      Journey-Original Cuts(74-6)2CD
      Journey-Nagoya 98(2Cd)
      Kansas-Live 1999 2CD
      Kansas-Reno 8.7.96
      Kansas-Live'98With The Nashville symph.Orchestra
      Kansas-Demos for power(6unreal.)
      Kansas-Point OKR Demos
      Kansas--Live'95Into the new wind
      Kansas-Demos for 2
      KansasLive 83
      Kansas-Live 74
      King Crimson-5\20\2000(2CD)
      King'SX -Riding the wind
      King'sX-Lost In Germany
      King'sX-Babylonia99 2 CD
      King's X - 2/2/87 Cardi's, Houston, TX (SB)2cd A:;
      King'sX-EarCandy & Out Of...Demos
      King'sX-Sneak Preview
      King'sX-Gretchen Blows to Chicago
      King'sX(Doug Pinnick)-The Groovehound SessionsPt1-2
      King's X-Germany 1999
      King'sX-Accoustic Austin
      King'sX-Live in Dallas(2CD)
      Led Zeppelin-Royal Albert hall70
      Led Zeppelin-Kezar-june2,1973(3CD)
      Led Zeppelin-Classic Of The Air Vol.2
      Liquid Tension Experiment-Live Tension Experiment(2CD)
      Liquid Tension Experiment-1\27\99 2CD
      Living Colour-4Never Satisfied Friends
      Marillion Happy Ending 04-11-87 1CD
      Marillion Childhood Mysteries 19851CD
      Marillion One Off Show(1994)2CD
      Marillion Garden Party In Uk 1984 2CD
      Marillion Childhood Reharshal 1984 1CD
      Marillion Golden Tears 1986 1CD
      Marillion Goodbye Fish-Usa 87 1CD
      Marillion Brave Tour 942CD
      Marillion In Sessions Tonight(some demos 81-2)1CD
      Marillion Pink Pop Geleen 11 june 1984 1CD
      Marillion Cinderella Search 1984 1CD
      Marillion Paris 98 1CDAcoustic
      Marillion Cologne 98 2CD
      Mastermind-Baltimore 20.1.96(2CD)
      Moore Kevin-Music Meant To Be Heard
      Morrisette Alanis -Live&Rare
      Morse(steve)Band+PDQ(D.Ragsdale)-Atlanta 12Oct.1999 2CD
      Morse Steve-Live in Germany
      Nightranger-Live Wishes(GreatQUALITYBETTERTHANTHEOFF!!!).
      Osbourne Ozzy(feat.ZAKK WYLDE)-Tears Of The Sinner
      Page\Plant-Germania(Bizzarre fest)(2CD)(Soundboard,grreat!)
      Page\Plant-shachihocko Breaker(2CD)
      Pearl Jam-Mellbourne 98(2CD)
      Pink Floyd-The Live(1968)
      Pink Floyd-Spiral
      Pink Floyd-Music For Architectural Students67-69(Radio)
      Pink FloydOne of these days(london 71)
      Pink Floyd-The Embryo68\69
      Pink floydThe live Rotterdam,october1967
      Porcupine Tree-Phantasmagoria(1999)
      Porcupine tree-ROMA992CD
      Porcupine tree-Firenze 99 2CD
      Porcupine Tree-The knittinf Factory 2CD
      Queensryche-The days Before the empire
      Queensryche-Ryche And Roll(2CD)
      Queensryche-Saints and sinners(2CD)
      Queensryche-The EMPIRE DEMOS
      Queensryche-Rage For Order Demos
      Queensryche-Live in the now frontier
      Queensryche-Live'94(Welcome to the Promis.Land)
      Queensryche-Visions of another time
      Queensryche-Milano 2000(2CD,Great Audience,re-equalized and remastered!!!)
      Queensryche-Misplaced Creations
      Queensryche-SAN DIEGO 9\11\1999
      Radiohead -Live In Florence 2000 2CD
      Radiohead-Computer KO(KILLER quality!!)
      Radiohead-Planet Acoustic(Wond.Qual!!!)
      Radiohead-Barcellona 2000(2CD)
      Radihead-Pop is dead
      Radiohead-Live in Boston
      Radiohead-Les eurockeennes
      RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS:28-3-2000
      Red Hot Chili Peppers-Chattanooga 2000 2CD
      Renaissance-Live At The Capitol Theater 2CD
      Ritual: Vertemate 7-5-96(2CD
      Ritual-Live in Uden 1CD
      Rodgers Paul feat. Neal SCHON-Live in New York 1993(SBD,GREAT!!!)
      Rush-2112 Days
      Rush-Praying for the light
      Rush-Story of Cygnus-x(2CD)
      Rush-By Thor74(+Bonus)
      Rush-Over The Europe(2CD)
      Rush-Temple Of Syrinx
      Rush-Run for the fans
      Rush-Red Barchetta
      Rush-Careful with that Axe,Alex.
      Rush-Storm In St. Pettesbourg
