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1397Laughing Madcaps Syd Barrett Facebook Group

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  • Shawn
    Mar 25, 2013
      Hey all you Syd Barrett fans! Be sure to join the Laughing Madcaps – Syd Barrett Facebook Group! Yes, we are THE Laughing Madcaps group! Started on eGroups in 1998; moved to Yahoogroups in late 1999 when Yahoo bought out eGroups. Creators of THE Syd Barrett set of unreleased material; the 19 CD Have You Got It Yet? Set!

      Last year we moved the Group to Facebook and it's been fantastic! Facebook is THE new interface for these groups. The technology is much better than Yahoogroups. We are fast approaching 1,000 members and that's 1,000 CONTRIBUTING members.

      SPAM? Like so many of these Yahoogroups are magnets for? WE DOAN NEED NO STINKIN' SPAM IN FACEBOOK! Facebook keeps the SPAM 100% away.

      Join us! All of the old timers are there with plenty of new people.