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  • scott palter
    ... From: Thomas Roche To: alternate-history@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2002 7:55 PM Subject: [alternate-history] various thread starters I have
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      Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2002 7:55 PM
      Subject: [alternate-history] various thread starters

      I have not had enough time to post much in months,
      which I suppose is a good thing, since I have actually
      made money.  But I am listowner, so I suppose I should
      post a few thread starters to keep up the list:

      1)Jews not expelled from Spain, 1492-- consequences?
      they are expelled in 1493.  You need to design a completely different Spain, where Castile is dominated by Aragon.

      2)Post-wwII constitution convinces DeGaulle to accept
      presidency of France in 1946?
      Yawn.  So they go to a weak parliamentary system after Indochina, North Africa and postwar reconstrction destroy him.  No French governmental system could have survived those strains.  the Grand charles got a free pass after two decades of chaos by a poplace that was tired and grateful.  By 1968 there was another revolution.

      3)Alaska never sold to US.
      We steal it from Russia in 1919.

      awaii never annexed to US.
      We live nicely without it until WW2 when we grab it before Japan can strike. 

      5)Edict of Nantes never revoked by Louis XIV.
      A stronger France.  A weaker Prussia, Holland, Britain and America.

      6)Kazars become Christian instead of Jewish.

      7)Kazars become Muslim instead of Jewish.

      8)Nova Scotia becomes 14th American colony to declare
      independence from Britain, 1777.
      New England gets two more Senators.  Britain keeps Halifax as an American Gibraltar.

      9)As part of Treaty of Paris, ending War of American
      Independence, Britain is forced to cede Quebec back to
      France, or grant it independence.
      Quebec winds up as part of the US.  We enter the Napoleonic Wars on England's side, taking Canada, Louisiana, the Floridas and possibly much more.

      10)US constitution never becomes interpreted to mean
      that individual states could not retain or set up
      established state churches.
      Many of the original states had state churchs.

      11)Pennicilin discovered 30 years early, before WWI.
      Fewer people die.  Earth's population is now 20% larger.  Casualties in WW2 double and war is longer as there are more young people to kill.

      12)Television developed in US 30 years later, c. 1975.
      RVN does not fall.  Nixon elected in 1960.  Giant changes in pop culture and shopping patterns.  Actually very unlikely as TV was working before WW2.  The more interesting variant is they think of cable early and broadcast never develops beyond home amater stage.

      13)Yasser Arafat assassinated, 1964.
      Yawn.  Some other fool does the same things.

      14)Ayatollah Khomeini killed by Shah's agents, 1975.
      No fall of the Shah.  No Iranian theocracy.  No Iraq - Iran war.  Carter reelected in 1980.  No Hizbolah.

      15)Saddam Hussein assassinated, 1970.
      No Iran War.  No Kuwait War.  A different blood thirsty despot sits in Baghdad and funds the palestinians.

      16)Mao Tse Tung killed by Japanese, 1940.
      Lin Piao or Chou en Lai becomes fearless leader.  Result is less permanent revolution BS, a more Stalinist state, a later break with Russia, a better economy, and Pol Pot becomes a follower of a dead Red Saint instead of a live one.

      17)Fidel Castro has a good curveball, becomes Major
      League pitcher, 1953, and never returns to his
      Revolution still wins, still breaks with US but does not go Soviet or Communist and reconciles with the US under Carter.  No Bay of Pigs and no Cuban Missile crisis.  No interventions in Angola or ethiopia.  Savimbi becomes president of Angola.  No Sandanista junta and no contra war.  Sandanistas are just part of nicaraguan reformist block.

      18)Lyndon Johnson discovered in one of his
      Watergate-like scandals, 1967.
      Hmphrey wins in 1968.  Democratic left splits off and forms permanent Peace and freedom party.  Democrats stay as a labor party instead of becoming a left interest group party.

      19)The 'New Christian Right' never develops into a
      force in American culture and politics, 1970s, and
      evangelical/ fundamentalist Christians remained in
      their self-imposed political isolation.
      No Reagan Presidency.  No fall of the USSR.

      20)Roe-vs.-Wade goes against abortion rights.
      Abortion rights take another ten years and come the proper way, one state legislature at a time

      21)US does not reverse 40yo immigration policy, 1965,
      and more or less restricts immigration to a handful of
      western Europeans per year, sealing the border with
      armed force to prevent illegal immigration from Mexico
      as well.
      The change in immigration policy is possible.  The sealing of the border takes ASB's and a willingness to use a national ID card system.  ROFLOL

      22)Iranian hostage crisis ends differently-- militants
      kill the hostages, July 1980.
      Carter gets another military operation to botch.  GOP takes the House as well as the Senate in November.

      23)Arab oil embargo of 1973 motivates US Congress and
      President Nixon to take serious, permanent legal
      policy steps to end oil importation.
      No 1991 Gulf War. No US troops left in Saudi.  No WTC.  US intervention in the Angolan CW in 1975-76 to safeguard 'our' oil.

      Texas remains an independent republic.
      And does not join the Confederacy in 1861?
      Texas gets a vast flood of Dixie refugees in 1863-66.  Fights second Mexican War to take northern Mexico from a weakened Juarez.  Becomes a major power.

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    • Michael Edward McNeil
      Sitka would still be New Arkhangelsk, or whatever that is in Russian. Michael
      Message 92 of 92 , Sep 29, 2006
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        Sitka would still be New Arkhangelsk, or whatever that is in Russian.


        Amina Arraf wrote:
        Wonder if the Grand Duke might make it to Sitka?
        Even if he maintains merely a claim, a resident
        pretender with a court makes for a major cultural
        --- "H. Torrance Griffin" <htgriffin@...> wrote:
        Amina Arraf <threefoldamina@...> wrote:
        Who was the highest ranking Romanov to survive
        (and not anastasia!)

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