      Rush-Mystic Dreams
      Rush-Experience Too Extremes
      Rush-A Desperate Voice
      Saga-Phase1(The Very 1st DEMOS!!!)
      Saga - 5/12/84 Clermont-Ferrand, 110 min. 2CD aud. A-:
      Saga-Rarities 1CD
      Sakamoto-Sylvian-The heartbeat Sessions
      SANTANA-The Gorge 20.8.99(2CD)
      Savatage-The Gutter Ballet Demos
      Scorpions-Alien Stage 93(FEAT:M:SCHENKER!!!!!|!)1CD
      Skunk Anansie-Les Eurockeennes(SBD,GREAT!!)
      Smashing Pumpkins 2\23 2000,albany,ny
      Smashimg pumpkins 2\25\98 2cD
      Smashing Pumpkins Drown(1993)
      Soto Jeff Scott-LA Rocks Demos
      Spock's Beard-The Progfests2CD(97-95)
      Spock's Beard - 7/28/99 Nick & Neal acoustic Poitin Irish Pub, Den Bosch 2CD
      off DAT A:
      Spock's BeardFirenze 2000
      Stevie Ray vaughan-Alpine Valley 25.8.90
      Sylvian David-In praise of shamans
      David Sylvian-Live In Tokyo
      Sylvian David\Fripp Robert-A New dream(2CD)
      Sylvian David-Slowfire(2CD)
      Sylvian David-Disharmony & Rhyme(4Dead Bees..demos+Little Girl with 99lives)
      Sylvian David-September-Live Slowfire in Toronto(2CD)
      Sylvian David-Roma Air Terminal(2CD)
      SYlvian David-Promise(2CD)
      Sylvian David-Slowfire In Japan
      Sylvian\frIPP-Chicago 93
      Sykes John-Blonde&Dangerous
      Sykes John-By Request
      Tool-Tools Power(1993)
      Whispread Panic 4.16.99(FM,3CDGREAT!!!!!!!!!!|!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
      Toto-XXI(Live&Rare)(Diverso da XX)
      Toto-Yokohama 99(2CD)
      Toto-Reunion Tour 98(feat. BKimball& J.Williams)
      Triumph-Canadian Club
      Vanden plas-Live At The Virgin Megastore 16.01.1999.
      Vanden Plas-Fiction Of Sadness
      Van Halen-Japan 982CD(Hiroshima)
      Van Halen-Woman and children1st Session
      live Red Rocks 1999 2CD GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Van Halen-The atomic Punks
      Van Halen Pretty Woman(83-86-77)2CD
      Van Halen-Double Dutch Courage(2CD)
      Van Halen-Impulsive Balance(2CD,KILLER!!!)
      Van Halen-Live in pittsburgh 98("CD,SBD,GREAT!!)
      Van Halen-Fuel On Fire(1987)
      Van Halen-Hershey Park,Stadium,Usa,26\7\98(GREATSBD, 2CD!!!)
      Van Halen 5150 Leftovers
      Van Halen-Rapes Stockholm(2CD)
      David Lee Roth-In search of paradise Lost(2CD)
      VAI STEVE-Milan 93(2CD)
      Vai Steve-Live 2000(2CD)
      Waters Roger-Live In Montreal 1999In The Flesh(2CD)
      Waters Rogers-Rarities Vol.1-2 "CD
      Whitesnake-Reptile Kiss
      Whitesnake 12.13.97
      Winger\TRIUMPH-Metal For Two(Split Cd Live,Qualita' Eccellente!!)
      Wylde Zakk-Live With Allman Brothers2CD
      Wylde Zakk-The Great Southern...
      Wylde Zakk-Zakk Tv
      Wylde Zakk-Fadin'away2CD
      Wylde Zakk+Pride&Glory-Love Shadows2CD
      Wylde Zakk-Plugged & Umplugged
      Wylde Zakk-Shadowsw Of The East
      Wylde Zakk-BLSAcousticLive In Nashville 98
      Wylde ZAKK-H.O.G.WYLDE
      Wylde Zakk-Black Label Society(BLS)-Wacken 2000
      Wylde zakk BLS-Agora Ballroom 1999(SBD) 1CD
      Yes-90125 Demos
      Yes-Big Generator Sessions(2CD)
      Yes-Looking for America(OPENYE Tour ,soundbd,Great!)2CD1998
      yes-The golden era demos(Many unreal. songs,AWAKEN DEMO!!)
      Yes-XYZ DEMOS(Feat.J.Page+4Songs live97)
      Yes-OYELive,Univ.Amphit.,LA 12.7.98
      Yes-Lunar Ladder(2CD) SBD
      Yes-Umplugged 98
      Yes-Madrigal Misetry tour
      Yes-House Of Blues(Laddertour)2CD Wonderful!
      Yes-Face to face(Laddertour)2CD WonderfulSBD!!!!!!!!
      Yes-The Talk Tour 2CD
      Yes-Unauth.Collection Live vol.1
      Yes-Dramatic 2CD
      Yes-Anniversary of decade 2CD
      Zebra - 10/13/86 Hofstra University, Long Island & 1983 Palladium, New York
      City 1CD SB A:
      Zebra(Randy jackson with orchestra)-tribute to led Zeppelin2CD

