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  • christopherjlee
    Jun 9, 2013
      I think that would depend on what stage it failed at. Say an airborne attack was driven off then possibly not too badly but say a full invasion by several divisions got established and was then cut off costing tens of thousands of men and large numbers of ships and vehicles. 

      It would also depend on the timing as to how many resources would be required. E.g. Straight after Dunkirk the only fully organised regular unit in the UK was a Canadian division. If Hitler could have landed two or three experienced divisions he could have probably secured a quick victory. The longer he waits for invasion the more he needs to commit.

      The real issue is with ships. The Germans had the troops but not the ability to move them. Resources had to go into the luftwaffe to control the skies and into ships. Time was too short to build proper ships so loads of improvised transports were required. During the Battle of Britain there were no threats left in Europe so the troops were there ready (USSR neutralised by circumstances). 

      So in many ways what happened was the cost of a failed invasion.  The Germans had to control the air in order to land, this was the hard part in many ways as the RAF was the arm most reinforced by rearmament, a serious wehrmacht landing force in 1940 isnt going to lose to the remnants of the BEF as long as it can get supplies and reinforcements. So the air campaign was the key, the main resource soak and loses in the Battle of Britain were the main loses. If Germany had won an invasion would have probably gone smoothly assuming the kriegsmarine could organise enough scraps of transport to make the landing.

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      What would be the impacts on the second world war, if during the battle of Britain, Germany attempted a massive naval operation, complete with failed landings on Britain?

      How much resources would be wasted by Germany's attempting landings on Britain? Would it be enough to cause the war to end significantly faster?

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