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  • Sorry, it was recently pointed out to me that my email showed up at the bottom of everyone of my posts, but apparently not any more! Contact me at deramp5113 at the Yahoo domain name. Thanks! Mike
    deramp5113 Jun 29
  • Thanks for the pics! The newer style unit matches the Altair drive I have, including the newer style buffer board with the large heatsink and IDC connectors for the ribbons cables. I may be interested in buying that unit. Please send me an email so we can discuss it. Whoever does get the newer unit, I don't believe you'll find any documentation, but I've put together some...
    deramp5113 Jun 29
  • The drive DD 3841 has the newer buffer/power supply board with the 8800b style face plate. My drive DD 3118 has the newer faceplate with the old buffer & power supply boards. The newer faceplate may be older that the newer buffer/power supply board. The Drive DD 1057 has the same orange sticker as my drives DD1059 & DD1041. The sticker says "Ontario hydro electric approval by...
    yahoo@... Jun 29
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  • I've seen the big heat sink version on eBay before, so a few might have been made. I think some Altair dealers bought surplus parts in addition to employees. I bought my Attache from Burcon, for example. Other employee owned surplus that was sold years later by "Riatla" on eBay. Four of my six single drive cabinets have bad power. Some have a fan blowing in and some fans blow out...
    yahoo@... Jun 24
  • Tom, I just learned from Tom Durston that the drive cabinet I have (buffer board and power supply combined onto a single board and IDC ribbon cable connectors used on the buffer board), never shipped. It was in test when the Pertec acquisition took place and Pertec subsequently shut down all Altair development projects. This style drive cabinet and/or boards that have shown up on...
    deramp5113 Jun 24
  • A "fair price" in my mind may be higher than some. My respect for the older drives has increased for two reasons. Mike's FDC+ might work with soft-sector diskettes. A two-drive 3202 is too heavy. One reason for a high "fair price" is fragile plastic. The fair price drops with a broken door or bezel. Trivia Questions. Old buffer board or new buffer board with power supply and bigger...
    yahoo@... Jun 24
  • I would be definitely interested if the price is fair and the deliver isn't too bad. Where are you located?
    joshbensadon@... Jun 24
  • Andy, Post a few pics for us to see. Thanks! Mike
    deramp5113 Jun 24
  • ...different drive types including the original Altair 8" drive, Shugart 800 drive, Teac HD 5.25" flopp... View on youtu.be Preview by Yahoo Mike
    deramp5113 Jun 20
  • ...US $400.00 in Computers/Tablets & Networking, Vintage Computing, Vintage Computers & Mainframes View on www.ebay.com Preview by Yahoo Mike
    deramp5113 Jun 19