      You can also contact me at guanfa@... if you want

      VIDEOS LIST(PAL VHS European Systhem,NOT NTSC USA Systhem)

      Anekdoten-Castello di meleto
      Balletto di bronzo-Testaccio 6\9\96
      Blackmore's Night in Vigevano'99
      Deep Purple-1969-1976Dtch special TV+bonus
      Deep Purple-Abandon Tour 1-2
      Deep Purple-Pistoia99
      Deep Purple-Roma99
      Dream Theater-Milano 99
      ELP-Live 97
      Gods of aor 1-2
      Jethro tull-99TV
      Liquid Tension Experiment-Live 1999
      Manowar in Scandicci
      Manowar-Gods Of Metal'99
      Metallica-24\11\98+MTVspecial 98
      METALLICA-Gods Of Metal99
      Metamorfosi-Testaccio 6\9\96
      Mission(the) Double tV lIVE 1995
      Motley Crue-1997live
      Page\Plant-Bizzarre festival98
      Page\plant-Shep.Bush Empire 25\03\1998
      Peart Neil(RUSH)-A work in progress
      Queensryche-030797 Milano
      Queensryche-Noblesville 97
      Queensryche-Jones Beach 97
      Queensryche-Sorroco-04 06 97
      Queensryche-MILANO2000 (FROM THE MASTER!!!!!!)
      Santana-Supernatural Tour(TV)
      Sylvian David-D.O.C.Performance
      Royal hunt-Paradox Live closing the chapter
      Royal hunt-1993-1997
      Royal hunt-1996
      Thin Lizzy-Archives
      Toto-1999 Mindfields Tour
      Ufo Too hot to..Jap special tv+various live
      Vai steve-1997live
      Wilde Zakk-1997live
      Wylde Zakk-Rimini Dog's Pub 9\5\98
      YesYes-Buenos aires 16 05 98+KTA vh1 special
      Zebra-Live 93GRRRRREATTTTTT
      2 Zakk Wylde's Blaxck Label Society Live VHS!!!!!!!
      Zakk Wylde-PENTATONIC Hardcore
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      I am opposed to receiving mails of this length that are nothing more than brochures in text. I m sure many people respond and actually purchase stuff, but do
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 13, 2001
        I am opposed to receiving mails of this length that are nothing more than
        brochures in text.

        I'm sure many people respond and actually purchase stuff, but do not litter
        my inbox with this.


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