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26154RE: lifespan of non-gorby soviet unions

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  • terrierkeeper
    Dec 26, 2013
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      Not very long.  The Soviet Union was undergoing a lot of internal stress. Truth is socialism and its variants are all economically non-viable and are destined to collapse from their own weight and lack of incentives to work or produce wealth.  NO matter what scenario unless the leadership follows the Chinese model of economic liberalism there is only one end and that is destruction. Every society has dissension but as long as not many of its members are starving then society keeps going. In Continental Europe after the Napoleonic wars a lot of hard line reactionary regimes took over the liberal ones created by France and   flourished with tax cuts and economic prosperity. They were brought down by the nationalist movements that began in the 1840s.

      The soviet union was in a bad economic condition.  Store shelves were bare. Hospitals were breaking down.  People were not eating well.   All the Hardliners could do is call out the tanks and the KGB but even that would only keep them in power for a while because their navy had already suffered one small mutiny.  If things get bad then there will be more and much larger ones in their armed forces.

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