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1st SCYTHE review !

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  • progpat
    Hi here the first SCYTHE review by the progrock-dt Mailinglist Owner SAL: This album is special in many respects: Most important for the reader of these lines,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2001

      here the first SCYTHE review by the progrock-dt Mailinglist Owner SAL:

      This album is special in many respects: Most important for the reader of
      these lines, however, should be the fact that DL is a special album
      because it is incomparable in its maturity, its virtuosity, its integrity
      its originality. It is the most exquisit, exciting and best debut album that
      have ever heard in Germany. I would take the matter even further: DL is
      one of the best albums of German bands at all, to the best albums of the
      last few years anyway, and I do not know which superlative I should
      apply to it here in order to make it clear that this album is extraordinary,
      There are moments when the music really creeps into you just like it did
      back then when you discovered the few real treasures of this genre.
      Convincingly powerful the intro, sorry the "Outro: A Striving After
      Wind", and still this is only the beginning of a massive tour de force in
      music. How can I underline each and every highlight of the album? Most
      enchanting is Thielen's voice in "Am I Really Here?", who, by the way,
      should quieten here all reviewers critical of his voice, for he is one of
      few really exquisit and passionate singers in Germany. His voice haunts
      you, it wails, it cries, it screams, it narrates... it is his voice, an
      of his very personal way of feeling.
      Incredibly intense is One Step Further, an absolute highlight and
      especially at the end of moving beauty. Music, vocals, kompostition,
      production - all this is not only alright in its own right, it blends into a
      massive event of sound.
      Breathtakingly playful: The rhythm section Roden/Walter. Walter's
      drumming, especially in "Weight of the Wind" and "Faded" is far above
      the usual folio of would-be-creativity of the progressive rock-dummys.
      By and
      large do Scythe avoid clichees, the expected, the trivial.
      Versatile, edgy, sometimes provocatively struggling to be in the
      foreground, sometimes shyly lingering in the background: Thielen's
      guitar. I have not heard a more convincing guitar on any album for a long
      time. And then, floating above everything else, there's Gerhards on
      keyboards, whose musical contribution to this album cannot be
      overestimated. Gerhards produces sounds, atmospheres, stresses,
      nuances, surprises, plausibility, virtuosity.
      "Denied", the big finale, what could I say about this track that I have not
      said before already? "Denied" is without doubt the greatest composition
      on the album, a piece of music that I can as early as today declare a
      classic piece (and time will tell I'm right). It is far away from all these
      inflated pseudo-longtracks that you can find so often in the genre today.
      Every second of this track is real, lively, authentic, superb.l
      I could tell you a lot more (Did I mention the vocal arrangements? Did I
      mention the complex structure of the album?), but just go on and listen
      for yourself: et us praise a very special band with the extraordinary debut
      - ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Scythe with "Divorced Land".

      SCYTHE: www.scythe.de.vu
      GALILEO RECORDS: www.galileo-records.com

      All the best
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