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  • H. Torrance Griffin
    Feb 26, 2006
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      --- In alternate-history@yahoogroups.com, macmaster@... wrote:
      > H. Torrance Griffin wrote:
      > >
      > > >
      > > > 3. Rather than become very cold starting around 1200AD, the
      > > climate in the
      > > > North Atlantic stays relatively warm and Greenland remains an
      > > agricultural
      > > > territory with a growing population.
      > >
      > > I would not call even pre-LIA Greenland agricultural in any real
      > > sense. Still, a marginally viable colony of Norse may hasten the
      > > discovery of the Grand Banks and associated Landfall (esp. if
      > > tries to get around Copenhagen's trade barriers).
      > >
      > There may be a very slow trickle into Newfoundland before 1497.
      One thing
      > that could happen is that the Norse might accidentally pass some
      > euro-germs to the "Scraelings" -- and they may pass them
      southward. So,
      > the germ impact may come before columbus with either fewer indians,
      > indians less susceptible to euro germs

      Most likely both.

      The big shift is if Ironworking and enough Whites to reduce the
      Supersticious Awe thing gets down to Mesoamerica.

      > > (Yes, I am still mad 'In the Time of the Red Death' remains on
      > > Back Burner, that _would_ have been a hoot of a TL to knaw on).
      > >
      > > HTG
      > Another Stirling TL? Here's what it would be like:
      > - many of the poor become cannibals and cannibal tribes rampage
      > though mass cannibalism isn't a normal reaction to famine)
      > - the 'lesser breeds' (Arabs, Mexicans, Turks, sub-saharan
      Africans, etc)
      > are largely wiped out by the disaster so that the noble aryan
      whites can
      > thrive
      > - but our protagonists will include a token multi-culti crew (one
      > one asian, one hispanic) just so no one can say the author is a
      > - one or more female characters will dabble in
      lesbianism/bisexuality (but
      > no males)
      > - there will be villains who are stereotypically right wing to be
      > - heroes who are libertarian/positivist types will overcome all and
      > establish a new, vaguely fascist society
      > - stirling will make sure to include irrelevant attacks on organized
      > religion, environmentalists, afrocentrism or whatever causes he's
      > celebrating
      > - neo-pagans good; christians bad
      > - white anglos good; semites, indigeneous mexicans, africans bad

      I sense a lack of love for Stirling here. That being said the whole
      Peshawar Lancers thing was a painful groaner timeline wise and his
      Rampant Anglophilia oozed through on this Dies the Fire trilogy as
      well (the Royals and military saving Civilisation in England whilst
      the Politicians all twiddle thier thumbs until they get eaten? 9_9)

      (Yes, the inevitability of the Moors becoming vicious Pirates also
      grated on me)

      In case you are wondering, the Red Death setup is thus: 1700s slave
      trade accidentally spreads a NightmareEbolaStrainFromHell(tm) with a
      latency period of up to a year. Men who catch it suffer an 80% death
      rate with blindness, sterility, and/or autoimmune disorders rampant
      among the survivors. Women have only a 20% fatality rate with
      trivial aftereffects if any.

      Hilarity Insues.

      I say again, this could well be worth reading (or working out for

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