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  • ...going to get motivated to sell it all off. In the mean time, I get the messages to my email address at work but I just checked my Yahoo Groups account and this group is not listed. So I joined again with my personal email address. If the moderator could contact me...
    alltare@... Aug 26
  • Here is some VG monitor information from Santo Nucifora in the VG User Group: The EXTENDED MONITOR is programmed on one 2708 or four 1702A (five with video driver program) and is available for the most popular I/O configurations: OPTION A MITS SIO REV 1/3P+S W/INVERTED STATUS OPTION B MITS 2 SIO OPTION C VECTOR GRAPHIC BITSTREAMER SERIAL IN/OUT IMSAI SI02 OPTION D VERSION 1.0 POLY...
    yahoo@... Aug 26
  • I cut the VG 4.0C Serial Monitor down to 1K. The I8251 code could be replaced with M6850 code. I'm not sure if there is enough that can be cut to make room for a MITS boot loader and still leave enough function. http://web.archive.org/web/20110720214308/http:/vector-graphic.info/Documents/40X.ASM W.Tom S.
    yahoo@... Aug 26
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  • The monitor initializes the serial ports. VG CP/M uses entry points in the monitor. A different monitor would be needed for use with a Flashwriter. The entry points would be the same. I don't think the Microp[olis controller is port driven. The controller is memory mapped. Older configurations exist for systems smaller than 56K. W. Tom S.
    yahoo@... Aug 26
  • VG used multiple disk controllers. The Micropolis Controller for 16-hard-sector, 100tpi, single-sided drives has boot ROMs at F800.
    yahoo@... Aug 26
  • That's interesting! I see it fits in 512 bytes. I ported the VG 4.0 monitor to run on the Altair, however, it requires almost 2K, so it won't fit on the Turnkey module. Mike
    deramp5113 Aug 26
  • Hi, I am interested to check it out. I live here in Toronto (Thornhill). I am heading to VCF MW this weekend, if there are others that want this lot and require delivery to Chicago, I have room in the car. Cheers, Josh
    joshbensadon@... Aug 25
  • Pro-Log M900 PROM Programmer Pro-Log M900 PROM Programmer US $399.00 Used in Business & Industrial, Electrical & Test Equipment, Electronic Components View on www.ebay.com Preview by Yahoo
    vhawgood Aug 21
  • I just noticed the Bill's MITS controllers sold quickly on eBay. These controllers might be better labeled as 3202 controllers and not DCDD. These controllers used flat ribbon cable for the internal Altair mainframe cables. The external cable was likely a six foot flat ribbon with Ansley blue IDC. I agree that flat ribbon cable should be short. I think short can be somewhere over...
    yahoo@... Aug 16
  • Hi Robert, That a great collection you have, wish I had that kind of cash. I will pass the word on your equipment. Have a nice weekend. Bobby On Friday, August 14, 2015 12:28 PM, "RMA robertad@^$1 [altaircomputerclub]" wrote: Thank you all for all the messages I received from my mailing. I had been offered $30,000 for all that I have from a university computer depart but when the...
    Bob Aviles Aug 14