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  • Russ Blomstedt
    What is it? Is There Anybody Out There ( ITAOT ) is a two cd live album documenting Pink Floyd s historic 1980-1981 Wall tour. Is ITAOT all from one
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2000
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      What is it?

      'Is There Anybody Out There' ('ITAOT') is a two cd live album
      documenting Pink Floyd's historic 1980-1981 'Wall' tour.

      Is 'ITAOT' all from one show?

      No. In a similar "use the best version of each song
      available" fashion as 'Pulse,' 'ITAOT' was culled
      from five performances at Earls Court in June of
      1981 by producer James Guthrie (who was behind the
      soundboard during the original concerts). As of this
      writing, there has been no formal announcement from
      anyone connected with the album pertaining to which
      tracks were taken from which shows.

      Who are the performers?

      The entire "classic-era" Pink Floyd lineup of
      David Gilmour,Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard
      Wright, plus the "surrogate band" of Andy Brown
      (bass), Andy Roberts (guitars), Willie Wilson (drums)
      and Peter Woods (keyboards). Backing vocals are also
      supplied by Joe Chemay, Stan Farber, Jim Haas and
      John Joyce.

      What are the differences between 'ITAOT' and original
      'Wall' album?

      Without the restraints of vinyl, and partially in
      order to allow the builders of the wall enough time
      to finish their task (see below), the first half of
      "ITAOT' has a number of differences (musically) from
      it's studio counterpart. Parts 1 and 3 of "Another
      Brick In The Wall" are significantly lengthier, "Mother"
      has a longer midsection, "Goodbye Blue Sky" has a pretty
      synthesizer segue into "Empty Spaces," "Young Lust" has
      a slightly longer outro, and, most notably, "What Shall
      We Do Now?" and "The Last Few Bricks" make their
      official cd debut.
      With the wall by now completed, the second half of
      "ITAOT' runs far closer to the original 'Wall' than
      the first half. The climactic guitar solo at the end
      of "Comfortably Numb" pushes the song just past the
      seven minute mark, "The Show Must Go On" features an
      extra verse originally intended for the album,
      "Run Like Hell" features a lengthy "rant" intro from
      Roger Waters, and "Outside The Wall" is noticeably
      longer and "folksier" than the original version.

      What is "MC:Atmos" and why does it appear twice on
      this album?

      These two tracks refer to spoken bits of the show's
      Master Of Ceremonies, Gary Yudman. Basically, these
      tracks "set the table" for what's to come by having
      Yudman play a role that combines warming up/annoying
      the living hell out of the crowd and then getting summarily
      cutoff in mid-speech by the band. A picture of Yudman(in
      rather ghoulish makeup and garb) is included in the
      photo book that accompanies the album.

      What is "What Shall We Do Now?"

      "What Shall We Do Now?" appears in the film version
      of 'The Wall' and was originally slated to run on side
      2 of the original 'Wall' album, but was dropped off at
      the very last moment for the sake of time (vinyl albums
      were ideally meant to contain 23 minutes a side) and
      continuity. Because of the late decision to drop the
      song, the lyrics remained on the artwork of 'The Wall.'

      What is "The Last Few Bricks?"

      Simply put, "The Last Few Bricks" is a partially
      improvised time-killer that was hardly ever played
      in exactly the same fashion from concert to concert.
      The whole reason the track even exists at all is that
      simply playing the first half of 'The Wall' live did
      not allow enough time for the wall-builders to complete
      their construction of the massive edifice. Thus, in order
      to play for needed time (as well as revisit the musical
      motifs explored thus far) "The Last Few Bricks"
      was played. Until now, this piece has never had an official
      title --on the release of Roger Waters' 'The Wall Live In
      Berlin' it was considered to be an extension of "Another
      Brick In The Wall Part 3."

      Was anything left on the cutting room floor?

      The majority of Yudman's two spoken word segments were
      edited out of 'ITAOT,' this was most likely done for the
      sake of brevity, but also because it's difficult to discern
      the entire purpose of his even being there without being able
      to *see* what is happening (this is especially true of his
      second appearance, prior to "In The Flesh?"). In addition,
      there was some tightening up of dead space between cues here
      and there, the solo piano intro of "The Thin Ice,"
      and a perhaps a bit from the coda of "Goodbye Blue Sky."

      Is there a companion video available?

      No, and unfortunately, there is none planned at this time.
      If one was to be released, it would be in dire need of
      "touching up" (via computer imaging) as the show footage
      was long ago deemed "too dark and grainy" to release by
      all parties concerned.

      What are the masks on the cover?

      These are the painted versions of the "life-masks" of
      the four members of Pink Floyd that were worn by the
      "surrogate band" throughout the 'Wall' tour.

      What is the difference between the limited and regular

      Musically, there is no difference at all between the two
      editions -- it's all in the packaging.
      The limited (or "deluxe") version of 'ITAOT' is packaged
      in a longbox-shaped slipcase which contains a 64-page
      full-color hardcover book with numerous live photos,
      conceptual stage sketches, comments from Pink Floyd
      themselves, and additional comments from sundry tour
      production principals.
      The regular edition version of 'ITAOT' is packaged in
      a 2-CD "clamshell' case similar to the package for 'The
      Wall,' only with clear styrene instead of black. The
      cover artwork is "squared," with the faces lined up two
      by two instead of a row of four. Since there is obviously
      no room for a hardcover book, the regular edition sports
      two separate 28-page booklets, each booklet containing
      artwork similar to (but not exactly the same as) the
      limited edition booklet. A few of the photos are "cropped" differently --
      the shot of earls court at intermission is much "wider" than the same shot
      in the lim. ed., for
      instance. There are also a few photos unique to the regular
      edition set (Roger Waters singing while "Mother" looms
      menacingly in the background, etc.), and there are
      variations in the graphics and layout throughout.

      How "limited" is the limited edition of 'ITAOT'?

      Extremely so.
      While the LED version of 'Pulse' was a "limited edition"
      run was "confined" to some 2-3 million units (with a U.S.
      reissue a few years later), the limited edition of 'ITAOT'
      seems to be shipping somewhere around 150,000-200,000 units
      worldwide (with roughly 100,000-110,000 of those units
      earmarked for the United States). Ergo, those who wish to
      obtain a copy of the limited edition would be well advised
      to secure one as quickly as possible.

      Are there any more Pink Floyd albums coming?

      As of right now, the official answer is no. But there *is*
      some good news in all of this...
      According to numerous recent interviews, David Gilmour *is*
      working on new material that will eventually released in some
      form -- but it is unknown at this time if the new material
      will be released as a new solo album or a new Pink Floyd
      album. Whatever the case, expect a release date no earlier
      than late 2001. Roger Waters, however, is working on a new
      solo album currently that may see a release in early 2001.
      There is also a fall 2000 release planned for a Waters live
      album and video for his ongoing 'In The Flesh' tour
      (ostensibly to be recorded this summer).In addition to the forthcoming
      albums, there is a new "Director's Cut" DVD of
      "Live At Pompeii" supposedly in the works, as well as a DVD for "Pulse."

      Best Regards,
      Russ Blomstedt
      http://poco.musicpage.com/, http://davidcoverdale.musicpage.com/
      http://pinkfloyd.uk-homepage.com/, http://russblomstedt.cjb.net/
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