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26128Take a trip to Atlantis full of adventure and Romance

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  • Sheila Eskew
    Feb 10, 2013
      It has been almost a week since Atlantis Vortex was released. A week of posts, Release Parties, and Contest announcements. This weekend I've planned a few more posts. I'd like to let readers who enjoy erotic romance mixed with science fiction and fantasy time to read the excerpts on my web site. Over the next few weeks I'm going to begin a series of Character Interviews with some of the major characters from Atlantis Vortex. Starting with the important, supporting characters, and the main characters last. Keep an eye out, I'll announce the interviews. I'll begin with a short history of new Atlantis, the one that is beneath the sea protected by pressure domes. For today I'm doing the back blurb, for those who may not have seen it ------ yet.
      Sultry Summers - "Atlantis Vortex"
      Did Atlantis exist? Had she found an entrance? Discovering a small, ancient Egyptian pyramid in a most unlike place, Southern Florida, Archaeologist Jessica Carter is confronted with history alerting questions. Excavating the mysterious entrance Jessica becomes the nexus of a series of life threatening incidents. Each event grows more baffling, as do the interventions that save her. Finally an earthquake collapses the pyramid, followed by a hurricane that buries it, ending her excavation, and the military providing security, recalls her to active duty. Jessica fears her career is over. But her discovery leads her into the arms of the man who has haunted her dreams and her excavation. Her memory of him, securely locked in her subconscious, begins to re-emerge after he again saves her, this time from sacrifice by pagan Aztecs set on sacrificing her.
      Xerxes has held her heart unconsciously captive since he rescued Jessica and her family several years earlier. As High Lord of Atlantis, he was forced to cloud their memories to conceal his identity and that of the under-water civilization he is charged to protect. Jessica’s discovery forces him to destroy the entrance. Now he will steal her away to Atlantis, and take Jessica as his wife to ensure her silence. However, a traitor inside his council threatens Atlantis and puts Jessica’s life in deadly peril. With help from his brother, ruler of Pacifica, and an off-world ambassador, Xerxes risks all to rescue the only woman he loves from the traitor .

      Escape Into Romance - Dare Imagination